Driver refuses to break speed limit when tailgated by cop, gets ticket for blocking traffic instead

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Nobody likes a tailgater, the highway terrorist who sticks close to your bumper at high speed and usually in the left lane. And nobody likes a left-lane hog either, the passive-aggressive pest who encourages others to pass him illegally on the right.

But how do you cope when you’re doing the speed limit in the left lane and the tailgater is a cop?

That was the dilemma facing Dave Ballou’s daughter on a trip from her Wyckoff home to college on the New Jersey Turnpike. A state trooper stayed less than a dozen feet from her bumper, according to Dave, while the 20-year-old maintained the 65-mph speed limit.

Why didn’t she move to the middle lane?

“There was a tractor-trailer truck right next to her, and she didn’t know what to do,” dad explained. “Instead of … passing the truck … and risking a speeding ticket or [signaling] and slowing down … to move behind the truck … she maintained her speed, thinking this was OK.”

It wasn’t. The trooper pulled her over and issued a summons for failing to keep right. The cop wasn’t interested in her fear of moving to the right. And he sure didn’t want to hear complaints about his own driving.

“Too bad,” he told her, noting that he gave her “three miles” to find a way to yield.

“Seems like entrapment to me,” said Dave. “At that speed, he should have been 65 feet behind her. Should we fight this?”

Too few drivers, it seems, understand the meaning of road signs that encourage us to “Stay right.”

“If we all followed that law,” said Doug Groner of Hillsdale, “we’d have everybody squeezed into one right lane.”
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