Cops Say the Darnedest Things

Over the past few years myself and Pete Eyre have done projects, such as the Motorhome Diaries and Liberty On Tour, and activism all across the country. Sadly, when attempting to educate your fellow man or while standing up for individual rights we often encounter some sort of police presence. Above is a video with several clips of some of the statements police have made to us in the past while the camera was rolling.

Though this may be a 4 min video of the best clips we’ve got on camera, I’ve personally engaged in conversations with hundreds of officers who feel the same way as these guys. It’s just a job, they need to feed their families and ‘if the law is the law, then the law is the law’ – whatever that means? Kinda scary that you allow these people to protect you, isn’t it…


1861 Original Military Civil War Us Army 18th Ny Infantry Band Conductor's Baton picture
1861 Original Military Civil War Us Army 18th Ny Infantry Band Conductor's Baton

Rat Tailed Spud, Scepter, Baton, Mace, Colbert County, Alabama, With Coa picture
Rat Tailed Spud, Scepter, Baton, Mace, Colbert County, Alabama, With Coa

Ferrari Factory 60th Anniversary Relay Baton #5/500  picture
Ferrari Factory 60th Anniversary Relay Baton #5/500

Ferrari Factory 60th Anniversary Relay Baton #103/500 Spectacular picture
Ferrari Factory 60th Anniversary Relay Baton #103/500 Spectacular

Original Repousse
Original Repousse "toussaint Baton Fatra" Unchained Slave Haitian Primitive Art

Ademo Freeman

was born and raised in Wisconsin, traveled the country in a RV dubbed “MARV” and is an advocate of a voluntary society, where force is replaced with voluntary interactions. He’s partaken in projects such as, Motorhome Diaries, Liberty on Tour, Free Keene, Free Talk Live and is the Founder of

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  • R Mich

    Congress passes law that transfers police pension funds to general fund. It’s just a law and the law is the law.

  • “anarchy is law”. – holy shit your a dumb ass!

    “free to live your life so long as you don’t innate force on others”

    Those two quotes( one from the write up the other from the movie) have got to be the dumbest things I have ever heard!

    Don’t get me wrong I do agree with the holding public officials accountable portion of this website. However if you think for one second that you can live your life in anarchy with no police/military order you are completely dead wrong!

    Who will save YOU from a band of armed thugs, when your “new world order” has run out of food and basic essentials? You will be one of the first to cry for help from your local government/police/military.

    You don’t have to look to far back in history to see the ramifications of a non-police state, like Somalia, Afghanistan, even the L.A. Riots proved that! Look it up study it and get smart before you end up posting stupid “anti-cop” pro anarchy retoric.

    That video made you look like a stupid punk kid who’s mad at the local police for what you deemed a harassment.

    I’ll close with this- hold them all accountable!!!! All public figures! But don’t make your self or you web site look like a bunch of spoiled brats!

  • Beau

    Oh, Travis.

    I know your question is directed at Ademo, but, as he chose to be gentlemanly, I feel compelled to answer them.

    I do not presume to speak for anyone but myself.

    Who will save me from a band of armed thugs? Well, there are a number of options, actually. First, I am a heavily armed and well trained individual fortified with the judgement of a life of autodidaction and motivated by a ferocious reptilian instinct to protect myself and my family. In most situations, such a combination proves to be more than adequate.

    Should my personal resources seem insufficient, I would be happy to hire protection. In my particular situation, I would not need anything more than a basic policy to cover my defense and rights protection needs. You see, I have made it my habit to treat those around me with respect and have learned that such dignity is often the only payment people expect in exchange for preserving the prosperity that peace provides.

    However, I do sleep, albeit lightly. You might think that I owe my slumber to the dominant gang in my neighborhood, who, having extorted me and my neighbors, claim to protect us from evil. This would be a mistake. I sleep without fear because my neighbors have stripped most criminal groups of popular acceptance. Who defends murder? Who defends theft? There is but one organization of any real concern: The Statists. They are the only ones left who are still allowed to prey upon the innocent with impunity. It is true that they possess a great deal of physical force to exert upon me at their will. And it would be counter-productive to attempt to respond in kind. But where they see armor, I see naked pink flesh, because I will not fight Statists with steel. I will fight them with ideas. Their ideas are circular and impotent lies that can be scattered like dandelion seeds. In contrast, ideas like the ones Ademo wrote are buttressed by the immutable laws of reason. Stop shaking Travis. You do not need to fear the Statist, much less the laughable rabble they claim to hold at bay. You do not even need to argue to win your freedom. People like Ademo are doing it for you. All you have to do to be free of your tyrant is to stop holding him up. He is a weak and stupid parasite incapable of creation or self reliance. Simply remove your support and watch him fall of his own weight.

    By the way, when calling someone a dumbass, be sure to use the contraction “you’re” rather than the possessive pronoun “your.” If you need an example, you can refer to the form Ademo used in the second line whose intellectual value you chose to criticize.

    I will not offer you a reading list. I do not want your help. But please, with sugar on top, get the hell out of the way of the intellectuals who possess the courage to live free. May your response to this fine young man’s efforts turn any free breaths rotten in your lungs.

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