Get Dashcams

Just a quick note to everybody to get dashboard cameras. I have installed one in both my, and my wife’s vehicles. She was recently pulled over for avoiding a concrete block in the road. (I saw you swerve back there).
She immediately turned the dash cam, to point it at the driver’s side window. When the cop bent down to look into the vehicle, she saw his eyes go from her, to the camera, and back to her. His attitude IMMEDIATELY turned around 180 degrees. He had even asked to search her vehicle, and she told him no. Once he saw the camera, he said, “OK, just asking.” She left with no citation.

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  • slappy

    Just another paranoia rant. Funny how it’s only the activists who seem to get pulled over or arrested.

  • slappy…

    Go bitch to youtube….its ruined the police profession

  • Common Sense

    how odd, with 10-14 million arrests and nearly 50+ million police contacts annually, it doesn’t seem like its shied them away from anything…

  • mobooz

    Can you recommend a good one, Exador? What kind did you buy?

  • Common Sense

    Perhaps I am the only one that noticed that the Institute for Human Studies is funded, in part, by the Koch Brothers.

    Koch Industries, a multi-national, multi-billion dollar ‘mega’ corporation dealing with everything from oil to cattle to paper towels.


  • Doug

    I wish I had had a dashcam. I was pulled over at a DUI checkpoint without suspicion of intoxication (never asked if I had been drinking, never conducted a field sobriety test). They searched my car without my consent and searched me, including reaching into my pants and searching under my genitalia and in my butt crack. They handcuffed me and stuffed me in a squad car for a bit telling me I was going to be arrested, until they eventually let me go free. I am not a drug user and the only thing that was in my car was a bag of cat food.

    I’ve got lawyers interested in a lawsuit but the cops dashcams conveniently didn’t record any footage. The only evidence is radio recordings from them radioing in all my info. I have my wife as a witness but that’s it. If I had had one of those dashcams with a camera facing forward and one into the cab, it would have caught the assault and I’d be solid.

    Prior to this encounter I was very pro-cop. Every encounter before this one has been positive. It really opened my eyes.

    Get a dash cam. Some of the ones they use a lot in Russia can be had for under $100.

  • rick

    Dashcam and instant uploading app on cellphone if needed

    This is in my truck:

    Also, check out Blackvue


    Slappy go fuck yourself. I hope your killed in a violent, painful and incredibly slow way. ASSHOLE

    Now back to the subject at hand, what type of camera’s are you all installing. I’m looking at installing one that’s in the back behind the passenger seat area aiming towards the entire left side where some little dick’d asshole would be standing and having the microphone above my left shoulder.

  • underoath

    I have no problem with dash cameras, because I have no problem being recorded.

    Curious to see what type of set ups people use.

  • I never leave the house without my camera rig running. It has already resulted the Roanoke County Police Department receiving a warning from, and the cop in question receiving a counseling session from his lieutenant.

    I could have litigated, but I chose to let it be an informal notice because the cop was actually professional, he was just misinformed regarding the fact that Virginia being a one-party state for the purposes of recording.

    Should any cop in the future demand that I turn off my recording device, well, suffice to say a civil action will not be far behind. I plan on running some Direct Action ops this spring and summer that will put the local coops to the test though. Should be a hoot.

    Moral of the story, get a camera, keep it close. It just might save your ass when the jackboots step up to the plate.

  • Common Sense

    “could have litigated” “Counseling session”

    ha ha ha, fucking ha ha ha…they made fun of your stupid ass during roll call.

    “Watch out, Glen is here, he’ll slap you with a writ!”

  • gina

    Oh, lookie there. Common Sense actually said something that made sense, that being about the Koch brothers and their evil plans. From what I’ve read from you, I would have thought you were on the same page as they are. And yes, I’m aware that CATO Institute has had some funding from them, so don’t even try to go there as far as Pete. No fault of Pete’s and CATO has done some good, along with the mistake of taking money from those crazies. You being a crazy as well, I’m quite surprised. I think maybe you’re finally waking up, but you’re way too far gone for that, Common Sense. Watch the Tillman story, or the dirty oil stories or about the contamination of our drinking water and the ties to the sorry cops. No, no. You’re probably faking it and part of the Koch brothers’ nutiness.

  • 1605

    Along with recording locally, don’t forget to use qik for streaming video to the net. Nothing for them to delete that way.

    And when they ask if you’re recording, you can (and should) say, “I am streaming to the internet”

    Never harm other people. Never.

  • BluEyeDevil

    Hey Slappy,
    Only a cop trolls a forum of like minded individuals to see what we are talking about, who’s paranoid? All of you cop fuckers are a the conspiracy theorist here, not the copblockers. We aren’t worried if you like us but you guys are sure worried if we like you. Oh shit, maybe we are going to blow up your police station, or possibly ambush you at a check point (which by the way would be easy to do), or hell even possibly go to your house and lying in wait and take your ass anonymously out, or maybe just “recon, snipe and evade” the Military taught me well. Fuck maybe your right, slappy, you should be scared mother fucker.
    Hey common,
    Hows your mom
    Hey T.,
    fuck sometimes your all right
    Hey OATH,
    suck a dick

  • BluEyeDevil

    LOL, COPBLOCKERS if you think talking, debating, coming to a common consensus and agreement with the establishment is a waSTE oF TiME. Just ask the cops that troll this forum, they laugh at you and ridicule and tell you how stupid and trivial you are and sit hear and collect information on you I mean why else would they be here and you think that what you say to them means anything. Then you are a FOOL. Get firearms, ammo, a ruck, some MRE’s, some quick clot, a three point sling and gauss, a ballistics vest and field med kit. Be ready, train, prepare and most importantly stay under the radar for now………
    The time is coming, the writing is on the wall, and when the shit hits the fan these same cops will be the first ones to beg for calm because they know they will be the first to die along with the martyrs. They know it.
    suck a dick buddy

  • Common Sense

    You go Devil!! Start your revolution, anytime….anytime now…can’t wait to see it on CNN/Fox, in real time….anytime now….

    Did you know, Federal court ruled that drones used for police work was Constitutional? How’s that make you feel?

    …and yes, my mom is quite happy, said you did a great job sucking her nasty pussy. Said you lapped it up and love it. Didn’t think you minded the warts, but anyway, thanks buddy. Let her know when your ready for another face glazing.

  • steve

    fuck you slappy your probibly a nypd blue abusive asshole. little bitch i can say that if you dont like what you read go to your cop website.

  • BluEyeDevil

    LOL, YOU MAD CS, LOL, I new I would get to you. As far as drones, the private sector is making some nifty ones for private use, LOL, to watch you fags. LOL, told you moms pussy was nasty that is why I left when I did, LOL, YOUR SO EASY……

    Oh and I forgot,
    OATH suck a dick

  • Common Sense

    Hey Devil, my mother’s bridge meets on Tuesdays, can you come down and give them a tongue bath? They said they’d bake you some cookies.

  • Sebastian

    Common and Devil,

    What has the coming, unavoidable insurgency against the criminal state and their cop thugs got to do with installing dash cams in your car?

    It is empirically undeniable, both from the testimony here and on other places in the internet, that having one increases your chances of surviving a road encounter with the criminals in blue alive and unharmed, by a considerable factor.

    So whether you are preparing for the insurgency and the great cop-killing (and the killing of their families and friends*), or you are an idiotic pacifist that thinks “passive, non-violent resistance” will lead you anywhere; the fact remains a dashcam can work quite well as an extra layer of insulation between you and the psychopathic blue-clad predators that roam your once-fair land.

    Heck, even if it fails and you are still victimized, beaten, mauled or even killed those images will make it to the internet and become eternal evidence of the brutality and hypocrisy of the cop scum and their system…awakening more people and increasing the general feelings of hatred and contempt against them (always a good thing).

    * – but don’t harm their children. It just makes freedom fighters look like monsters and would be used for a pro-state media frenzy**. But don’t let the tears of the children of oppressors and tyrants dissuade you from your duty, after all the tears of the children of their victims never dissuaded the cops from oppressing others in behalf of their state masters (and for fattening their own bank accounts of course).

    ** – then again, in the insurgency it will be necessary to execute “journalists” and media pundits who refuse to abide by a strict regimen of neutrality in news reporting, to make sure the rest complies. Control the message (by whatever means necessary) and you control the minds of the people.

  • Just like BluEyeDevil pointed out, the shills tell us how stupid and insignificant we all are, but the fact that the shills come here each and every day, and have done so for years, tells us that the police see Cop Bloc as an incredibly important group. A group that warrants very close monitoring. What higher honor could the cops bestow on this humble little webpage?

  • BluEyeDevil

    Precisely my friend, they are watching the chatter in forums like these to gather information on possible threats, ain’t that right Common Sense! Say what you want just give no details, always communicate in hypotheticals, use code, don’t name name’s and don’t give up locations, strait up lie or give false info; make them run around all stupid, tell a story don’t relay facts, use psycho babel and reverse psychology fuck with their heads; remember cops really are not that smart they intimidate to extract, and use their stupidity against them. I’ve had extensive training in the military in counter intelligence and I can tell you they are 100 percent watching us, what they don’t realize is that change is coming and hopefully it is not violent but it could be. The cops here are not that intelligent. I mean look at how mad I got Common Sense by talking about his mom, he is easy with a child’s mind. Pathetic. Get under their skin, they are free to hang out if they want but we don’t have to make it fun for them. They get paid well to fuck with us, give it back to them twice fold.
    Remember, most cops are either vocal that they are not against the American public or they are staying under the radar and waiting. Of course you have baby nazi’s who will follow orders but the bigger problem is the feds, hands down. I am ex-military and can guarantee you that most soldiers will not follow any such orders. The feds know this, and as an example the feds used mostly black water mercenaries to confiscate weapons during the Katrina fiasco. More than likely next time it will be U.N. troops or possibly Chinese troops that our government uses against us. I mean look they are preparing for civil unrest at least and possible civil war. It’s blatant. Let me ask one question, if these oppressors come to your home and shoot your wife and kids like dogs would you take it out on their families, personally I would. I study the past and realize that history repeats itself and man is a creature of habit that very rarely learns from its mistakes. It has been a slow process for human beings. Imagine where we would be without greed, longing for power over others and using religion to enslave. We are primitive! Imagine if Love drove us to excel. Where would we be!
    By the way none of this has anything to do with dash cams. I am personally in agreement with you that talking does nothing. Historically speaking it never has. To prepare for peace is to prepare for war. What do you think they (the feds) are doing.
    I personally come here because I fought for this country for a reason and to come home and see what I see, with the over reaching police state and corruption in the ranks of all the civil servants has pissed me off enough to waste my time fucking with the pigs the troll in this forum of gentleman…………

    Having said all that
    suck a dick

  • Exador

    You can decent dashcams for $20-$25. That’s what I have and it works just fine. 720 resolution, with IR leds for lighting up the cab.
    You wouldn’t be able to read a license plate with it unless it was right up in front of you, but for basic documentation, it works fine.
    It takes an SD card that loops around when full. It automatically turns on and off with the car. So it’s basically install and forget.
    Search Amazon for “2-5-inch-Vehicle-Recorder-Dashboard-Camcorder”.

    The only downside is that the video is not streamed, so it could ‘disappear’ while in police hands.

  • Exador

    Oh, make sure you get one that records audio. Not all of them do. The one I referenced above does.

  • shawn


    ” I have no problem with dash cameras, because I have
    no problem being recorded.

    Curious to see what type of set ups people use.”

    You’re in the minority then. Time and again cops make it clear they don’t want recorded. Personally, i want to get a cloud storage one with gps and speed tracking, along with external audio. But my house is getting mostof my money right now.

    But cops better get used to these things. They are getting better and cheeper. Companies are now often putting in stuff like that for driver tracking and court cases in a wreck.

  • t.

    Did none of you catch that in the story…the dash actually proved that the officer was telling the truth. Film away.


  • shawn


    It also proved why she swerved. Did you miss that? If the cop can’t see a block in the road, that might be a bit of an issue. Without video, a cop is free to make up any story he likes. As one person keeps stating, cops are trained to lie.

  • t.

    Shawn: Did she get cited?!?!? No. No lies. Well, except yours in that last comment

  • shawn


    BS that i lied. I had a cop stop me for following traffic law to a T. To him tbat was suspicious. But of couse that isn’t legal call to stop me so he said i was going 67 in a 50. He lied his ass of because his gut told him i was drunk.

    So don’t tell me a cop doesn’t lie to get what he wants. They’ve taught themselves exactly what to say and when to say it.

    Never forget the police gem “I was in fear of my life”, and “he reached into his pants”, what cops say even when the suspect had no weapon.

  • slappy

    Better check with your local laws as to the fact you cannot a fix anything to your dash board that can impede your field of view. Even police cruisers have their cameras secured to the top of the window and the cameras are small. Better yet, it would be a great way for you idiot activists to continue getting pulled over and paying fines. Do it!!!!

  • Common Sense

    Don’t tell them that Slappy, let them get a $150.00 reminder.

  • t.

    67 in a 50. Gut told him you were drunk. Following the law “to the t”. Doesn’t add up well so I’m sure he had to lying.

  • common sense that faggot

    man i would love for the admin’s here to give me your ip.. so i can come teach you some manners. Your everything whats wrong in this world. I hope 1776 happens again you use your drones we will have honor on our side

  • stan47

    I wish you guys hadn’t let this thread become so juvenile, because it’s going to limit the amount of time I plan to spend commenting here. Regarding dash-cams, I have had one since June. Probably the same model Exador has. And I am planning to upgrade.

    One other observation: Even if you are in a state where #77 is listed on road signs as the emergency number, use 911. Here in Maryland the #77 calls do not always go to the police, even though the State Police web page says they do. So if you are caught up in a he said/she said situation like I was, where both drivers had called for help, the #77 info does not get dispatched to the cop responding to the call. It took my lawyer and me quite a bit of digging to find where my call had gone, and get a recording of it.

  • Seriously…get a dashcam…or two…or three. Set it and forget it.

  • shawn


    I was doing 50 and knew he was there. I was fully obeying traffic laws. Didn’t matter to him. And last i heard, 15 or more over the limit is automatc suspended license. No ticket, but lying gave him an excuse to stop me. Cops do lie, and they do teach each other exactly what to say.

  • Common Sense


    Ah, so my 1st Amendment right isn’t equal to yours? You’re going to (try) and harm me beacause my opinion is different then yours? so typical of the liberal mindset.

    (and the police already use drones)

  • t.

    Shawn: Not calling you a liar ( unlike Glenn=liar ). But it makes zero sense that according to you a) you were t speeding, b) you were following every law to the T, c) but he thought you were drunk ?!? Did you really read what you wrote? Why would I follow and stop someone for DUI that isn’t showing any signs of impairment? Oh, I wouldn’t. I’d go look for the guy that is driving like he’s drunk. My guess is he clocked you before you ever saw him and that’s what drew his attention to you. When you saw him you had probably slowed down. Either way. It makes no sense that you think he had “gut” instinct that you were drunk for driving good.

  • cookie

    Pigs will use any excuse to say you were driving erratically.

  • t.

    Especially driving erratically. Driving erratically will have the police saying that you were driving erratically almost every time.