AUDIO LEAK: After shooting Jeffrey Weinhaus, Henry Folsom boasts

More audio captured at the September 11, 2012 shooting of Jeffrey Weinhaus has made its way to Cop Block. It captures the dialogue had between Henry Folsom – who fired at and struck Weinhaus four times – and “George”.

Ordered down on the floor.
Gun in his holster.
Pull out the gun and shoot me.
I shot him right here.

george-knowles-jeffrey-weinhaus-copblockIt’s thought that the “George” Folsom spoke with following the shooting is:

George F. Knowles
assistant director, district II
Missouri State Highway Patrol

The communication had immediately following the volley of gunshots makes clear that the “official” story of what unfolded is far from accurate.

Weinhaus didn’t trust Folsom. When he arrived to the pre-arranged meeting he not only made a call and placed that phone in his pocket (the source of the audio that has been leaked), but had a camera in his vehicle that was recording. Thus far the existence of the camera – including the footage it captured – has not been acknowledged by the “investigators”. Isn’t it standard practice for an inventory to exist?

Weinhaus also had on his person a spy watch that was recording. Why hasn’t that item or the content it captured been made public?

Also, it’s been communicated to me that about 2o-minutes into the audio clip a few more gunshots are heard in quick progression (once that audio clip is gotten this claim can be easily proven or disproven). Might they have come from Scott Merten’s pistol as a way to generate the seven shell casings found (four fired earlier from Folsom at Weinhaus and three more to make the story sync)?


On January 17th, 2013 we shared an audio clip that starts as Weinhaus exited his vehicle, and ends after Folsom shot him multiple times. That clip and the most-recent one shared on this post are part of a 26-min audio recording that’s said to exist.

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