Police Brutality Statistics

The following statistics were compiled by the National Police Misconduct Statistics and Reporting Project on Police Brutality cases that happened between April 2009 – June 2010.

if you talk to a police officer, they will try their hardest to convince you that bad cops are few and far between and there are only a few bad apples. The following information presented in the graphic below really puts a dent in that theory. Check it out.



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  • Ryan

    There are nearly half a million (Approximately 415,000) cops in the united states. According to this graphic, police brutality is extremely rare. According to this graphic, 0.012 percent of our nations law enforcement officers were even reported on misconduct, let alone found guilty of it. 99.98 percent of the police that protect our nation’s people are well trained professionals that simply have the desire to serve our community. Instead of spending so much time creating a page that clearly shows how extremely rare misconduct in law enforcement is, why don’t you create a page that talks about how every 54 hours a police officer is killed in the line of duty. Or how for every one firefighter killed on duty, three police officers are killed on duty.

  • George Sand

    You’re off by 100x. It’s 1.2 percent, not 0.012 percent.

    According to the FBI website, there were about 13,000 murder victims in 2009 (2010 data not available yet it seems). There are about 250,000,000 people in the US. Assuming there was one murderer per victim, the murder rate of all Americans is 0.0052 percent.

    Now compare that to police. The chart above indicates 13% were fatality-type misconduct. That comes out to be about 330 misconduct-fatalities. There are 415,000 officers. That’s almost a 0.08% murder rate compared with 0.0052 of the general population (including police officers). That would indicate police are 16 times more likely to murder.

    Or, of you add the police killings (330 people) to the 13,000 murders, police account for 2.4 percent of the murders, whereas they account only for 0.2 percent of the population.

  • doug

    what about their buddies who watched,covered for them,or looked the other way?The % of bad cops goes thourgh the roof.

  • Scott

    COPS SUCK! I like this website because it exposes the assholes, that “protect” us, for who they really are.

  • Carolyn

    The average person such as myself doesn’t have what it takes to be a police or be involved in anytype of law enforcement. We complain and most of the time we have terrible things to say about officers, but in all actuality (outside of almighty GOD) the police are the backbone that keeps sanity and security in our homes, neighborhoods, and the world at large. There are no perfect people so we will find some bad in the police force also, but if we didn’t think of police as supermen, God manifest in flesh, or our own private security blankets, we would not be so surprised or disappointed when they make mistakes.

  • Ccoltmanm

    Discuss police ignorance here, need help defending citizen rights http://forums.officer.com/forums/showthread.php?165493-Video-Taping-a-Cop

  • T

    We are all entitled to our opinion but Carolyn, thats bs. You obviously have never been a victim of police brutality so how can you speak?? Google police brutality and see the number of ppl affected. Read their stories. Then you tell me what you think.

  • Christina

    My husband was really abused by an officer last week.
    He got out of the truck put his hands up and got on the ground.
    While he was on the ground the officer tased him. it was stuck in his skull..then the officer continued to tase him 2 more times…While he was having a seizure.
    I called 911 and they told me no one was at my house. then I begged them to stop beating my husband then I asked for an ambulance. He was taking to the hospital due to the taser being stuck in the metal plate in his skull. and the seizure
    I am at a loss don’t know who to report this to.

  • James Murphy

    My nightmare. I have witness so much crime since I was born it not funny. I was 7or9 yrs old I witness I building blow up and a man killed other man then that man followed us to the train station where he was shot by a NYPD officer. I week later I white van pulls up across the street from where we where walking, a man in the van called a man to he’s van a gave him money and a gun they followed me and my grandmother to the check cashing place and inside the store there is the same cop very nerves and scared 10 minutes later the man who was in the van open fired on me the NYPD officer took a bullet for me as he layed there dying he told me who did this and my nightmare began. The FBI wants me died. my family rush to move me to LA CA but LAPD was waiting. I have lived threw the LAPD’s Rampart scandal and witnessed murder from LAPD and they also have tried to kill me too many times they have kidnapped my kids threaten to kill my wife and kids, I have been told I have been poisoned so I don’t know how much time I have left on earth but I’m tell you this because I have no one to help me please help me I have proof I have witnesses.

  • lol


  • Andrew

    Cops are people , people who everyday are put into volitile situations , and they are trained to be able kill , their jobs are dangerous a bad day could end in the accidental shooting of someone who they thought had a weapon ,
    give them some slack statistically they are really good at their not fucking up , and what would you do for your friend , if on his bad day he shoots a kid , are you going to run to the chief and get your friend locked up for years … no , at least I wouldn’t

  • Christina

    Andrew yes I would run to the chief. Cops over step their boundaries and break laws and they get away with it.
    Yes Cops are people. they have tempers and they do things to hurt people but they never get in trouble.
    But if it was me doing the same things the cops were doing I would get thrown under the jail and key thrown away!

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  • Ian

    LOL at Ryan!!! These stats are for CONVICTIONS! Why don’t you do some research and find out the rate of convictions of OBVIOUS police abuse? Go ahead, start with the videos, there are hundreds of cops out there beating and robbing people on video that get no punishment… Now think to yourself, how many of these things are actually caught and camera…and the camera survives with video intact?

    Typical moron who can’t do simple objective thought that worships cops as heroes.

  • Nick

    Yeah James the FBI would spend all these years looking for you if they wanted you dead they would’ve taken you in their van and dump your body in a lake

  • John Dohoe

    Want to get rid of the need for cops??? Heres the key: DONT DO STUPID THINGS. If your having problems with cops, it probably means you just need to swallow some pride and admit that you were doing something wrong.

  • Jewels

    Oh I so wish you guys could come to Alaska the cops up here are so out of control!!! They think they do have extra rights… just one incident.. after a guy was detained in a cop car they had to take him to the hospital for the damage they had done to him.. he made the mistake of saying law suit and while they were at the hospital and he was in handcuffs they emptyed pepper spray on him in the back seat… so bad they had to get another patrol car to put him in. Things are crazy up here…its definitely a police state….

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  • Rob

    I lived up in Alaska, Homer actually. Any way we could help?

  • Lorraine

    I reported to the police that there is a gang in my community. then I found out that the police were part of the gang. they arrested me based on a false polic report. I was all black, blue and swollen when I was released to my family after they raised 5K$ cash. I am 63 years old female with no prior arrests, no traffic tickets, and I am disabled, I was not read my writes, I was battered by the police.

  • The Beginning is Near

    “…the police are the backbone that keeps sanity and security in our homes, neighborhoods, and the world at large…”

    Response: If that is true, then that explains why our society is in such bad shape.
    The following video shows just how brutal police can be. Note: the police force in this video is considered one of the BEST police forces in the country.


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  • John

    Ploice are some hoes

  • Cry more…

    Wow, this is pathetic. The people who go out every day, to protect you, are so disrespected in today’s society. Say that cops don’t do shit when they save you from someone with a gun, or stops you from killing yourself, or worse, someone else, when you are driving drunk.

  • Cry more…

    go watch How Not to get your ass kicked by the Police, on Youtube by Chris Rock.

    Itll show most of you what to do.

  • Travis Wilkerson

    i was assaulted by the SDPD after i got sucker punched from some guy trying to talk to my wife. right after i got hit from that guy the SDPD ambushed all of us like we were criminals. got cuffed right away then picked up by two officers and slammed into the ground head first i blacked out and then they pepper sprayed me while i was already on the ground. i came to in the paddy wagon only because i was choking on my own vomit. no care was taking to clean or dress my wounds. excessive force is an under statment and my civil rights were 100% neglected as none of us were read our rights. i need some great representation so if anyone interested can help cantact me here

  • Miz

    I would like to see this updated.

  • Karin Wildeisen

    OF COURSE those who make their living in this field will make excuses to protect the status quo, no matter how bad they feel the status quo is. Every human fears change, even those hiding behind their badge. The reality is that this country has armed our law enforcement with 21st century technology, yet continue to hold them to a 19th century code of conduct. We make excuses for the damage they cause, while we look the other way and hope nobody embarrasses us into actually doing something about their behavior. Either you conduct yourself with some personal control, or you don’t. If you, as an officer, work your fingers to the bone to do the job right, you should be attacking the bad apples who don’t, not the private citizens who ask you to step up and protect them. Remember all it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. What are YOU doing, good man?

  • Karin Wildeisen

    P.S. Andrew, you are frightening.

  • Ok so I am guessing that not many of you people are cops. I am curently a law student and there are so many laws out there to “protect our rights” that it makes it almost impossible for cops to do their job. Yes I will admit that there are some cops that should just not be officers, but what about the other 85% or so of the officers that keep your neighborhoods safe, or keep you daughter from being raped, or save your grandma from getting her purse stolen. Police officer statistics for brutality is high, but if you look at the statistics of the divorce rate, alcoholism, and suicide that comes from being an officer you may change your mind. It is a crazy stressful job and most officer do the best they can. Officers are people just like everyone else. I guaruntee that most of you people could never deal with what cops see on a daily basis. (Christina I am sorry about what happened to your husband. You got one of those “should not be a police officer” people)

    Just remember next time you are talking crap about cops what they might have seen earlier that week or even that day. They have wives, husbands, parents and little kids at home to. Yet they are still on the streets making sure the your kids are safe… Think about it…

  • Karin Wildeisen

    You say you are a law student, Ashley. Good for you. Knowledge is power and too many Americans, especially females, are unarmed these days. I feel compelled to fill you in a bit more on my position, though. Both of my parents are police officers (retired). Much of my family is involved in law enforcement. Many of the rest of us went into health care.
    I am completely in support of GOOD law enforcement. I believe that those officers out there who conduct themselves in a professional manner SHOULD be supported by the communities they police. However, I believe that support should include a civilian mechanism to cull those who don’t maintain the standard of professionalism met by the “average officer”, in a fashion similar to the “reasonable person” standard.
    It’s a standard that’s common to many of today’s high-stress professional arenas. As a nurse, no matter how bad my day may be, egregious personal injury to those I was assigned to serve and protect will be punished both by law and by the moral codes of my society. There is a civilian mechanism in place for those injured parties, or even concerned professionals who see a coworker in distress, to seek help.
    When a soldier returns to society from battle, regardless of the battlefield trauma he may have witnessed, or even participated in, he is expected to conduct himself with a certain degree of self-control. Egregious damage to the civilians he had been sworn to protect and serve will be punished both by law and by the moral codes of his society, whether that is military or civilian. There is a civilian mechanism in place through which a soldier, or others concerned for him, may seek help.
    Only law enforcement is supposed to stoically endure and BE endured, everybody bound and gagged behind the Blue Wall. How is perpetuating that lack of support helping ANYBODY? It sure didn’t help the cop in Jefferson County, KS who, because he felt unsupported, blew the lower half of his face off with his own weapon on my father-in-law’s farm. It didn’t help the local cop in the news tonight who assaulted his ex-wife and her new boyfriend with a knife. The news quotes him, “Call the cops and see what happens.” I bet he felt like he couldn’t cope anymore, either, with no other way to scream, “HELP!” I can keep naming them, both officer and civilian injuries, because I’ve had reason to look. This information is kept deeply secret and guarded because, after all, we can’t just admit that our officers are human!
    If you are truly a law student my prayer for you is that you consider these facts when considering your case studies. Behind each badge is just a person. Sometimes that person is truly good at what they do, but sometimes they need somebody to really LOOK at them because blind hero worship makes that badge too easy to crumble behind.

  • fdgfdg

    Some pretty weak arguments from cop-apologists here.

    Mostly played-out defenses like “But you civies just don’t KNOW! It’s so HARD!”

    Cry me a river. If your job is so hard that you need to fight the urge to abuse your power then it’s time for you to find a new job.


  • @Ashley


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  • whatgoesaroundcomesaround

    I am not sure exactly why some people still feel the need to say it is ok for COPS to do the things they do. Yes there about 5 good cops in each town, and I am only saying this because thats what I have seen and I have also seen the rest of them so full of crap that an exlax will not help! You know what you sign up fo so shut up with all the whining. So is it ok for every person who joins the Military to go and beat someone because they are stressed out? If you can not handle your job the way you are supposed to then leave the job! Officers feel that since they have on that uniform and badge that they are captain kill who I want and do what I want because I know my buddies will back me up. I think any officer who covers up for their so called buddy should face punishment as well. I have seen plice do things that are dead wrong and nothing has happened to them. An officer killed a woman with a baby in the car and said it was self defense but since there was no witnesses then he gets off. I went to school with a girl who put her baby in some bushes by a pond and it was a big deal until we found out who the grandfather was…The big ol mighty sherriff and after that got out it became a hush hush. I will not show any respecgt or concern for an officer of the law who does not obey the law themselves. I also agree with the rest that says they are nothing more than a gang. If you are not playing they way they want you to play than you lose your life because of it. Please! gimmie more than a break, show me where justice really is

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  • saul roashan

    i have to write a report on police brutality and this has helped a lot. i was just wondering if you guys had anything i could use to write a persuasive essay on how police brutality is bad? thanks guys and james murphy…… stfu -_-

  • BRK

    It doesn’t matter if its rare or not, it shouldn’t happen at all, get your head out of your ass.

  • aj

    Ok, time for logic. “Cops are people too”: false argument and irrelavent. Criminals are also people, but still need to be punished for thier crimes. “Giving someone some slack” is a stupid statement that has nothing to do with law. ” its a tough, dangerous job.” Flse argument. Lots of jobs are tough and dangerous. That doesnt give anyone leave to violate the legal constraints of thier authority. ” cops are all that stands between society and chaos” false argument. Society is not that fragile. Most of society self regulates. Ceime is actually decreasing nationwide. Stop watching the news and look up the statistics. Its time to stop with these misleading and overused arguments and make a serious assessment.

  • Pig killer

    Why do cops shower together after work? They dont get dirty… Maybe it explains why they all have moustaches, for the tickle effect? Dont spend your life hating cops cause they will burn in hell

  • samantha

    I think that cops where I live dont give a crap sometimes. And for real i dotn understand why weed is illegal and syn (witch is chemicals that you get high off of and have reports of death and brain damage effects) but there is no cases of weed killing people. But the police are freaking stupid for not seeing whats going on and maybe some of them should quit being so in their own little world and thinking their so high and mighty, and being more help to us. They are suppose to be around to help our community and all they do is beat up people to make them feel like they actually did something good witch in reality all they did was hurt some person. I also think that if your going to be a police officer do it the right way not your way. or maybe you should talk to people before jumpping to concusions for real. I read two officers where talking to a mental kid and he could barly talk to them and he went to go get his mother and they tazed the kid and pepper sprayed him like for real let the kid talk or be resiable. I personal do not like cops.

  • gabriel escobedo



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  • Please sign this petition to stop police brutality in RCSD

  • “cops have bad days too”

    Police officers are trained to handle the law, not abuse it. “Having a bad day” is not an excuse for brutality, and obviously the people saying this have never experienced forms of police brutality. If you are a police officer that “has a bad day” every now and then and senselessly beats citizens, sometimes using weapons against them, and in some cases killing them, you SHOULD NOT be a police officer. There should be NO excuse for brutality from the people who’s jobs it is to protect us. People who try to rationalize this are living in a dream world. Grow up, people.

  • Eddie

    Oh yeah? That’s nothing!

    I was standing in Times Square. I was handing out free American flags to everyone. All of a sudden, WHAM, a nightstick cracks me in the back of the skull. As I lay bleeding, I look up and see four — no, six — no, TWELVE ninja cops standing around me.

    “Give me your ID now, you f***ing maggot,” said the one who appeared to be the leader.

    “Someone stole my wallet as I was handing out these American flags, kind sir,” I responded.

    WHAM another nightstick, this time across the bridge of my nose. I tried to take out my cell phone to record it, but then twenty-four more NYPD officers showed up instantly and knocked the phone out of my hand.

    “Now you’re going to jail and we’re going to hang you upside down on meathooks by your nipples,” one of them said. And they did. I was kept for two weeks in an underground cell and refused food or medical attention. I had to survive by drinking condensation that collected on the bars of my cell.

    The worst part is that I tried to film it, but 36 cops prevented me from doing so.

  • apparently everyone defending the police have never been to south hill and met officer W—— this is a profiling lo life pig with hatred toward all black or half black people… and hes in his 20s

  • Brent Sullivant

    these statistics are ridiculously low if my home town of Gainesville, Texas is any indicator. Is this site run by a cop as a satire? I come from a family of lawyers, in this town of less than 20,000 they have handled 3 police brutality suits that resulted in hospitalization in the last 2 weeks.

  • police officers do not come till after a crime is committed. They can not protect you. There are god cops but even more bad ones. To have authority with little to no punishment for your actions will make some people do inhumane things….record everything when dealing with unlawful officers.

  • Denice

    For all the naysayers about this website, if it wasn’t for watchdog groups, the number of police brutality and illegal activity would be much more than this. Police are not above the law – they are there to enforce it. I sleep better at night knowing that there are checks and balances in place in this country; there are good police – even great police officers serving their communities – there are some rotten apples, too.

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  • Azrael

    When I was 16 years old the last day of spring break myself and three of my friends were brutally assaulted and taken to jail by the houston police department. We were standing on the front lawn of my friend’s house at 9pm, minding our own business when all of a sudden about nine cop cars show up. I was thrown face first onto the concrete and then struck several times and then hurled into a police car and taken to jail without ever even knowing why. After a few days in jail our court date came up where we all learned that we were being charged with vandalism, disturbing the peace, theft and public intoxication. As it turns out, we along with three other groups of kids that night were being prosecuted with the same crimes. Police brutality has been rampant throughout my life, along with their general disrespect and intimidation. I have met literally one or two cops that were respectful, nice and generally just trying to uphold the law and be helpful. The other 99% are abusive, intolerant, self-centered, egotistical, mind washed power trippin robots, who when asked, almost ALWAYS prove their ignorance of the law, the constitution and the bill of rights.

  • Lemuel Uhuru

    Does this come as a surprise to anyone? I really wish these cop worshipers would be brutally beaten by one and then give us their opinion on being human and making mistakes. The fact is most supposed “good” cops are watching the bad cops beat the shit out of innocent civilians, but due to their honor code they don’t speak up. Very rarely is their a cop who says to his buddy “Chill, you’re overreacting”, I can love and respect those cops but is it surprising that in this increasingly corrupted world that cops are working not to protect but for power and a paycheck?

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  • Cory

    People arguing and defending that officers jobs are hard, they make mistakes etc. well tough titty. They are there to do a JOB. The screw up and shoot or beat up someone they shouldn’t have then they need to face the same court that everyone else has to. They don’t get any slack because they are an officer. Just as the criminals they arrest for screwing up get no slack. You catch an officer violating your rights you call him out on it and you better know your shit if you do! Its a sad fact but they need reminded as well in some cases because the majority say nothing out of fear and thats what they want, uneducated peasants that can be bossed around. We are all equals held to the same law. No one is above the law period. Not cops, or judges or anyone working for the man. This country is becoming so corrupt and so messed up. Peoples morals are retarded out the roof. Its all about money, politics and scratching each others backs while all the real American citizens that actually bust there ass to make a living get to pay for it all.

  • i

    Of, course Andrew, police men are people! No one’s saying they aren’t because of these statistics. But, just like people, they’re prone to mistakes, such as bigotry, unfairness, etc. And why it so bad to acknowledge this? It’s important for people to know this. It reminds them of why they must still use rights as a way of protection from police. It’s show that no matter how protective a cop might seem to be, they’re still human anyway, and they can DO mistakes. The sad thing about this though, are police are at higher advantage than average people, so they can get away with doing terrible things more easier, which is why things like this are very good to look at.

  • hoesymon


  • i think polices get all that abuse from the crimnals they face

  • thnk1

    sometimes police are huge butts to it’society

  • Corrupt pigs

    Many pigs abuse there wives and children and get a way with it because there a cop and there victims are fearfull.

  • Joseph

    smh you could have avoided that whole situation by keeping your mouth silent.

  • calvin

    they took the job

  • James

    Ok so with these statistics you just gave that means that less than 1% of cops have been reported for misconduct, that being if each report is against a different officer. I know that some people don’t report it for fear of retaliation or more harassment from the cops. But even if you double, triple, quadruple or even multiply that by 10, that still means that less than 10% of cops are corrupt so if you ask me that is still pretty few and in between. And you can check my math; if you round tosser stats to 6000 in a year, there were probably around 800,000 sworn officers that year because there were over 900,000 in 2013, that means that 0.75% of cops had reports of misconduct against them. Even with the “thousands” of YouTube videos and police brutality and misconduct tosser videos go back as far as the early 90s which was 20 years ago.

  • James


  • Nitehawk

    One of my friend got brutally beat up by cop back in Portland and gone to jail for drug charges when to court and he got out with no charges pressed even now he has 10 stitches in his head

  • John Smith

    Around 6% of the general population are criminals, so it follows that at least 6% of cops are criminals (likely higher, since they know they can get away with it). 1,100,000 law enforcement at state, county and local level. That gives us a minimum of 66,000 criminal cops, or 1.320 per state. That’s enough to cause real havoc. The real problem is the cop unions, who protect these clowns and it leads to the perception that all cops are bad. If they’d just fire them, their image would improve markedly.

  • Andrew, Seek Professional Help ASAP!

  • I was not aware how long this website has been posted on internet, how many friends and acquitances were laughing and treating my husband as a “laughing stock” behind me and him, this happened 10 years before I met and married him. Now after 24 years later, I found this website http://newsok.com/undercover-sting-operation-leads-to-arrests-of-10-men/article/2317944 with his name listed on it. I urge all international students who studied in USA if you experience brutality from police or any enforment agent of what my husband experienced, you must report to your International Student Advisor ASAP, ]you shouldn’t act like all thosethird world countries TIMID ASIAN students, you hide everything and your nightmare of your past USA Life in the closet, and waited 24 years later, your wife has to clarify the rubbish for you. Story made short, my husband was caught in the traffic jam at 3pm after his part time work when he was studying in OU engineering school. Due to most third world international school students were poor, my husband drove a car without aircond, his window was winged down, suddenly a very pretty lady approached my husband, asking directly, “Do you want SEX?” since my husband was caught in the jam, they exchanged their plesantry curiously, “Where are you from?” etc. but the minute my husband got curious of how much a beauty like that cost, so he asked, “How much you charge?” immediately after this question asked, a group of BLACK UNIFORM GUYS with guns framd my husband, barked him to get down the car, pinch him on the ground, Holly Cow, my husband is just a 5 ft 2 inches shorty, and the agents began to kicj=k my husband all over with their legs, and the only thing a 26 yrs old poor international student could do was cried all this way to Oklahoma Police Station and being locked there for overnight, later this incident without any obvious evident of prostitution, it was settled behind the court. Based on what they could convict him? There was no condomn, not happen in a hotel lobby, but on a jammed street in Oklahoma. My husband was never being fined or prosecuted due to lack of proof, and the police-inposter-prostitute offfice refused to see my husband when he demanded to talk to her again. He said he just got enough money for his expensive international students tuition fees, which is a lot more than what an Okie student paid to study, he was just from a very poor farmer parents, who based on Christian faith of 5 fish and two bread to feed their children to foster two engineers and an IVF, anethestic and Gynecology specialists from England. My husband didn’t have any sister, thus with all boys in the family, they are usually cheeky, even after beat up by the police enforcement agents, he is still cheeky verbally to friends and proposed indecent proposal kind of jokes behind his wife. I urge all international students who study now in USA, now USA has increasing become unsafe, if you go out to downtown areas, please be very careful, I wish if you are really a decent man (Most Asian men from holly and decent family background would consider themselves as unspeakable shameful if they sleep with a woman before getting married, same as most Asian girls, this is what most American whites won’t understand) Usually injustice happened, if you didn’t file complain immediately, there is stature of limitation…meaning u can only file complaints within 10 years, BUT how about 24 years later, you thought everything would be gone by gone, that’s my nightmare when I studied in USA, BUT the problem is INTERNET, they post your name out which was not based on true facts???!!! I really don’t understand, how about George Bush’s Son or if Obama has a son got pinched down on the street and got kicked by the agents mercilessly just because of one sentence of curiosity, “How much you charge?” It is a democratic country but also hidden the most unfair treatment its residents and visiting students experienced!!! American government should be glad that my family was not from a very prominent background enable to rock the diplomatic relationship neither the some fierce race, if you slap my left cheek, I slap your right cheek, my husband was too holly but with cheeky mouth, he let them slapped both and suffered defamtion even 24 years later, even his wife and children suffered from the internet untrue facts post, thus I need to clarify this incident an and let people aware of this happened in USA before, even back in 1990, way before 911! Black uniform guys think twice, if you hit people the left cheek they will return to slap your right cheek, only short, timid ASIANS won’t retialte but quietly let you bullied, brutally beat up and abused!! Status of Liberty, is it just a propaganda?

  • Radda

    At least someone here is educated and understands how statistics works. Thank you James!

  • Andy Hartsock

    You apparently don’t know how society works, so I will help you out.

    The police are supposed to be the epitome of following the law. It would be like if you had a teacher teaching students that 10+10=56 when that teacher KNEW it was wrong. It just DOESN’T happen, and if it does, they are not worthy to teach.

    These are the people you are supposed to entrust your lives and safety to. What kind of bubble of stupid do you live in where you think it’s ok to put your lives on the line for “teachers” teaching the wrong material on purpose and then keep those teachers teaching??? And did you even bother to look at the massive increase in misconduct since 9/11? Please get educated and stop making excuses.

  • ~e

    Umm, they get slack in my state. If you don’t file notice of claim within 180 days, then you can’t bring charges against them. That’s a really nice benefit if you’re planning on criminal activity. I bet it’s the law in your state too.

  • Bruce Griffin

    *how statistics “work”.

  • Larry

    How many white people have been shot by black law enforcement officers and reported on the news……

  • James Nichols

    Because cops aren’t people. People, are flawed by nature. With as many cops as there are in the nation there are a few that are bound to snap, it’s simple statistics and logic. Perfection, doesn’t exist. A few, does not justify a stereotype or misinformation of the many. Less than 1%, is in no way shape or form a reason to for them to be presented as a whole in the light they are recently. If this is how we conducted, so many other things would be presented in a negative fashion as well. Media, gov’t, society in general.

  • James Nichols

    “There is often a dramatic increase in unfavorable attitudes toward the police in the wake of highly publicized events such as the Rampart scandal and the killings of Amadou Diallo and Patrick Dorismond in New York City.[35] Experiments have shown that when viewers are shown footage of police arrests, they may be more likely to perceive the police conduct as brutal if the arresting officers are Caucasian.[36]” Copius reasons such as these probably have absolutely NO infulence too right? Pft.

  • hardwroc

    Nice try Mr Romney, but, I think I see through your guise.

  • mr.goodrice

    Your not getting the picture. The ones that are charged if charged get little to no sentence. There is a double standard.

  • Reyzcommentz .

    Even if it is lower than 1% percent. It’s still uncalled for ANY type of police brutality… Police are NOT above the law…

  • Rusty

    NO NO NO you miss understand the Reporting … This stat is for those reports filed by Police Departments where the Department determined that misconduct had taken place. This has nothing to do with citizens complaints or cover ups within the departments. This is only when the Law Enforcement Agency is willing to admit there was misconduct on behalf of one of its own.

  • Rusty

    How is western Wa.

  • Rusty

    The media does not report white people being shot … No story to sensationalize if it is not oppressive whites doing wrongs to a minority. Same for wrong address on warrants and stuff, white people being victims just don’t seem to sell.

  • Rusty

    Indeed many cops, if they were not cops would not be allowed to own firearms. But it is worse than the wives being fearful, the department will NOT investigate and will actually attack the wife if she comes forward.

  • Rusty

    I believe cory was implying that (?) that associating with the worst of society rubs off and eventually it may even seem like normal behavior, but I generally am not around cops enough to know if it rubs off.

  • Rusty

    It is the God cops that are really the problem, but the moment a good cop allows a bad cop to get away with anything, no matter how minor, he becomes a bad cop too.

  • Rusty

    That is because these statistics are only what the Police Departments determined to be misconduct.

  • gary

    If anyone sticks up for police brutality in any form they are not playing with a full deck-Also using the guise that the job is stressful just does not cut it-They took the job to protect and serve,if can not stand the heat get out of the kitchen-they have the right to quit anytime-and when they turn to brutality-harassment and arrogance it is time for them to quit-This I ran across a few seconds ago-Reports of misconduct april 9-2009 to june2010- 5,986–Fatalities linked to this misconduct (DEATH)382-Settlements $347 million 455 thousand dollars-Average sentence cops received on conviction 14 Mo. Take your percentages and STICKEM WHERE THE SUN DONT SHINE_REALLY

  • Sandra Hajek

    I would love to campare the stats to pre 9/11 stats. It seems that we lost so many police officers in 9/11 and after due to injury or 9/11 related illness or retirement, that perhaps they started just hiring anyone to be a police officer in order to replenish the force.

  • Iam Kd Smith

    i don’t understand the media and hollywood are in love with cops ?

  • george

    they are not the only ones who see bad things so do emt’s and I never heard of an emt beating someoneup

  • Scott Stockwell

    The fact that only a certain number of cops have complaints of misconduct against them in a specific time period doesn’t in itself prove that only a few cops are “bad” and the rest are “good” any more than a “not guilty” verdict against a drug dealer means that there are “guilty” drug dealers and “innocent” drug dealers. “Not guilty” and “innocent” are not the same thing.
    First of all, you assume that complaints against cops are for 1 million different cops every year. Which is not really the case. A better statistic would be how many cops have had a misconduct complaint over their career. That would give you a better idea of how many are abusers of their power.
    Some cops, like those who sit behind a desk all day every day may never have a complaint against them. Others, like those who sit in a patrol car all day, may have dozens over 20 or 30 years.
    At best, this statistic proves that there are bad cops and cops who haven’t been caught yet.

  • therealnewsnetwork

    Glen Ford (Black Agenda Report) is interviewed by The Real News Network: “We don’t know how things are going to develop, but we do know that when these situations present themselves and people seize the time, those of us who are organized need to be ready to talk about what the solutions should be. And the solution is power.” Read the full interview here: http://bit.ly/1yPjUwZ

  • Imnot George

    Hey, most cops only have one misconduct a day so 99% of their time (if each incident of misconduct takes 5 minutes it means that 475 minutes out of 480 each day they have an 8 hour shift are minutes spent in proper conduct) is spent in proper conduct! That is a GREAT statistic! We are SOOOO lucky!

  • It’s the indoctrination and brainwashing by all things controlled by the liberal progressive establishment. Schools, Universities, National Media, Hollywood and everything on TV. This is why generations of people have minds full of government mush instead of common sense and critical thinking skills. Scary shit really!

  • Gary Williams Jr.

    no, that means that less then 10% GOT CAUGHT. I’m so sick of this “I’m a good cop” bull shit excuse! if these alleged “good cops” had an ounce of honor, or integrity THEY would arrest them when they see the corruption. and don’t tell me “they don’t see it”, because it’s literally every where. how many video’s have we seen, just since 9/11 of cops beating, robbing, and killing people. and in the case of Kelly Thomas, the punk cop told him, ON CAMERA, “you see these fists? they’re getting ready to fvck you up.”. and as usual there was a list of “good cops” willing to lie for them, and harass, and threaten by standers who filmed, and witnessed the execution. and THAT is why the public has nothing but mistrust, contempt, and out right hatred for them. these cops have created this themselves. this “danger” that they have worked up in their imagination is of their own doing. and it’s not just the beatings and killings. even if they don’t attack you, just the general shi##y way they treat people, as if we are their personal property, which they can treat any way they choose. for any reason they choose. the funny thing is, they are so arrogant in their xxxxxx large costumes, that they actually think they can continue abusing people and the public is going to take it forever. I think the events in Baltimore says otherwise. no matter who the bully is, someone always comes along that won’t be bullied and knocks him on his ass.

  • MysteryMan

    Dude, nobody asked for your language. Have some self-control. In the book of Proverbs (in the Bible) it says, “He who is slow to anger is better than the mighty, and he who rules his spirit than he who takes a city.” Prov. 16:32. Now that that’s out of the way…
    Of all the cops in the United States how many have taken part in this behavior? Like less than 5%. Yes they can be hateful and rude and sometimes racist but don’t you feel like you want to kill them right now? Yes you do so that means that you are no better of than they are. I happen to know plenty of cops and they are great men of character devoted to insuring your safety. Why do you lump those guys in with the bad ones? I myself am planning to be a cop someday and I hope to never turn out like you.

  • Gary Williams Jr.

    here’s something to think about cop wanna be. if these cops that are robbing, raping, killing, and selling dope is less then 5% as you, and the rest of the cop apologists like to say. then why are they too gutless to arrest these punks? why do they back them up with lies, and silence!!??? are you people so fvcking gutless you can’t take the 95% against “less then 5%”?? grow a pair, and start honoring that “oath” you people take. do you people even know what honor is? and don’t even use the bible to protect these fvcking douche bag criminals!! we are all sick and tired of the bullshit excuses! ands I don’t give a rats ass what you think about my language

  • MysteryMan

    I can tell that you could care less about your language, you don’t have to tell me that. And no, I did not use the Bible (it’s supposed to be capitalized) to protect them. I used it to tell you to control your temper. I used the proper grammar that you obviously do not have.
    You don’t get it, they do get arrested. Did you not here about the the South Carolina shooting? That guy was arrested for first degree murder. Most of the time, the officers are convicted you just here about the ones that aren’t convicted the most. It’s called tabloid journalism. I just wrote a 2,660 word essay on police brutality for an English 102 class (that’s how I found this website) so you’d think I would know. Others have been innocent and yet the public found them guilty. Well, I trust the forensic investigators to do their job and to find the truth. What happens when a police officer is acquitted of a crime he did commit? Well humans (just like you) are prone to make mistakes, even at high costs. Does it make it right? Heck no, but is there anything you can do about it? Nope. Can you be disappointed at our judicial system? Yes, but you don’t have to lash out like you did. It doesn’t fix things.
    Yes I do know what honor is. It is the act of being held at a high esteem.

  • MysteryMan

    Get a life.

  • Why is it that these “law enforcement” agencies are getting away with what they put citizens into custody for? Is not the “law” the law? You can not justify any use of force for any reason unless a weapon is involved. These politicians and law makers do not go by constitutional guidance but rather extort corruption and power greedy actions to justify an illegal racketeering business backed by the federal government. SWAT teams are as unconstitutional as one can get as they use military equipment to kill, steel, and hundreds of other illegal offenses against Americans on American soil. I try not to be against the cops, but, don’t point out that my hands ARE DIRTY WHEN YOUR HANDS HAVE NOT BEEN WASHED IN TWICE AS LONG.

  • James Nichols

    Pardon, are you insinuating that my response was due to ‘propaganda’ and brainwashing… or were you referring to the individual I replied to?

  • Amanda

    James, you said that “less than 10% of cops are corrupt”

    You said we could check your math so I will point out that if in one year 6,000 cops brutalized citizens, that doesn’t mean “ten percent of cops brutalized” unless all cops are only employed for one year. So there may be 800,000 cops in one year (increasing by year) but the next year most of those police carry over their employment, while the brutality piles on year to year. If in one year, one of those cops doesn’t brutalize/corrupt (thus not included in your statistic) but the next year he does, then more than 10 percent of all cops brutalize/are corrupt before their career is over. Can you adjust the math for this figure, since I’m not so good at math? (In depth research and “mathing” will be required. Not as simple as you’ve portrayed it.) I do know that there was a major flaw in your statistic working so I’m not sure how well you “understand how statistics work,” like Radda claimed. This isn’t a dig, I’m just pointing out to those reading.

    I will also point out that we live in a country that’s supposed to ensure freedom. Not only does our police system need to change, so do our laws. Pulling over someone for improper signal or other traffic violations should never result in brutality. In this free country, cops can pull you over for any reason (even if the law says they can’t), instigate, antagonize, yank you from your car, throw you to the ground, beat you into submission and handcuff you, never tell you why, and you didn’t have to do anything but piss him off. Then he takes you to jail and you have to deal with the aftermath and survive the ordeal while he likely faces zero punishment, all simply because HE WANTED TO and had all the power over you to do so. That’s if you’re not one of the thousands of victims who will be murdered.

    This is utterly unacceptable. I can’t believe people defend this. (Imagine how it must feel for your fellow citizens to chalk this kind of experience up to “simple human error” and thusly dismiss it, like it never happened. And you see them dismiss the same type of experience over and over, always defending the cops.)Yeah, sure, “there are good cops” but why does that mean we should excuse the bad ones and the corruption throughout? Why does that mean we can ignore/dismiss the very real problem that DEMANDS to be solved.

    If the whole policing system has to come down first, then it has to come down. I don’t condone violence against anyone, including police. I know we need some sort of policing to make sure people are not dangerous to other citizens, but if this many police are dangerous themselves, it negates the benefit. I am simply condemning a system of corruption and the people who defend it. Something needs to change or “We The People” (the ones interested in their country’s welfare) will help it along by any means necessary. Exposure like this is an important first step and a warning. We have the right to revolt if the police keep violating thousands of citizens every year. Maybe the exposure will be enough, but that’s unlikely in a system inhibiting the corruption.

    The punishment via law should be utterly harsh for someone who is hired to protect citizens yet chooses to do the opposite of that. So harsh that cops will think twice before taking on the risk of their punishment. Several years in prison if they found guilty brutality against citizens and abusing a power given to them by their government to protect citizens.

  • E Technum

    I ve been harassed by cops once.I used to live in some apartments.I was just standing outside when a cop pulls up to a stop sign across from me.he asks what I was doing.i said I live here.he left then about 5 or 10 mins later the same cop stopped and saw me and asked what I was doing there to which I replied again I live here.then he left and I didn’t see him again.but you can’t even stand out side your own house without cops giving you some bullshit.