Idolizing the Police, tricked into feeding the homeless

This video is meant as a prank and a joke but there is something we can learn from it…

The pizza place gave the pizza away for free because it was ostensibly for undercover LEOs.

(the point of this post is not to discuss homelessness, whether they deserved the pizza, or even the pizza place’s prerogative to give pizza to whomever they choose)

Why would they give the Police a free pizza and not a garbage man, an entrepreneur, an accountant?

I’ll cut straight to the chase, I think it is a sick society with misplaced values to give free stuff and deify so-called “Law Enforcement Officers”.  This action would be less saddening if they “gave” the free pizza out of a sense of fear similar to giving a mafioso a complimentary steak at your restaurant. But no… this was likely given out of a misguided view that these “public servants” are doing what they do to “protect and serve” their communities. While that may be the case 1 time out of a 100, it is a fool who believes this enormous and glorified Police state will make your life better and protect your rights.




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