Metal Against the NWO

By Jason Kurtz, lead singer of Bastard Son

Bastard Son is a Death Metal band that takes issue with the New World Order and the many issues that the NWO encompasses.

I want to promote our band here at CopBlock because Bastard Son is like minded. I posted our video for our first Single entitled “2A”, on CopBlock’s Facebook page and they contacted me in reply and asked me to submit a short writeup to summarize what we are all about.

Bastard Son is no-holds-barred death metal. We are extremely brutal, and veterans in the Death Metal scene. This project focuses on issues that are linked to the New World Order, Global government, the Police State, Fiat debt and all the rest.

Our album, entitled “Betraying us all”, features nine songs and also includes a video for the single “2A”.
There is an 8-panel insert which has all the lyrics on it, so the message can be properly understood. This music is intense, but the message is even more intense.

Each song takes a topic and delivers concise and scathing messages relating to the NWO. Pulling no punches, it is our mission to reach out to metal fans (who are usually immersed in lyrics about gore and butchery) and get them to think outside their norm.

I want them to ask “Who is Weishaupt?”
I want them to ask “What is Posse Comitatus?”
I want them to search out codex alimentarius to find out what it is.

This album is not only a brutal piece of Death Metal, but it is also a learning experience!


If you can support us by buying the album, we would truly appreciate it. We came out of pocket for the entire release. There are 500 hard copies and unlimited digital copies. We are not in this for the money, but it would be nice to break even.

Even if you’re not a metal fan, but you are anti-NWO, or if you have a friend who is into metal and you want them to learn about the NWO, please support us however you can.

We appreciate everything that CopBlock does to help keep “Peace Officers” operating within their designated boundaries, and we appreciate everything that all of you people do to help. It’s unfortunate that we need watchdogs, but power corrupts, and the NWO is ages old.

Support CopBlock, support FilmingCops, support Bastard Son.

Here are all the links to support us:

For a beautiful Hardcopy package, send a $15 Paypal payment to:
This includes packaging and post in Canada and the USA.  (The envelope, postage and paypal fees is actually $5 altogether)

Please support!!
Thank you all.


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