Woman Jailed for 11 Days for Cursing

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According to the Grio.com, where the above video was found, a Michigan woman was jailed after cursing under her breathe about the agonizing process to pay a $50 fine. Yet another example of a justice system gone wrong. Not one single person in the court, cop during the booking process or any other public official ever said anything to the judge. Instead they all went along with his wrongful actions and caged this peaceful woman. Keeping her from her family on the holidays and costing taxpayers the expense of jail.

Still, her fight isn’t over as she faces contempt of court charges. I can relate to this woman’s frustrations because a few years ago I told off a judge using profanity and spent 16 days in jail on contempt. Lucky for her the ACLU has come to her aid and I bet her charges will be dropped. My case on the other hand was ignored by the ACLU and MSM. In fact, the ACLU in NH said I had no case, though I feel both cases are clear abuses of power and the restriction of free speech rights.  Below is the video of my arrest (4min mark is where I go off).

Though it seems that squashing Freedom of Speech is nothing new for government officials. Today there are Constitution Free Zones, Free Speech Zones and flat out censorship (or blackouts) by state controlled media. Heck, you don’t even have to swear at a public official to end up in jail, just seen the second video posted below. In that video I was simply trying to ask Judge Burke a few simple questions – freedom of speech/press – and landed in jail charged with a felony.

Still think there is such a thing as freedom of speech?
Ademo Tells Off Judge:

Ademo Asks Judge Questions:

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