In PA, Questionable Caller Demands Info then Threatens with Cage

The write-up below was submitted by Kathie Chaney. If you have any info that helps address her question or situation please do weigh-in.

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Middletown Township Police Department


middletown-police-department-copblockby Kathie Chaney

I received a phone call from an officer Caruso of the Middletown police department here in NJ. (It was about a verbal argument I had with a house guest. I asked this person to leave, and he did. My guest called me many many times, I continued to hang up on him…I figured we needed cool off time before we spoke again).

Anyway officer Caruso, said that my guest forgot something here first, and then changed is story several times. The phone conversation quickly became a hostile interrogation and I was really unsure if it was actually the police.

Officer Curiso asked me my full name, date of birth and social security number (over the phone) and I declined to give it. I said I would like to speak to an attorney before I give out any information and hung up. He called me back and said he cant read his own hand writing, may he ask some more information… I said “No, I am ending this conversation, Please call my attorney.”

Again he calls, and says “I’ll give you one more time to answer my questions, or I’ll summons you to court for providing false information to a police officer”. I say to him, how do I know you’re really a cop? If you’re really a cop, come here and ask my information. and hang up.

3 days later I am summonsed to court for providing false information to a peace officer!!! I can not afford an attorney, and am force to pay $200.00 for a public defender who obviously does not give a care. I have missed work, and am told that I do not have a right to trial by jury!!! I know I am going to loose my job over this. Can you lead me in the right direction on what the statutes are in NJ for phone interrogation? Thanks for your time.


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