Eyewitness video of Springfield Police Tasering a Pregnant Woman

ABC 20 New’s Report

A woman who is eight months pregnant was tased by a Springfield, Illinois, police officer in a parking lot over the weekend in an incident that was caught on tape and has raised questions about the possible use of excessive force.

20130403 Pregnant Woman Tased


Raw Video

Bystander: “Hey she’s pregnant”

Officer “Get on the ground, now.  Get on the ground.”

Woman: “I’m pregnant”

Officer: “Get on the ground, or you’ll get tazed”

Woman: “I’m pregnant”

Officer: “Get on the ground now, or you’ll get tazed”

Woman: “Hey, I’m pregnant”

Officer: “You’re getting tazed”

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Police Report



J. Michael Houston Mayor – (217) 789-2200



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