Police Take Pregnant Woman Out of The Hospital Then She Dies in Jail

I came across this story and thought it was worth sharing. The drug war causes more harm than the drugs themselves.

By JG Vibes
January 10, 2013

One of the most dangerous things about the current law enforcement paradigm is that it removes decision making responsibility and empathy from the people who work in that field and spend their days with their boots on peoples necks.

Regardless of what kind of extenuating circumstance you are dealing with, “tell it to the judge” always seems to be the attitude that police officers hold.

Recently in Oklahoma this lack of empathy and responsibility has led to a horrific tragedy which resulted in the death of a pregnant woman in jail, during childbirth.

According to a local news source:

“A Pauls Valley family is forced to deal with tragedy after a 33-year-old mother dies from a medical condition while being held at the Garvin County jail.  The victim in this case is Jamie Lynn Russell.  Jamie also used the last name of Fisher.  Her death came just hours after she went to the hospital seeking help for severe abdominal pain.

“Jamie was seeking help; she was in extreme pain,” family friend Kemper Kimberlin said.

Hospital staff reported Jamie wouldn’t cooperate, in too much pain to even lie down, so employees asked a Pauls Valley police officer to assist.

Unfortunately, when police found two prescription pills that didn’t belong to Jamie, police took her to jail for drug possession.  That’s where Jamie sat for less than two hours before being found unresponsive.”

“There is nothing my staff in the jail could’ve done differently,” Garvin County sheriff Larry Rhodes said.  Sheriff Rhodes points out the hospital staff authorized Jamie’s release to their custody.

“She had a medical release from the hospital stating that she was fit for incarceration,” Rhodes said.  The state medical examiner’s office confirms Jamie died from a ruptured ectopic pregnancy, where an embryo implants outside the uterus.

While the hospital is incredibly negligent for bringing the police into such a delicate situation, the police also had some discretion in the matter, and really had no reason or right to be rummaging through a pregnant woman’s private property.

Of course, this is left out in all of the mainstream media commentary on this event.