Lethal Force – an inalienable and foundational right?

I have the inalienable and absolute right to use lethal force to protect myself, my family, and my property from thugs, both common and those thugs organized under a concept called “government”.

This absolute human right is acknowledged in the 2nd amendment to the US constitution, but it exists independent of any government rule, edict, or procedure.  Any attempt to curb or limit this right, through the limitation, license, tax, or registration of firearms and/or firearm owners is necessarily an abridgment of the inalienable rights of man.  Those who seek to use the power of government to control the manufacture, transfer, and ownership of firearms amputate independence from the human condition.

The result: a grand protection racket that is ripe for all manner of violent abuses.  The use of government to disarm a populace creates entire classes totally dependent upon others for security and protection.  That the mafia could be so lucky.


There has long been a continued monopolization of the protection of individuals by the government. A disarmament would be the final blow to lead to a complete monopolization of security and an enslaved populace.

The forced dependence upon the state for security of life and property is the blackest of tyrannies.  As Mohandas Gandhi wrote: ‘Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look upon the Act depriving a whole nation of arms as the blackest.’  In India today, women clamor for firearms to protect themselves from the rape and abuse ignored by civil authorities.

We can be certain that any abridgement of the right to own firearms necessarily leads to other human rights abuses and violations.  Those who are dependent upon a coercive monopoly for their security of their lives and property are never secure in anything.

Do you believe that lethal force is an inalienable and foundational right?

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