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Introduction to Robin Hooding –

Robin Hooding is an activity where liberty activists try to save people from having their money stolen by the state by feeding the meters before a parking enforcement officer can write a ticket on an expired meter. Like Robin Hood, the activists are standing up against oppressive government taxes. This form of activism has been performed periodically in the past in the Keene Area and recently begun again.

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Ideally, a business card is left on each vehicle saved informing the person that they have been saved. This activism has been quite popular among many of the locals and the feedback received has been overwhelming positive.

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Financially speaking, the economics of robin hooding are very sound. Below are the facts from the FY13 Proposed Budget of the City of Keene (Link:

Annually, 25,000 tickets are issued by the city of Keene, which results in over $250,000 of revenue to the city (roughly $10/ticket). Tickets are $5, but if they are not paid in a “grace period” the amount skyrockets. Additionally, if a vehicle already has a ticket, it can receive another ticket if it is not moved within two hours. If the tickets are not paid, the “violator” vehicle is towed and impounded. In theory, each “save” costs activists $0.05, or a nickel, and costs the city $10 in lost revenue. Additionally, the city still has to pay the expenses associated with enforcement including: labor, vehicles, meter maintenance, etc.

If your local area has meters that you can pay, robin hooding is a very easy to startup form of activism that is effective, affordable, and popular.

Finally, Mario endorses robin hooding as a fun and safe way to interact with your local bureaucrats and get some exercise.

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-Robin Hood and the Merry Men of Keene

Robin Hood and the Merry Men of Keene



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