Porter County Animal Control and/or Animal Shelter are Illegally Holding Our Dogs From Our Family

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Saturday March 9th, my dogs got loose. Sometime that day, a neighbor in the Lake Eliza area forced a clip through RuKus foot, tied a rope through the clip and around his neck. Allegedly a neighbor found both my dogs that same day and returned them to Porter County Animal Shelter. I have been leaving messages on their voicemail all week with little success.

Thursday, after my boyfriend left a message on the voicemail reminding them that last time Porter County Animal Shelter had my dogs, we had to file a police report against them for theft of his collar. Porter County Animal Control returned his phone call telling him what happened and there was an investigation going on. I have called several more times since, left a post on their Facebook page (they took the post down) and still no answer.

We understand that while an investigation is going on, we cannot see them, but they could at least give us information on their health. His human kids are distraught. Rukus is 3 years old. I have had him since birth; I helped deliver him in my bedroom. Saint is his 6 month old son, which we also have had since birth and delivered on a couch we had to dispose of. These are very loved dogs and the family and extended family are very worried.

I have left statements with Animal Control Officers Patrick and Nemith without prompting by an officer to help with my family and my innocence and because we want the person(s) responsible caught.

We were finally contacted by the investigating officer (Officer Cassin 219-477-3110) on the 19th and were given these codes as the reason for a $600 bond for the dogs: IC35-46-3-6 which extends to IC15-20-1-4. No code was found relevant to my case.


This is a link to our Free RuKus and Saint page where we leave updates on the situation. There are more pictures with the dogs and kids available on the page. Any attention or help on this matter would be wonderful!

Porter County Animal Control 219-477-3000, Option 5. There is no direct line to Porter County Animal Shelter.

Tiffany Weller



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