Rangely Cop Block

Rangely, Colorado is a pretty nice place to live with the exception of the Rangley police. Since I moved here, I have heard quite a few stories of the way that the police here violate peoples rights, break the law themselves, and just plain abuse their power. The easiest way to explain the way they act is to compare it to bullying, but it is way more severe. As far as reporting these crimes to the police chief, Vincent Wilczek … well, that’s a joke. This guy does everything he can to protect any of the police from being held accountable for their actions.

I have experienced some of this first hand since moving here. An example: After being pulled over and placed under arrest for driving a go-kart that I was repairing on the street in front of my house, I was released before being booked in. For months after this happened, I had that same cop drive by my house every day and try to come talk to me. He said things like “I was just making sure that you’re not driving.” Keep in mind that I was not driving due to my license being suspended a while back. He would also say things to my girlfriend like, “He isn’t very bright, is he?” and, “He isn’t a fast learner, is he?” I finally told him when he pulled up to me at a gas station that if he doesn’t have a reason for stopping me he needs to leave me alone, and that if it continues I will press charges for harassment. After I said that to him, his reply was, “If that’s how you want to be, then GAME ON!”

After contact with another cop, I did not get my identification card back and therefore tried to report the incident to the chief. I tried to do this for about a month. Then, the Chief pulled me over and proceeded to get in my face and yell at me for accusing ‘his’ cop. The next day my ID showed up on my front step, and I received a call to come get the police report which explained my complaint. It also said that the chief asked the cop about the incident and the cop said that he didn’t have it. At the bottom of the paragraph, it read, “Case Closed.”

Because of all this police misconduct, and hearing what others have had to go through because of it, I was inspired to publish my website: www.policebadbehavior.webs.com.

I made this site with the intention of having a place where people can go to discuss, debate, and learn about how to deal with police misconduct. After this, I discovered Copblock.org and learned about it. It didn’t take long for me to realize that this would be good for the town of Rangely, and I felt as if I could make a difference in a positive and effective manner. I began to organize and put together the Rangely Cop Block group. While getting out there and educating people around town about Cop Block, I have learned that a lot of people here agree that we need to enforce police accountability here in Rangely, and they support the group. I don’t have any footage yet to share, but hope to have some soon. I have used your suggestions and gotten accounts with social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. I will include all of our information at the bottom. I made a short video on YouTube to let people know we are here, and to get some more members for our group. I would like for Rangely Cop Block to be included with the other groups on www.CopBlock.org. I think that it would be helpful in reaching more people to join around this area, and it would give our group a better chance at connecting with other like minded people.

Thank You,
Daniel Schneider

Website: www.policebadbehavior.webs.com/rangely-cop-block
phone: (970) 620-3431
e-mail: rangelycopblock@gmail.com
twitter: www.twitter.com/rangelycopblock
facebook: www.facebook.com/rangelycopblock
youtube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCowA2hrcyOjcAwGzTt0vJBw



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