“Coward” APD cops Deatain Peaceful Steets Members

Antonio Buehler of Peaceful Streets Project is harassed, again, by members of Austin PD.

Mr. Buehler has a grand jury hearing tomorrow in Austin to address his false arrest over a year ago.

If you have a minute, let APD know how you feel about cops detaining people who record police.

APD-715 E 8th St  Austin, TX 78701

(512) 974-5000




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  • Common Sense

    You did not have to lower your window, but once directed to exit, you typically have to comply. And how was getting loud? Who the the one seeking out police contact? Sadly, you wanted police attention, now you have it. Enjoy.

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  • Larry Brothers

    He’s right in everything he says. They are punks and cowards and not a single one of them would fuck with him if they didn’t have a badge to hide behind.

  • 1605

    Antonio Buehler, Carlos Miller, Pete Eyre, and Ademo Freeman are revolutionaries in the grandest tradition.

    Way to go, Antonio! LOL…

    I hope things go well for you tomorrow.

  • wiguy

    1605 said all I have to say.

  • Bob

    @Common Sense – you are the type of person who would herd children into cattle cars like the Germans.

  • wow! he should have handled that better.just show your license and shut up!don’t answer any questions.when you start shouting and calling names you lose all credibility.
    (when a person cannot compete in the arena of ideas they will resort to defamation of character)

  • BigPoppaAZ

    Harassment of Antonia pure and simple. The initial Austin LEO knew who Antonio was, and as was shown there was no pc/rs to pull him over in the first place. Several opportunities for APD to resolve the initial aspect in a cordial manner, but continued to incite. Did Antonio have to get loud, no, but as can be seen his point was made. The other LEO’s are complicit in allowing this to escalate. Citizens review board needs to intervene. Warrants check to top it all off, nice job APD quite professional indeed.

    What was LEO’s objective here? Protect and serve? Intimidate? Harass? Time will tell as this saga evolves.

  • Bob

    The cowardice of these cops is absolutely astonishing. The entire Austin Police department know who Antonio is. They knew it was him following them. They know he does not allow anyone to film with him when they are legally carrying firearms.

    Here you have heavily armed men with a back-up force of hundreds, worried about some people with cameras following them in a car. Asshole cop Brown said he was concerned for his safety. Bingo. Total coward.

    If he’s not a coward, then he’s a tyrant. It’s one of the other.

  • t.

    Ha ha ha. Braaaa ha ha !!!! How’d that not rolling your window thing work out???
    And BTW little lady, he doesn’t have to explain anything to you.

    Braaa ha ha ha.

  • t.

    I just finished watching it all. Braaa ha ha ha. What a punk.

  • Dreamthenact


    If you are reading this the best thing you can do for yourself and others is to sue. Sue the individual officers and the city. Don’t let the cops off individually. And don’t settle for money. Most attorneys won’t go for this. But suing the city and settling does not deter the cops. Are you in contact with the National Lawyers Guild?

    Meanwhile, why is Antonio standing alone? Could masses converge on Austin to record the police lawfully and peacefully in large numbers?

  • Steve H

    Mordor sends out the ORCs. Orcs are beings that can do nothing valuable or peaceful, they only live to hate and destroy.

  • T both LEO’s are punks…..not just the first 1

  • courtofpublicopinion

    more pick a crime out of your ass punk ass cops with a god complex

  • courtofpublicopinion

    spread the word! lets make april 20th national film a cop day EVERYBODY film every cop you see

  • slappy

    What a loser!!!! I’m surprised they didn’t arrest him for disturbing the peace. The police were obviously the mature one’s at this scene. I’m sure that idiot will be locked up one day very soon if he already hasn’t. The police officer’s were just rolling their eyes. What an idiot!!!

  • truth


  • truth


  • Mr. Bawkbagawk

    trolls are working extra hard on this one. dont feed the trolls.

  • Common Sense


    He got hooked once, was all hot thinking he’d beat it at trail. Nope, found guilty. He loves jail food.

  • underoath

    Hahaha so much for “peaceful” streets.

    Way to act like a juvenile.

    Talk to someone who doesn’t have a badge like that and you’ll probably be picking yourself up off the ground. Way to show your ass.

  • I think its funny as hell….

    UNDEROATH same is to be said about alot of LEO’s without a badge….

    Most are out of shape and over weight.

  • underoath

    Let a peace officer talk to someone like that and it’s time to file a complaint. Shows that we really are held to a higher standard.

    “I pay your salaries!!!”

    Haha ok pal, here’s your 50 bucks that you contribute, don’t bother calling after someone breaks into your house or gives you a good ole fashioned ass whooping because you popped off at the mouth to the wrong person.

  • Matt

    Awesome RIGHTOUS anger! Very well done Antonio. When there are plenty of citizens around show them that these thugs can be called out for their defiance of the Constitution.

    Totally humiliated in public, nothing like having others watch and laugh as they are treated in a way they would never tolerate if witnesses and cameras weren’t around.

    “Stay safe” Antonio!

  • Matt

    Two classic by the book quotes from the “officers” on the video, that are used over and over to TRAMPLE the Rights of American citizens everyday nationwide.

    “I go home at the end of my shift”
    “I wasn’t there, I don’t know what happened”

    underoath, what oath are you under, one to your “brothers” and your safety? It sure isn’t The Constitution!

  • Matt

    “common sense” got a link to a trial conviction of Antonio?

  • t

    Not sdo fast Slappy…

    Check out all the other law and order goin’ down in Austin…


  • Lakewood_in_Afghanistan

    Common Sense is too busy being a badgelicker and fake cop. All of his bullshit makes perfect sense now. He ASPIRES to live up to the laughable standards, moral, educational, physical and IQ, that cops have to meet.

    When you fall that low, suicide is a perfectly reasonable option.

  • Matt

    “common sense” still waiting for that ” found Guilty” link. Good luck finding one, his grand jury is in perpetual postponement.

  • The Realist

    This is PEACEFUL!? GTFOHWTBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just wasted 8:35 watching a grown man act like a complete juvenile!!! This is why some “Activist” aren’t taken seriously!!! Instead of remaining calm and collected he acted like a baby that just lost their rattle!!! Grow the fuck Antonio Buehler!! You made the police officers look very “professional”!!! And all you dumbasses can save the trolling comments!! I call it like I see it!!! You are a fucking embarassment to the cause Antonio Buehler !!!!!!!!!!!

  • t.

    @Matt: They were laughing at him… Not with him. It so funny to see his true colors.

    BTW the way (not to answer for “under oath”)….you need to remember that Cop Blocker fools get the constitutional thing wrong all the time. As I’ve pointed out before…look at how many can’t get something as simple as Miranda right. 46 years later and you all still think its like on t.v. shows. Investigative stops…like this are lawful. I love that they called him on the roll down your window deal. Very funny.

    If I didn’t say it before….ha ha ha. Braaaaa ha ha ha.

    Oh, and you can call me what you want and someone has even taken to impersonating me…..
    But the goats called and said they need Antonio back under the bridge. I don’t think he could look more like a troll if Hollywood had done the makeup.

  • Common Sense


    I think it was last August. He was filming someone’s arrest and just had to interject.

    He ended up pissing off the person in cuffs, the police had to escalate their level of force because of fucktard’s interference.

    He went to trial, I don’t remember if it was bench or jury, but he was found guilty.

  • Common Sense


    goats…..ha ha ha

  • Common Sense

    Poor Lakewood.

    Sorry buddy, you’ve lost. You’re a nobody now. A zero. A true member of the ‘lesser people.’

    (see, I spelled it right, just for you – retard)

  • dick

    that was a great exhibition of defending your right. awesome.

  • t


    What ridiculous reason would I have to “IMPERSONATE” you of all people..? Really…? My handle is CLEARLY not the same as yours.

    I wonder…would I find your picture next to the definition of self importance ? !…sufflati troglodytam

  • HAHAHA nothing the pigs can do….to many cameras around that’s whats so funny.

    And if pig #7232 didn’t want to give any info…isn’t she free to exit the vehicle???

    youtube is killing the police profession 1 video at a time.

  • Backfire

    The only complaint that I have is that he was yelling. If he said all the same shit in a calm tone, it would have been better.

  • underoath

    No. She is not free to exit the vehicle. Any person located in a vehicle on a traffic stop is also being detained.

  • Lakewood_in_Afghanistan

    Share some of your cop “experience”, Common.

  • t.

    Braaaa ha ha ha. The troll got mad. Braaa ha ha ha

  • Lakewood_in_Afghanistan

    You are right. Common Sense is mad now that he admitted that he is not a cop and lost the one thing he loved, pretending to be a member of team blue.

    But now that you know, “t”, it doesn’t matter, because he can still be a junior member of the circle jerk as a badgelicker.

  • Dan Sayers

    Of course it could’ve been handled better. That doesn’t change the fact that we have people driving around who think it’s okay to pull people over, bark commands, physically manhandle people, etc. If you want him to handle it better, leave him alone! A comes before B.

    @1605: Don’t forget Larken Rose. Humanity is on its way of breaking free from the belief that there are people with legitimate “authority”. I don’t know if he was the first to break the myth, but he’s definitely the most prolific in spreading the word. Once we realize they have no real power, it’s over. No revolution required.

  • Common Sense

    Aw, more jedi mind tricks Lakewood. Still obsessing. Lets make it interesting.

    You make a $5000 donation to the Lakewood Police Department Fallen Officer Memorial in Washington and I’ll tell you whether I’m a cop or not.

    Lets see how bad you want to know.

  • Common Sense

    And Oath is correct.

    Once stopped, the police can direct you where to go, stand or sit. We’ve been over this before. Please see USSC for their decsions of how the police can control people in a given situation.

  • Lakewood_in_Afghanistan

    I have no interest in knowing. You fear of revealing it tells everyone what they need to know. Any man who is not proud of his career choice is no man at all. Keep making progressively more absurd “challenges” when I call you out. They are just as absurd as your endless posts that start with saying “lets suppose there are a million-billion police contacts…”

    And we already know you are not a cop. You admitted you were not a cop. You admitted that your “voice of authority” schtick was all bullshit.

    But continue to amuse us. But your opportunity to pose as a cop is over, no matter how silly that was as well.


  • Lakewood_in_Afghanistan

    “We’ve been over this before”

    From your “shop”, whatever that means. Your pronouncements on the internal workings of copitude carry no weight. You have already admitted, you are not a cop.

  • Common Sense

    See, you just don’t want it bad enough.

    And this is all about me not saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and it drives you crazy. I’ve admitted nothing, neither ‘confirmed nor deied’ and it makes you go insane. The last 14 comments you’ve made are solely about what my occupations is. Face it. I’m inside your brain poking holes in your little world.

    If you haven’t noticed, no one else cares. I could care less what YF does, or Slappy and I’m sure they feel the same about me. But you, since I blasted you and your fake world out of the water, are now laser focused on me. Now, mind you, I enjoy the attention, but I’ve had my fill of women who can’t let me go. Maybe you need to do some ‘comfort shopping’ or go to a day spa.

  • Lakewood_in_Afghanistan

    Common Sense says:
    March 3, 2013 at 3:19 pm.
    Now, you want my badge number to prove I’m a cop. I’ve never posted that I was, in fact, a cop. Now if I did make that statement, and someone called me out, I could then back it up by posting details, say an ORI number. But, as I’m sure you have reviewed my comments at length, I have not made such a claim.
    See, if I make a claim, I can back it up.

  • Common Sense

    You have to understand Fakewood, sometimes there are those in your life that are just better at certain things than you are. Its nothing to be ashamed of.

    Now, lets suppose I was a cop. And here I am interviewing someone who’s done something wrong, lets make it a felony. Now, anyone with half a brain and an ounce of common sense, they will lawyer up. But nope, most don’t. Why? Because they are smarter than the cop. They have been poisoned with TV and what their friends have said, and best of all, internet websites that claim, for example, if the flag has a fringe then that equal aquittal.

    So then, in my interview, I begin. Maybe I’ll take the pencil/ink pen angle, or maybe the ‘spur of the moment’ tactic. I will talk of nothing for 20-45 minutes. The weather, personal details about them. A father who was a factory worker. A nice car they drove up in. Then it begins. I will start from the outside and work my way in. But either way, I control the information given, or eluded to. Suggestion is a powerful thing, as is guilt. The human body does not like guilt. I make it ok for them to admit their wrogn doing. Of course, they may only admit to parts, but once the door is opened, it never closes. Subconsciously they want to confess, they just don’t know it yet.

    See. I’ve planted just bits and peices, and then let you (or others) fill in the blanks. You’ve lead yourself to your own conclusions. And reflection upon reflection has reinforced them into not merely ideas, but no they are solid facts that must be true.

    See, Fakewood, you weren’t that difficult. I’d fogotten about you until your sudden return. If I can convince someone to send themself to prison for decades, decoding you was really all that hard.

    ….that is, if I was a cop. And I’m not saying I am. And I’m not saying I am not.

  • Lakewood_in_Afghanistan

    You seem to be taking a lot of work time away from “your shop” to go through this.

    I guess I would too, were the entire reason for my existance, faking being a cop online, were questioned.

    As always, you have my pity.

  • Lakewood_in_Afghanistan

    Can anyone else follow what the last comment from “Common Sense” actually meant?


  • Common Sense

    Must be your time of the month. Take a Pamprin Fakewood.

  • Matt

    Normally I wouldn’t advocate all the yelling and swearing. But it got eveyones attention as yelling and certain words tend to do, and you can watch over again the spectators were very amused that someone could actually get away with talking to the ENFORCERS this way.

    When citizens are in vehicles their rights seem to “go out the window” compared to a pedestrian.

  • Lakewood_in_Afghanistan

    A new standard, from sad to weak and sad.

    As always, you have my pity at the state of your life.

  • Common Sense

    Thanks for your concern. Actually life is rather good.

    From the past…

    “I don’t think there is anything particularly wrong about hitting a woman–although I don’t recommend doing it in the same way that you’d hit a man. An openhanded slap is justified–if all other alternatives fail and there has been plenty of warning. If a woman is a bitch, or hysterical, or bloody-minded continually, then I’d do it. I think a man has to be slightly advanced, ahead of the woman. I really do–by virtue of the way a man is built, if nothing else. But I wouldn’t call myself sadistic. I think one of the appeals that Bond has for women, however, is that he is decisive, cruel even. By their nature women aren’t decisive–”Shall I wear this? Shall I wear that?”–and along comes a man who is absolutely sure of everything and he’s a godsend…”

  • Lakewood_in_Afghanistan

    So I suppose Common is a “secret agent”, at least in his “shop”.

    Do you prefer your malt liquor shaken, not stirred? Does your Toyota have an ejection seat?

    Your hatred of women does not shock me, poor pitiful soul. It just confirms what we all know about cops and their supporters, the badgelickers. They are morally defective.

    You have lots of time to post today. Oil changes at “the shop” slowing down?

  • Common Sense

    The question is, did you have to look it up or did you remember the interview? Eitherway, there’s some truth to what he said.

    And, as a matter of fact, just changed the oil in my truck this last weekend. Why spend $25 somewhere when you can do it yourself for $5.

    Oh Fakewood, its not hatred for women, far from it. You just have to know how to treat them. I’m sure even you and your girlfriends get all catty with one another from time to time.

  • Lakewood_in_Afghanistan

    Why would I have to look it up? It has “Bond” right in the quote.

  • Lakewood_in_Afghanistan

    And any man who hits a woman is a piece of shit. Period.

  • Common Sense

    Oh come on now, you know either you, or your girlfriends, have flipped out and needed a little ‘adjustment’ – at bringing back to reality.

    I’m not saying a full blown ture up, but more of a air pressure check.

    See, sometimes women just need to be told to shut the fuck up. You may not like it, but you surely know its true.

  • Lakewood_in_Afghanistan

    If you remember the interview, figuring that a young man discovers girly magazines sometime around early adolescence, then you are at least 60, probably older if you “remember the interview”.

    I wasn’t even a fetus in 1965.

  • Lakewood_in_Afghanistan

    I am facinated by your wisdom on women. Please elaborate on your life as a rough and tough cocksman.

  • Common Sense

    I was referring to the Walters ’87 interview.

  • Lakewood_in_Afghanistan

    I was refering to the quote you posted, from the November 1965 Playboy.

    Did Sean Connery tell Barbara Walters he thought hitting women was a good idea? Or is the net connection in the muffler shop spotty?

  • Lakewood_in_Afghanistan
  • Common Sense

    My bad, I wasn’t clear. The quote was from ’65, the interview was separate. I was asking if you ever saw the interview with Walters.

    And actually yes, the wifi is slow today, but no, the ‘shop’ it a muffler shop, more of a metal fabrication shop. Metal saws, hoists, lathes, welders etc.

  • Lakewood_in_Afghanistan

    You should have just admitted you were a machinist instead of posing as a cop. Machinist, metal worker, any honest trade is a thousand times more honorable than cop.

  • Common Sense

    oh, Lakewood, I do far more then just cut steel and weld.

    Many cops, that I have heard of atleast, have a second job. Something on the side. Atleast that’s what I hear.

    And why is it that ‘all’ cops must somehow be dishonorable?

    What is the underlying cause of the overt dislike you have for the police?

  • t.

    Hands down the funniest cop block video yet. Total metal down by the “peace lover”. Ha ha ha I can’t stop watching and laughing.

  • Common Sense


    look at this…

    Gelman v Buehler 936 N.Y.S.2d 154

    His partner sued him for $700,000. Maybe that’s why he’s so upset all the time.


    http://www.leagle.com/xmlResult.aspx?page=1&xmldoc=In NYCO 20120103190.xml&docbase=CsLwAr3-2007-Curr&SizeDisp=7

  • tim_lebsack

    Many of these comments are unsettling, those who claim that AB ‘got what he deserved due to non-compliance’.

    A recent movie line references this belief — German Old Man: “There are always ALWAYS men like you!”

  • t.

    I had to watch it once more. The death of the peaceful streets movement as caught on his own camera. Damn he’s funny. Ugly (really, really ugly), but oh so funny.

  • Chris

    Antonio Buehler,

    Your my HERO! I hope the Peaceful Streets Project only gets bigger.

    We need to watch the watchers…


  • At least Antonio don’t hide with a screen name like t.

    Just like the man said….COWARD

  • t.

    So says the keyboard commando who is….oh, hiding with his screen name. What a joke.

  • Lakewood_in_Afghanistan

    Says “t”, hiding behind a screen name. Irony, thy name is “t”.

  • t.

    Wow…another gem from Flakewood

  • Lakewood_in_Afghanistan

    I don’t see you volunteering any identifying info, keyboard commando…

  • t.

    Way to follow the context here dim boy. The irony you completely missed is that…..someone who hides behind the annoyimous screen name “badgeabuse” was trying to call me out for also using a screen name. Sorry if the humor of that irony flew over your head. Its been well documented in you own hand that the larger concepts surrounding manny / most of the issues discussed on the site you clearly beyond your grasp as you have openly irrational ideas. Heck, your moniker shows that by itself. I feel very dpsad for you the even simple humor escapes you as well. So go back to word simple insults as that is what you have, I’ll pity you.

  • Lakewood_in_Afghanistan

    I feel very “dpsad” for you too.