Larken Rose Offers Public Debate to Montgomery Co. Sheriff’s Office

Larken Rose, author of’s most popular with LEO’s post “When Should You Shoot a Cop?“, recently found out that the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department, where Larken resides with his family, had less than favorable views of him, claiming Larken’s a “dangerous, trigger-happy psycho.”  You might come to that conclusion if you just read the title, “When Should You Shoot a Cop?” or if you watch Larken’s newest video “Guns: Say What You Mean” on mute. Which is Larken’s point in his response to the Sheriff’s Department in the video below, “Am I Dangerous?”

Do you think someone from the Sheriff’s Department should sit down with Larken and discuss the issue(s)? If so, consider calling the Montgomery County, PA Sheriff’s office at (610) 278-3331 or email at

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Larken Rose has also authored several books like, “How to be a Successful Tyrant” and my favorite, “The Most Dangerous Superstition.

The video below was edited by Pete Eyre, co-founder, to Larken’s question of “When Should You Shoot a Cop?”


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  • shawn

    I love cops commenting on pychos eager to kill, considering all the people they shoot out of uncontroled and unreasoned fear and aggression. I can list them yet again, if need be.

  • BluEyeDevil

    I would like to add that not only do you have the RIGHT to stop tyrants by any means necessary, but you have a DUTY to stop tyrants by any means necessary.
    I don’t give a shit what the cop enablers and the cop blockers in this form think about their fundamental and philosophical differences. The only thing I can say and believe is that I will not cast the first stone, but I will finish the fight. There are millions of us that believe that with our hearts. I personally know hundreds who will gladly die for our family and country mans freedom. We believe in law when it is righteous, but there is a fine line between righteousness and tyranny.
    So cops….keep pushing, eventually you will regret what you have done because we won’t forget. This is a fight you will lose, no doubt about that. There is a sleeping giant and his eyes are starting to open.

  • BluEyeDevil

    Here is a good one,
    The family of Otto Zehm of Spokane, WA recently won a $1.6 million settlement in a case of excessive force that led to Zehm’s death. Otto Zehm was a 36-year old mentally disabled janitor. He went to a grocery store on March 18, 2006 and passed by an ATM. Two women reported Zehm as “suspicious” and accused him of stealing money from the ATM. Officer Karl F. Thompson Jr. arrived and began to strike Zehm with his police baton, as well as shocking him with a Taser. Several other officers arrived at the scene and hog-tied Zehm, as well as placing a non-breather mask on his face. Zehm stopped breathing and died two days later. The terms of the settlement will include a memorial dedicated to Zehm, an official apology to the family by the mayor, training of every line officer in the department, and $1.6 million to the family. Attorney Breean Briggs, NPAP member attorney Jeffrey Finer, and the Center for Justice litigated this case. Source: The Spokesman-Review
    Cops fucking up more handicapped people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    As I’ve said before… you should never shoot a cop. You will end up getting shot….and for what???? So your family can sue them later? Me personally….I would rather endure my rights being violated, sue myself and then enjoy the money WITH my family. Civil rights cases pay big money!

  • Yankee Fan


    Yes they do pay big money. Look at thebarra bros who were arrested in their homes for filming poilce and charged with many false charges. It was a cover up for the afct some were undercover. They received 1.8 mil. The Frank Jude beating is another in which he receiver 2.6 mil. As far as the Ibarra bros case, I would rather the headline be…police try to arrest 2 brothers who filmed police from their own property. There was a drug raid and some officers were in undercover status. The police decided to attempt an arerest on the brothers who had retreated into their house where they armed themselves and shot dead 3 of the 4 sherriffs who illegally entered the residence. I am not saying that for effect. I mean every word of that. Go look up that case and tell me if they would have been justified in blowing away the 4 jackboots who did that. I do not want death but when cops violate the rights of citizens, you become, by definition, the very monster the constitution protects us from. That to me means your status as an LEO is nil. I personally would go for direct lawsuits though against an officer for those violations and I bet you mi9ght the thuggery stop overnight. Imagine this case here if the 4 deputies had to split the settlement 4 ways to the brothers….450k apiece. I bet that sends a message.

  • wayne

    the police in this country are being militarised and they are being trained to beat kill and maime innocent citizens why are the politicians allowing the violence and the murders to continue and why are they just sitting by and allowing their peopleto be brutalised

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