Antonio Buehler Arrested For Free Speech (Video)


Despite the fact that it is completely legal to exercise you First Amendment Rights within the confines of USA, Antonio Buehler was arrest once again for doing just that.

Gonzales PD 830-672-8686




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  • rick

    Mr Buehler is far too confrontational for a project called “Peaceful Streets.”

    Texas penal code for disorderly conduct:

    Was he inciting a breach of peace from the group he was with?

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  • Chris

    oh well…

  • courtofpublicopinion

    he pierced the ultra thin skin of the poor cop

  • Mr. Bawkbagawk

    the mouthy angry sounding guy needs to stfu. stop trying to be the spokesman you dont have the control for it.

  • John

    Well that cop just cost the tax payers money..

  • Burn The Obedient

    Its time for the people to rebel. To physically resist this type of tyranny. There was more of them there then there was police. Next time, take him out. Take his gun. Take his radio. Take his taser, and hold him accountable.

  • Backfire

    Ugh, these people just try and try and try to provoke the police, then get total boners when someone finaly gets arested. To me, the group of demonstrators are acting like childish thugs.

    Free speech does not = yelling swear words in public at people. This is borderline harassment by these people…

  • Backfire

    Burn the Obedient:

    Why don’t YOU do that? Oh yeah, because your just an internet warrior. I would love to see that story here on copblock too…

  • 585

    That is one way to get your point across, telling someone to “go fuck yourself”. I suspect you would only say that to a cop, because a civilian would would not think twice about cramming his/her fist down your throat.

  • Common Sense

    Once again AB gets himself arrested.

    I noticed that AB was sued by a co-founder for some ‘venture captial’ corp they formed; to the sum of $700,000. He even has some website for home schooling.

    He has grand ideas, but no follow through. Seems that’s why he’s so angry, looking for a cash pay out since everything else he tries blows up in his face.

  • t.

    You really just have too love how very un-peaceful the peaceful streets movement is. Too funny.

  • Shawn


    “Free speech does not = yelling swear words in public at people. This is borderline harassment by these people…”

    You mean like how cops after choose to address the public? Numerous examples of that here.

  • Ian Battles

    “Officer, it it illegal to call you an asshole?”


    “Is it illegal to THINK you’re an asshole?”


    “Well Officer, I think that you’re an asshole!”

  • Backfire


    Deal with those on a case by case basis. They should be held just as accountable…

  • simpleton

    So Ferris Buehler got arrested for being a dick, which is not an arrestable offense. Oh well. On the other hand, the best thing his flock of protesters could have done is for every single one of them to tell the cop to go fuck himself as well, because he would have run out of handcuffs. Instead they stand 100yds away telling the cop he’s a coward? Cmon guys, you can do better. If you are going to stand up for something, go all-in.

  • ishkabibble

    Simpleton, would have enjoyed seeing back-up for “Go Fuck Yourself”, “need backup, group of citizens just told me to go fuck myself, bring the paddy wagon”. Whether or not, AB was a “dick” or not, the “disorderly conduct” charge for “go fuck yourself” shows the hypocrisy of the system.

    Public order restored! well done Gonzales Police Officer “Happy” you are a Bud “Real Man of Genius”.

  • LEO just cost the county money is all he did…

    And who is he to tell them to stay off the property? does he own it?

  • t.

    Yes. He owns it. Like you do. Public property can be restricted. If you go do doughnuts on a city baseball or soccer field….while you may “own it” will still result in you being charged. You can’t just walk up and stroll through the elementary school? No.

    Look at the way Buehlers and his crew conduct themselves. Here is never anything “peaceful” in their actions. As I’ve said before, it would be interesting to know the complete story (somehow they only post a short portion ….so wonder why?). The first amendment speaks of your right to peaceably assemble. See any thing peaceable about Buehlers? No again. He behaves like a child throwing a tantrum. The constitution doesn’t speak of limitless right. Free speech, like any other right has limits. From what is seen in this video, I would say that the officers may be, or is wrong But there is clearly way more to this story that isn’t known

  • Shawn

    T is right about the issues of public property guys. If you think he is wrong, sneak into NORAD. Letting people simply walk through a school is a serious safety threat to the kids.

    “Free speech, like any other right has limits.”
    That limit would be when threatening or inciting others to commit violence. The 1st wasn’t created to protect popular and accepted speech, it was created to protect the people the government wants to shut up.

    This cop did what he did for one reason alone, contempt of cop. He was pissed he got called a name.

  • Steve H

    Boy, that statute is ripe for an unconstitutional argument and AB should ask for declaratory and injunctive relief. “Fighting words” yeah, but vulgarity? Define vulgarity for me. City of Houston v. Hill, 482 U.S. 451 is the case most cited for this around the country. I think that the statute cited above is pre- Hill.

  • Steve H

    SCOTUS reasoned in Hill….In Lewis v. City of New Orleans,415 U.S. 130 (1974), for example, the appellant was found to have yelled obscenities and threats at an officer who had asked appellant’s husband to produce his driver’s license. Appellant was convicted under a municipal ordinance that made it a crime ” `for any person wantonly to curse or revile or to use obscene or opprobrious language toward or with reference to any member of the city police while in the actual performance of his duty.’ ” Id., at 132 (citation omitted). We vacated the conviction and invalidated the ordinance as facially overbroad.

  • Real Common Sense

    Have to love how our freedoms are being treated in America. Amazing how many cops and their supporters don’t care about those freedoms anymore.

  • underoath

    So…yeah….um…. “Peaceful?”

    By the way….


  • Tom

    Don’t even bother filing a complaint, file a lawsuit. Let me know if you need help writing the pleading.

  • Otto Maddox

    While it’s silly to tell someone to go fuck themselves as they are walking away across a parking lot.. it’s even sillier for a police officer to arrest someone for it.

    The police officer should have just kept walking. Ignoring these people in the parking lot (not sure why they were there in the first place) would have been the move.

    Then the silliness ensues when the truck carrying their friend is long gone they decide to yell “fuck you!” some more. Very heroic.

    Did the police officer get his feelings hurt?

  • Jeffmutherfuckingmowery

    Heres what happened… the cop got Butt Hurt PERIOD. Not a reason to arrest someone. He cracked and broke policy and the law. Soooo the moral here is if you cannot handle an occasional “go ef yourself” then maybe, Just maybe…. becoming a police officer isnt for you. If your cant control your rage and anger when someone says something you dont like then maybe public servant is best left to more “logical” and less “asshole” types. LEO’s Dont take this so personally. Its time to reform and retrain the police.

  • 1605

    I’m sad every other person in this video didn’t begin a “Go fuck yourself” chant in support of Antonio.

    Antonio has more balls than all the cops in the state of Texas combined and that has them scared. The police have stopped laughing at Antonio, the next step is fighting him. Antonio is destined to win.

    “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

  • Chubs
  • underoath

    Antonio probably wouldn’t talk to anyone without a badge like that because he knows he’d be picking his ass up off the ground.

    He’d probably then call the police to report his ass whopping.

  • ishkabibble

    Freedom of speech, boys. Plain and simple. You can tell a cop to go fuck himself or anything else as long as you are not threatening the officer. So, saying I’m going to fucking kill you is what would land you in jail. The Constitution trumps local laws, even in the great state of Tejas.