Public Drunkenness at McDonald’s in Wilkes-Barre, Pa

So, here’s the full story……..


I walk into McDonalds, after a night out, and there’s a harmless drunk (possibly homeless) man sleeping at a booth completely minding his own business. I told the management I would help the guy outside but they decided to call the cops instead. When said police finally arrived I was the closest person to the door so naturally I engaged the cop in conversation as he walked by. I simply said “sir this guy isn’t hurting anyone he’s just passed out”, I didn’t want the guy getting arrested for taking a nap, you know? So the cop starts talking the the poor fellow and I sit down and wait for my cousin to bring me our food. For whatever reason this cop says I’m “impeding his investigation” by sitting down and waiting for my food, so he tells me to move. I comply with the officer and sit down to enjoy my meal as he tells me “that’s what I thought, now mind your own business.” As he walked away from me to keep questioning the sleeping guy, as a citizen with the rights to freedoms, like freedom of speech and to be a patron of a establishment unmolested by our so called “PROTECTORS”, I simply requested he “please mind your own business too, sir.” So he turned around and arrested me for requesting he mind his own business.


After handcuffing me and shoving me in a corner and accusing me of “resisting arrest” (my cousin and surveillance videos will prove i wasnt) he took me to his patrol car and charged me with public drunkenness. Video surveillance will also show I was not causing disorder towards anyone in McDonald’s. I asked the cop to give me a breathalizer test because the legal limit for drunk driving is .08% in Pennsylvania. He refused to administer the test and replied that “there is no limit when it comes to public drunkenness.” So i requested a breathalizer anyway so there was record of what my BAL was for when I fight this in court. Again the officer replied “I don’t have to do that.” So when I fight this, and subpoena the videos from McDonald’s, and explain to the judge that I was within my rights and compliant with the officer, I dont think I should have a problem beating this. I didn’t get the officers name, but I do have his badge number and station number. IF ANYONE HAS ANY INFO TO HELP ME, PLEASE SPEAK UP! I’m glad we can count on our nations finest to serve and protect.

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