NYPD gets in my face for taking their picture.

Every morning during my commute to work in the subway I encounter a variety of violations of peoples constitutional rights. From NYPD’s racist stop and frisk policy to their unconstitutional bag searches of peoples personal belongings. NYPD also deploys a half-dozen officers with assault rifles to stand around and terrorize subway riders. As usual, I take their picture. One of the officers turned their back to me while I took their picture and then another officer got in my face today and demanded I stop taking their picture. I informed him of my legal right to take his picture. He then got up real close to my face with his teeth clenched and said “Yes, but I’m asking you to please not take my picture”. So then I took this real nice close up of him. I ask that all of you remember this face. This is the face of oppression, racism and human rights violations.

Submitted by Richard J. Marini




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  • HonorYourOath

    Good job and nice pic. Look at the thin blue line in the American Flag.


    Outstanding ! He’s nothing but a god damn pussy without that badge and gun. If he’s being a bad cop then I hope and pray that he is hit by a fucking train and killed slowly. I want him to know that his time on earth will be gone shortly.

  • steve

    nypd blue you cant break the way they think and they cant break the way we think. just obey the laws.

  • Smiley

    (hate when I hit submit before I’m done, as this is fun)

    As he’s dieing slowly, I want him to see all the citizens around him that he’s oppressed and looked at in disdain. I want him to feel remorse as the people stare at him instead of help him. I want his pain to be sharp and steady.

  • BluEyeDevil

    LOOKS LIKE A GOOD NAZI, JUST FOLLOWING ORDERS SIR……. LOL, They got these guys in Chitcago on the trams. They try to look tough all the time, I laugh at them and stay under the radar, for now………

  • BluEyeDevil



  • rick

    rotate picture 90 degrees CW, resubmit!

    Thanks for pointing out the blue line on the flag

    “This is the face of oppression, racism and human rights violations.”
    Beware defamation, unless you have actually witnessed him violating citizen’s rights.

  • Common Sense

    “stay under the radar” aka, I do nothing but complain…like a woman.

    What are you gonna do Devil, hit’em with your purse?

  • Common Sense

    Too bad Dickie didn’t get his head caved in, then he could sue! With enough money to pay for his helper monkey and adjustable bed.

  • GuyFawkes

    How is it “Common Sense” to wish for some guy who is not breaking any laws to get his head caved in?

    Stop photographing me “because I asked you to”? Golly gee ossifer, if I ask you to not strip search aka stop and roust me or not go through my bag will you just stop and go away?

  • steve

    i personally do not want to see any police shot,or injured. i would like to see laws enacted especially for any law enforcement. caught for murder death or mandatory life no parole. theft even $20.00 life no parole. battery or abuse lying on a citizen to get a conviction or any civil rights abuse life in prison. they are the ones to hold standards high they should be held to much higher penalties. no more crooked ass beatings .

  • Matt

    Sorry when I look at the pic. of this roid head one thing comes to mind.

    I must break you.

    Seriously, these people should be MOCKED for looking like this in public. Get up in front of them do a little jig and ask them “Are you a life taker, are you a heart breaker?????”

  • JohnK

    When SHTF people will remember these asshole’s….

  • really

    I wouldn’t want some jewbag in my gave taking my picture either. If I asked someone to stop and they didn’t, they’d be punched I the face.

    An officer can arrest you for what you “think”are your rights…obstructing justice and disobeying a police officer could easilyland you behind bars…it’s not that particular officers choice to be stuck on that specific role/location, it’s what he’s delegated to do!

  • Dan Sayers

    rick said “Beware defamation, unless you have actually witnessed him violating citizen’s rights.”

    Assuming the post is accurate, the person in the picture supposed to be able to control the victimless actions of another human being. Something he would not have done were he not in uniform or at the very least, flashed a badge first as if it indicates that others not in similar attire are subservient to him.

    Is that interpretation too mild? Consider his attire. His helmet, rifle, riot garb. Consider his oath to the Constitution, yet he remains a member of one of the most unconstitutional groups in the country. “I ‘reserve the right’ to violate your rights” is a violation of our rights.

    Is that interpretation too extreme? I don’t think so. If the police chief said “Okay, starting today, you can stop and frisk any human being you see,” and every non-cop stood up to him and every cop said they would not enforce unconstitutional orders, how far do you think the tyrannical advances would make it?

  • shawn


    “and every non-cop
    stood up to him and every cop said they would not
    enforce unconstitutional orders,”

    Nice wish, but wont happen. In the choice between your rights and their pension, pension wins every time. I always loved that robocop scene where the cheif and officers through down their badges and refused to carry out orders. Unfortunately, that was just a movie.

  • txjazzman

    RE: Blue line/s on American Flag Patch

    What does that signify / mean in relation to his position?

  • slappy

    Where is the video to prove your story? That could be anyone dressed up like that. As you activists always say, “If it isn’t recorded it never happened”.

  • Sebastian

    I kind of stopped paying attention to copblock a while ago but I’m glad I got back to reading it again. It is so nice to see that the general feeling is one of utter contempt and vitriol towards the organs of the system (the cops, the feds, etc) with sincere wishes those human animals have nothing to look forward expect pain, suffering and death.

    Sometimes I almost, *almost* mind you, feel pity for the fear the organs must be feeling, day in day out.

    Can you hear that clock ticking Mr. “policeman”? It is counting the ever-shortening time until you and your class get their well-deserved fates…sorry bud, no fat, cushy pension with free healthcare and golden years in the sun for you.

    We can smell your anxiety and we can hear your balls shrinking in fear behind your government-issued body armor, we see how desperately you cling to your firearm bough and paid for with money stolen from the people as it is your only and last line of defense, the only thing that prevents regular folks from eviscerating you on the public street when you snarl and growl at them.

    Guess what? You still have to sleep, you still have to go out for provisions, you more than likely have a family which you cannot protect 24/7. There are people who can brake into databases and obtain your address and all relevant details about you and yours.

    Sleep well Mr. Policeman…sleep well. That clock is ticking and it ain’t stopping for nothing.




  • rick

    No doubt the whole militarized get-up is ridiculous. They all seem to be expecting a real life “Red Dawn” to break out any moment.

    Do I agree with the cops actions? No.
    Is he within his legal rights to ask the photographer to stop taking his picture? Absolutely!
    The cop can ask until he is blue in the face but no law requires the photographer to comply, so he didn’t. Both cop and photographer were within their rights to do as they did. No law broken!

    Keep in mind I am comnmenting on this single event only and not law enforcement in general.

    Have a good day everyone

  • rick

    See Carlos Miller incident. Many similarities: public transit, photography in public, security personnel demanding he stop, photographer’s refusal.
    We all know what happened next. A lawful interaction (yes, a misinformed guard) turned into a severe rights violation.

  • Matt

    This story would be a heck of a lot better if there were video.

  • Common Sense

    Ha ha ha Sebastian, I’m sure you’re the coolest kid at the skate park.

    I endorse Sebastian to initiate the rebellion against the government. I’m sure he’ll never be charged with sedition, so GO SEBASTIAN. I’m sure Devil and his merry band of ra’tards will be close behind. My DVR is on standby.

    Just remember Aaron Swartz? Yeah, he was pretty cool with computers tool. I’m sure the dozens of ‘members’ of Anonymous who’ve been arrested thought they were pretty sharp too.

  • jayduba

    Common Sense promising to pull a ‘Swartz’ on ya. Hound you til you kill yourself.

  • Anonymous

    What the fuck? Why are they militarized in a subway? Really? Helmets? Are we going to war? Construction going on? LMFAO@these douchebags, Literally laughing out loud. That is funny as fuck, WTF? Are they afraid of a bunch of briefcase carrying citizens? That is fucking retarded. By the looks of this douchebags nose, looks like he has been in a few fights or got his ass whooped badly for unpaid debts or some shit. We as citizens should start walking around fully suited with body armor & helmets too, see how they react. I bet they would freak the fuck out.

    Welcome to the new old Germany?

    Speechless and hilarious.

  • Chris Mallory

    You should have asked for his name and badge number and posted those as well.
    All government employees, especially cops, should be required to give their full name and home address to any citizen that asks for them.

    Disarm cops for a safer America.

    All cops lie, all the time.

  • Anonymous

    “No doubt the whole militarized get-up is ridiculous. They all seem to be expecting a real life “Red Dawn” to break out any moment.”

    Crazy man, these guys are legally INSANE. Every single one of them are insane. 100% insanity.

    If I had seen this in person, I would have asked them if they are expecting a war, and who ever views one in public, they should question why they are militarized like this, on video.

    That shit belongs over seas, not here, are their IED’s here? No. Do we as citizens have weapons of mass destruction? No. Using post 9/11 is the utmost ridiculous bullshit ever. No Iraqi’s knocked the towers down, it was all an inside job to create this police state horse shit, and to get fear out of people who believe the shit. Well, look now, the picture proves perfect example. Fuckin helmets, just wow.

  • steve

    it would be nice if mr. piggy would say please dont take my picture like this.