Open carrying 460 Magnum; Denying giving ID to the cop upon request

I was open carrying a 460 Magnum on my chest walking home from the gym when I encountered this. I saw two cop cars (one with its lights on) next to a civilian car that was parked and off. I didn’t see a civilian. It was about 3:00 AM in the morning.

The reason I stopped and filmed was because I saw the cop going inside this car. When a tow truck pulled in the lot I assumed that they were just towing an illegally parked car (car was in a handicapped spot). I dont know police proto call but I found it weird that the cop would have his emergency lights on for just simply getting a car towed in an empty parking lot with 0 traffic around with the assistance of an additional cop car. And also for the fact the cop was going through this car looking for stuff. I decided to continue filming just encase the tow truck driver accidentally damaged the car or something and claimed that it was that way when they showed up. The cop didn’t seem to like me filming and asked me if I needed help several times. After the tow truck drove off with the car I proceeded to walk home. The cop pulled up next to me and proceeded to ask me for my name. When I refused to answer he was quite rude in telling me “thanks for cooperating.”

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