Las Vegas Officer – Rear End Rage

A few weeks ago John Paul Rosario, a motorcyclist in Las Vegas posted a video of him driving home, in the midst of his red he was rear ended by a police officer. The officer proceeds to turn on his lights and gets out of his vehicle screaming at the motorcyclist. In the state of Nevada, I believe, whoever rear ends someone is at fault. The officer proceeds to blame the motorcyclist for the incident and threatening with “a shit load of tickets”. The motorcyclist later stated, that he was compliant due to the fact he just finished watching a video of a police officer kill a citizen in cold blood with 7+ rounds, he basically already was fearing for his life. Now in my opinion, this was use of excessive force into trying to get the citizen to not press charges. BADGES DON’T GRANT EXTRA RIGHTS

Submitted by Jose Arevalo



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