Florida Cop Kills 17-year-old Kid

In this video an officer, Jerald Ard, attempts to chase down 17 year old Victor Steen.  Why?  Because he saw him standing near a construction site at 1:50 in the morning.  What happens next is shocking.

Pensacola Police

The officer drives wildly, veering to both sides of the street, pulling onto curbs and eventually barreling into a parking lot.  Just before pulling into said lot, the officer attempts to tase Victor from his squad car, while driving.  I doubt that is police procedure and maybe, if he had both hands on the wheel or paying full attention to driving, he wouldn’t have killed this young man.

The story the police are painting pins the blame on Victor.  To quote PNJ.com where first I heard about this story:

Cpl. Chris Nussbaumer, a traffic homicide investigator with the Florida Highway Patrol, said that given the speed and the distance involved in the crash, it was physically impossible for Pensacola police officer Jerald Ard to stop his patrol car and avoid hitting Steen, who was on a bicycle trying to get away from Ard.

First of all, why was this officer so determined to catch Victor?  He didn’t witness him harming anyone, violating any law or conducting any illegal activity.   He should have pursued Victor at a safe speed from the road way, making sure to keep an eye on him until backup arrived.  Instead he became a cowboy cop and cost this young man his life.

I’m extremely interested to see the outcome of this case.  I hope the department doesn’t cop out (no pun intended) and pass the blame.  This officer had no regard for public safety and was merely attempting to stop a person, without cause, at any cost.

Ademo Freeman

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