(Video) Journalist Stopped,Interrogated for Filming Cops in Camden County GA


HonorYourOath gives a brief explanation of his concerns and the action starts around the 6:00 minute mark.

Thanks for keeping folks down there under the sun Jeff.



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  • Dr Kranknstein

    WTF…Because he wouldn’t get into the car with the officer he is doing something shady…The mind of some officers never cease to amaze me.

  • rick

    No need to justify your actions.
    “I’m enjoying my rights, thank you.”

    Also, investing in a car cam or camera holder will keep you driving safe

  • Looks like cops are their own worst enemy. Look for a Glik-like decision in Georgia soon I guess. And a large settlement as well.

  • rick
  • BigPoppaAZ


    Great job! You are one “sneaky” sumbitch. Obviously you’ve got something to hide, as you’re openly filming in public.

    I would be interesting, after you’ve gotten your documentation and data, having a conversation, on film, with the PIO out of Camden County, to ascertain their side of the story.

  • t.

    Poppa: Its not a secret. The biggest way to hurt a supplier is to hurt his wallet. They got more supply….but they want the money.

  • Blister

    Nice work. The video speaks for itself. Tailgaiting for a mile…Boxes you in with his SUV..approaches your window…arms folded…All without probable cause? It must have been a little intimidating…especially when you saw the other officers doing weird stuff nearby…and with the approach of the second SUV.

  • They’re AFRAID

    LOL These cops are dirty and it’s obvious by them all arriving after the cop drove away to find out whats going on. I would not have said anything to him and made him go crazy trying to figure out whats going on.

  • Dan Sayers

    “You see my name!” -2nd cop. Is there a reason why you refuse to articulate your own name? Isn’t that the very definition of accountability resistance?

    “This ain’t legal.” “Yeah it is.” “It is?” That’s a question mark, complete with inquisitive intonation. This uncertainty should’ve made it to where “This ain’t legal” (assertion) was never said. That and the “get in the car and I’ll tell you everything you need to know” WHILE COMMUNICATING TO YOU WHILE OUTSIDE THE CAR is harassment in my book.

    While we’re talking about “official” wrong-doing, the 1st cop made a turn without signaling tailgating, and (I admit this isn’t entirely ascertainable via video, though there was ample daylight) tinting that lets in less than 32% of visible light, which violates GA’s tinting laws.

    None of this is a surprise. White cruisers can at least pretend to be about visibility and deterrence. Black (even only partially) is a sign of hiding and dishonor. Notice all the police forces across the nation that are “upgrading” to black cruisers?

    I appreciate your efforts. And as a fellow front-liner, I can certainly understand the value of picking your battles. That said, I personally would be a bit more resistant against the personal questions. If I’m pulled over legitimately, yeah, I’ll comply a bit more for the sake of greasing the wheels. But if I’ve done nothing wrong, I will attempt to go about my daily business. ANY stranger that tries to strike up a conversation with me, I will continue about my day if the conversation doesn’t interest me.

    Anything a cop says or asks that is not related to the investigation of a suspected crime is an attempt at entrapment. “can and WILL be used against you”

  • Tom Joad

    How hard can it befor lawmakers to understand the phrase “conflict of interest”? It was bad enough they see tickets as “income”, but at least that hada limit….Now they can take all your money, car, whatever, and KEEP IT, sell it, buy neath toys with it. It’s literally insanity.

  • Mr Gonnagetwhat’scomingtothem

    oh the cops in Kingsland Georgia are just starting to feel the heat under them… it’s like a big, sick boil in there and it’s going to pop… soon, I promise, GBI, and others have taken notice of these thugs called police in Camden County, GA. The fish rots from the head down and that is exactly what goes on in Kingsland and Camden County, It’s rotting and people are starting to get fed up with corruption and violence by those hired to protect them… just watch… it’s coming soon, but not soon enough! :)