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Officer James Nichols and the LAPD are facing a 20 million dollar lawsuit from Brian Mulligan, a former finance executive that accuses Nichols of viciously beating him during an extortion attempt which occurred when he was pulled over on his way to a medical marijuana dispensary.

According to Mr. Mulligan, although the attack left him within inches of his life, the LAPD did not stop there; statements released by law enforcement in response to the lawsuit painted him as “a dangerous, delusional drug addict,” which is apparently only acceptable for current members of the force.

In further attempts to justify the incident, the LAPD released audio tapes of Mr. Mulligan admitting to the use of bath salts two days earlier. However, research by the Justice Rape team concluded that none of the federal or California state statutes for drug use or possession has a penalty that precludes due process and involves law enforcement officers extorting then pummeling the suspect.

Nichols was allowed to stay on duty despite Mr. Mulligan’s claims and the resulting investigation. New reports indicate that his actions have only escalated; he is now under investigation for coercing women into his unmarked police vehicle and threatening them with jail time unless they agree to have sex with him.

The latest complaint states that Nichols and another officer would take turns keeping guard while the other forced women to perform sexual acts. Their alleged tactics showed obvious forethought and planning; the two officers targeted women with extensive criminal records that were active informants or had been previously arrested and forced them to follow them to secluded areas before taking action.

LAPD’s internal affairs office has since arrested both officers, but that simply isn’t enough. Law enforcement needs to take accusations against cops more seriously to prevent events such as this from happening; an unknown amount of women have been raped and humiliated by two individuals who were reported several times over a three-year period and were treated with impunity.

The time to take action is now: Email the LAPD and let them know that its citizens demand that future investigations against its cops are thorough and complete so that innocent citizens are protected from all criminals, including those who wear a badge.

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