Macon Georgia Officer Slaughters Civilian at Favorite Hangout

The following was submitted by C.Cornelius.

One week ago, a so called “Peacekeeper” in Macon Georgia killed a local man in front of a Kroger store for claiming he “had outstanding warrants and he “cut”another officer on the neck.” The perpetrator, Officer Clayton Sutton, 29, spent six years with the Macon PD, is an Army veteran, and has his own outstanding history with various citizens of the city.

In 2010, a complaint against Sutton went out for savagely beating an individual with a Maglite flashlight on the man’s front porch. The local media also confirmed that this officer has approximately 26 complaints against him and, ironically, has been awarded” Officer of the Year.” How can one with such history be awarded such an accolade? Sutton has even reportedly, shortly before the deadly Kroger Shooting, assaulted a woman who was going to cash a check by trying to drag her out of her vehicle and using harsh language.

There is a small protest going on as enraged citizens fight for protection against those acting as law enforcement workers. On December 26 2012, the city coroner Leon Jones stated the shooting was classified as Homicide. The victim was a man named Sammie Davis Jr., like the comedian. Davis Jr. was a regular at the Kroger he was brutally murdered at with both workers and managers knowing of him. He was described as”not a troublesome person”and, as stated by his sister, “would ask people for money from time to time,but didn’t have to as he always had a place in her home.” The way this man died was uncalled for and if citizens who are, or might be mistaken for being, homeless are to be killed in such a manner by so-called “Law Enforcement,” then … somethings gotta give. And it’s not going to be the citizens of Macon.


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