Police and Military – It’s Time to Choose

StormCloudGathering, the YouTube channel, ask the police and military to call, email or write their Congress men about pending gun regulation(s). I may not agree with begging people who claim to have power over you (but don’t) to not steal your property but I understand the consequences of a gun grab and prefer this method to that outcome. Yet, I prefer StormCloudGathering’s first video to police, “An Open Message to Police and Military.” Or the strike the root message Pete, CopBlock.org co-founder, recently explained in his video, “Want to End the Police Brutality? Focus on the Institution.”

I’m interested in hearing what a LEO or active military member has to say to this video. Maybe someone will make a response video and I’ll be able to add it to this post. What are your thoughts? Do you think government agents will partake in a gun grab if ordered to do so? Do you believe that at some point those who work for the government will refuse orders they disagree with? Please leave your thoughts as comments and enjoy the video.

And LEO’s, feel free to visit CopBlock.org’s “Welcome LEO’s” page, simply click here.

Here is another great video about Gun laws/rights I blogged about earlier this week:


Ademo Freeman

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