Sorry about your hand

The write-up below details an incident alleged to have happened a few months back. The author notes that it involved actors from the “Souix Falls County Sheriff Department”, which makes me think they were either employed at Souix Falls Police Department or Minnehaha County Sheriff’s Office (both work from the same building).

It’s good to hear that the author has plead “not guilty” as he recognizes his actions didn’t harm anyone.

After you read his write-up just ask yourself how this situation might have gone different if the author or someone in his vehicle would have been filming.

Sioux Falls Police Department

Minnehaha County Sheriff’s Office


On Friday, December 6th, 2012, I was assaulted by armed thugs of the Souix Falls County Sheriff Department, ND.

sorry-about-your-hand-copblockIt just after midnight when I and a few friends were driving back from having a night out. I was acting as the DD that night, as a responsible person should, when I committed the egregious crime of failing to signal for a lane change. Of course, there was a cop there. Not when you actually need one of course. When you are just driving back to your apartment with pizza, cops seem to be lurking behind every stop sign.

I see the flashing light and pull over but I was on the 115. I exited and drove just three blocks to a safe location, a 7-11. Something I heard was completely legal. I did this to ensure that I and my passengers wouldn’t be hassled, or so I thought. It took just seconds for Cop #1 and Cop #2 to start in. First they said I was drunk, then they said I was trying to flee. I couldn’t even complete a sentence before they asked yet another leading, incriminiatng question. Was I armed? Why were they bottles in my back seat? Were they full or empty? Had I been drinking? Was everyone in my car over 21? I had barely put my car into park yet and the 3rd degree starts!

I had heard about filming the police and believed it was my right so I told Sam to turn on his cellphone and record this, because this was getting out of hand. Then Cop #2 ordered no one to move, he said it was for “Officer Safety.” Whatever that means. Lucky, my other passenger Lisa knows Cop #1. She went to high school with him and they dated for a short time. She said he was the typical jock, bullying everyone then, just like now. She dropped names and it seems things calmed down. I know that cops don’t like people knowing them.

So Cop #1 collects my driver’s license but I couldn’t find my insurance or registration. Not a big deal in my opinion. My car is proper, I just couldn’t find them right at that moment. While Cop #2 hovers over us, ready I’m sure to shout that someone’s reaching for a gun to shoot everyone. I know Lisa and Sam were talking about him and maybe it was childish, but they were saying stuff loud enough for him to hear.

Cop #1 runs my name, then comes back and says that I lied to him about my name. What?! You have my license. Can’t you read. Then he said that everyone has to get out. Its December. I look back at Sam and I tell him to turn on his cellphone. Again, Cop #2 said for everyone to get and not move. I think they are purposely trying to tell use what to do to stop us from filming them.

Sam and Lisa get out from the passenger side and I get out of the driver’s door. Anyone from SD knows that Decemeber it cooled down quick at this time and I slipped and fell on some ice. I landed on all fours, lucky to not have fallen flat on my face but then Cop #1 stepped to me and put his size 11’s on my hand. I screamed out. I mean wouldn’t you? Some 200 pound guy standing on your hand. I jerk back my hand and ask him what his problem was as I stand. This must have hit his roid button cause he told me to “watch my mouth, it was an accident.” I asked if he was sorry and he ignored me.

Now we all stand there, they collect Lisa and Sam’s name and then he starts asking me questions about my ID. I must think its fake or something. I told him I cut it to fit into my wallet. Then he implied that was “mutliation” of a driver’s license? What?! Are you serious? I look over and now Cop #2 is all about Lisa and what’s in her pockets. I can’t hear what they are talking about but next thing he’s got her hands up and he searching her. Sam is not happy about his at all. I couldn’t focus on what was happening over there because Cop #1 was still saying I’m a master forger and wants to see more ID. I give him my passport. Now he thinks I’m a smuggler or something. I tell him I’m a duel citizen, my family lives in Calgary. He just had a dumb look on his face.

So now, Cop #2 is done with his rectal exam of my friends and finds a single pill. Cop #1 asked me what it is. How the hell should I know what’s in someone else’s pocket? Both the Cops are now hot to search my car. Lisa shouts that the pill is some pain pill for her german shephard. It just looks different because it for a dog. Is it illegal to carry your dog’s medication with you? I wouldn’t know because I’m not the one carrying it. She said she just forgot to give it to her dog before we left for the evening. This isn’t like she’s got baggies full of meth on her.

Now, Cop #3 and Cop #4 show up. Great. They said it was contraband and are gonna arrest Lisa, who’s drunk and getting upset, for drug possession since they say its something else. I can’t believe this is happening. They think they found the mother lode or something. Sam, Lisa’s boyfriend, is now saying he’s gonna get everyone’s name and badge because this is way more then just getting a ticket. Cop #3 and #4 walk up to him and bully him. I tell Cop #1 to tell his friends to calm down, Sam was all-state in wrestling and was a noseguard in college, he’s not a pushover. Cop #1 tell me that Sam can go home, jail or the hospital tonight, he gets to pick. What the fuck is that all about?!

Now voices are raised and suddenly a cop, not sure which one, pulls a taser out. First I thought it was a gun and thought I’m gonna watch my college roommate get shot. Lisa starts crying and Sam raises his hands and said he was good and that this was all bullshit. I ask to go over and talk with my friends, of course the answer was no.

The Cops group together for a minute, probably getting their story straight. Then 3 walk away leaving me with Cop #1. He hands me 3 tickets. For the signal violation, failing to yield, and no insuracne. The total fine is $345.00. I start to ask questions and now I’m getting loud. How did I fail to yeild?! I stopped didn’t I? Cop #1 tells me to just drive away and he’ll cut me a deal later in court.

Lisa calls out, “this is bullshit Scott, you were a dick in school and you’re still a dick now.” Lisa said that the cops were gonna test the pill and if it was drugs then they would get a warrant for her arrest. She just laughed and said she wasn’t worried.

I have plead ‘not guilty’ to all charges.





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