Is This Excessive? Do You Know This Person?

This video was sent to me, taken from this weekend (12/09/12) in downtown Clematis, West Palm Beach, Florida. If anybody knows the young man in the video, I hope this will aid him in some way. At the very least it should be a reminder that all eyes are watching and that cameras are not only exclusive to authorities. It is up to every individual in society to keep a vigilant eye and hold our trusted public servants accountable. If we are to maintain a peaceful society, we cannot enforce the law by using thuggery and violence.

Watch the video and leave your thoughts/opinions in the comment section. Thanks.
– Anonymous

Editor’s Note:
This is why I (Ademo) always advocate filming the police while they are not actively arresting someone or enforcing laws because without the reason for arrest being on video, the police will say this guy was not following orders and resisting. This will be enough to justify the actions of the officers and keep them on the streets. I suspect that some sort of minor disturbance or drunken behavior was the result of this interaction with police. It seems to me that the guy on the ground is trying to ask the officers questions but they only want one thing… his compliance. As seen when you hear them yelling, “Get on your back!” When the person continues to ask questions, he’s punched with a taser, kicked in the face and piled on by several officers. Are those in West Palm Beach proud of the service these officers have just provided? I know I wouldn’t be. 

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