Police Officer Tasers Pregnant Woman in Springfield, IL

Submitted by a reader

This happened yesterday, April 3rd, in a Best Buy parking lot in Springfield , Illinois. This is clear police brutality on an unarmed pregnant African American woman. I believe that this is not only a race issue, but an issue of child abuse, and unprovoked coercion on the part of this Springfield police man.

Though I don’t live in Springfield anymore, I know how this city works. This will be in the news for a day or two and then fade away. The officer will probably get away with a mere slap on the wrist. Please help make this a national story so that there can be awareness drawn to the unlawful activity of police not only in Springfield, IL, but all around the US.



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  • Christian

    Has an investigation been opened? What was she originally approached by the cops for?

  • Christian

    How many cops do they need for ONE pregnant lady and a father? I’m glad I live in Europe….THIS WOULD NEVER HAPPEN HERE. Good luck USA…land of freedom.

  • Kaz

    The pregnant woman was combative with the officers involved in arresting her husband. The officer in my opinion did a very good job in taking down the woman without slamming her to the ground. The woman should be cited for obstruction, and assault and battery on an officer.

    The use of the taser was innapropriate, there is no need to use a taser on a pregnant woman. It could very well cause complications to the pregnancy and harm an innocent child. I did not see any weapons present and waiting a few minutes for backup to arrive could have been a better way to control the situation. The officer should be suspended without pay for at least a month for endangering the life of an unborn child, and possibly fired. Anyone who tasers a pregnant woman is not using good judgement.

  • Jay

    I say the officer did a good job. The woman seemed to have put her hands on the first officer. When he yelled for help the other officer came running in and did what he thought was necessary to assist. So, why does the officer have to get in trouble at all? Maybe if the couple hadn’t broken the law the situation would have been avoided.

  • slappy

    Another stupid video by activists. Why did the video start where she was fighting with the police. Why not start the video as to why the police were called there. She chose to fight the police. She obviously wasn’t thinking of her pregnancy. There is no proof she is pregnant. She acted like an idiot and put herself in peril. She and her idiot boyfriend obviously broke the law and then tried to run. She is a loser along with her boyfriend. She is a piece of garbage for puting her alleged pregnancy at risk.

  • dougo

    for every incident that mat be justified,there is one that is not.

  • t.

    The officer didn’t “tase” her in the sense that you guys are thinking. The taser’s probes / darts weren’t deployed. He was using the taser as a “drive stun” which is quite painful, but far different. You can clearly see that what I’m saying is correct as when you here the deployment…..the taser isn’t touching her and she clear isn’t being “tasked”. Many departments (like mine) have a policy where the taser should be displayed and the “arc” shown to the subject .

    The use of the taser was proper. He’s take down of the female was pretty well done as to avoid any injury to the unborn child.

    She needs to take a long look at her own behavior. Everything that happened to her was because of her behavior and free will choices.

  • Common Sense

    Once again, the police doing it correctly, and then those trying to spin it the other way…

    …Maybe you should argue she didn’t have a ‘contract’ with the police.

  • enslave Keene

    There was simply no reason to “tase” Tawana and Rayquon like that. No shame in my baby’s game, they were both trying to get their “shoplift” on at Best Buy and Five O came rolling up on the set, straight zappin my baby’s mama!

    Another justified incident filed away under “Al Sharpton X Files”.

  • Cygnus

    Before tasers, police used to be pretty bad ass. I’ve seen them take down a rowdy individual without slamming them into the ground. I’ve seen “kung fu” style moves to get people into handcuffs that seemed like they were right out of hollywood This is one of the reasons I wanted to be a cop when I was a kid. The adoption of tasers was done with the best of intentions, even the best fighter or gymnast can slip, and in a life or death situation, well you get the idea. The problem though is tasers took some discipline away from the police culture. It took quick decision making down a notch. Critical thinking and deductive reasoning have been replaced by “just use the taser” Sure, sometimes it’s warranted, but as time goes on it’s become just part of procedure. Combine this with courts always side with the officer when he/she says “I felt threatened” and you have an open door inviting abuse. One bad cop ruins the reputation of all the good cops, The more available videos of abuse become, the more the public will turn on the police, which in turn makes the use of the taser needed more often. I can’t help but wonder why the police can’t see this logic and don’t start policing themselves.

  • dick

    disgusting. what’s worse is she is forced to pay for for these government thugs that do nothing but consume wealth.

  • slapidiot…

    go back to the mall …..

  • slappy

    She along with her boyfriend/husband were acting like idiots. I don’t believe for a minute she was pregnant. Her idiot boyfriend was arrested and she blew a nut so she got in the officers faces and combative. She deserved to be lit up like a Christmas tree. I’m glad they are both sitting in jail blaming the system for their behaviors. No one is losing any sleep over this one. I’m sure they are abusing the welfare system as well.

  • Common Sense

    Ha ha ha “get my shoplift on”

  • zapeee

    @common sense
    you mean the right way wouldn’t be to push her back and cuff her standing? you saying that officer couldn’t handle her any other way than the taser? Really?

  • zapeee

    Oh yeah, i forgot, it’s OK for the police to punish the shoplifters. it’s one of THOSE crimes! thanks CS!

  • thewuzzles

    All of this started because of a fender bender … Police report was supposed to be released Tuesday … Of course according to the PD they followed protocol.

  • thewuzzles

    I smell a lawsuit either way … Someone will be held accountable ….

  • thewuzzles

    the police report is supposed to be released on Tuesday … according to the police they followed protocol … I smell a lawsuit coming … Does it really take 15 cops from multiple agency’s to arrest two individuals all because of a fender bender ???

  • Andy

    We kind of need more info here. Videos like this that promote hatred towards cops shouldn’t be displayed in a skew so as to just simply show “cops tase pregnant woman”. um… really?

  • billy

    Lady must by white .. you can tase a person for no reason he didnt even ask her to get down he walked up and used unlawful force degree in CR.J LADY JUST WAS BLACK bullshit folks aint have shit else better to do wtf a pregnant woman gone do to a mf police officer bitch run , have the baby, beat him up …da fuck shits bogus ass fuck. . Let a black officer do the to a white pregnant women. … yea ok … felony .life …..ect NO. NEED TO LEAVE ME A COMMENT CUZ I WILL NEVER LOGG BACK INTO THIS BS… HE WILL GET WHAT HE DESERVE AND SHE WILL TO $$$$$$$$$$$$

  • t.

    Zap: You can see the video. Could he?

  • Jason

    I see a handful of posts on here from people that are rather unintelligetnt. Why are the police to blame here? Why cant the actions of the two “suspects” be the cause for harm in this situation? When watching the video it must be realized that the video has come on well into the situation. We have no idea what happened prior to the camera being turned on. What we do see is two “suspects” putting their hands on an officer. That officer is yelling for help, obvioulsy assistacne is called for on the radio which sparked the huge population of officers on the scene. Another officer rushes in only knowing that a fellow officer is yelling for help. The only option for the officer providing assistance is to immediatley control the situation. This officer has no idea if there are any weapons on the scene. All he knows is his partner is in trouble. He provided multiple warnings to the lady telling her to get down. She reponded by saying I’m pregnant. So, being pregnant means you cant get on the ground? She’ls lucky that all she got was a little taser action. She refused to cooperate with the officer so he did what had to be done. The situation was resolved quickly and effectively. Any idiot, such as billy in the above comment, who wants to make deragatory claims really should get their facts straight. Maybe going back for you GED will help. Or get off the crack pipe. Either way, your uneducated responses dont help situationslike this.

  • @Andy

    The Dirty LEO’s promote it for us….

  • Winning the hearts and minds.


    When you see common sense, t., underoath, psosgt and all the other shills spew their boot-licking propaganda here on Cop Block, remember, THIS IS WHO THEY ARE, THIS IS WHAT THEY STAND FOR, AND THIS IS WHAT THEY DEFEND!

    Wichita KS police officer Officer Joseph T. McGill, 28, was convicted today of committing a sexual act on a 3-month-old child and a 1-year-old child. Officer McGill pleaded guilty in January 2012 in an unrelated case to sexual battery while on duty as a police officer and was sentenced to three years probation. Those charges stemmed from separate incidents in November 2010 and February 2011. The judge set sentencing for March 1.


  • Jason

    Yeah, cause ever officer is like that, Glenn. I would think that a very large percentage of officers are of a much higher quality. The individual in the case you mentioned obvioulsy had mental issues that had developed over time.

  • Anonymous

    The problem stems from the cops abusing their power… We understand they are not innocent, we understand they were resisting. However, did you really sign up to be a police officer and expect everyone, even criminals, to cooperate with you? Does this mean you should tase everyone who doesn’t. She was, in my opinion, if not already combatitive, definitely on her way. You’re a cop. Take the first punch like a man and give that bitch 7 years for assaulting you. Your reputation stays clean, you lock the criminal away for a long time, and hell if she breaks your nose you might even get a paid vacation. You can clearly hear the taser go off twice. Once after she’d already been tased, leaning on the car gasping for the energy to even shout she’s pregnant. The officer should be fired for being a dumbass. In all likeliness now my tax dollars have to pay for a settlement awarded to a shoplifter.

  • A.

    Two wrongs don’t make a right, especially when your job is to serve and protect.

  • slappy

    If she even tries to be stupid and start a lawsuit, it will be thrown out. The video clearly shows she was way out of control. She had no regard for her pregnancy. All those police officers show up because the officers key up the radio for help. The other officers don’t know exactly whats going on and if they are within the area, they are supposed to respond. Of course I wouldn’t expect a bunch of bleeding heart activists to understand that. She and her idiot boyfriend are being held accountable. The PD just did their jobs.

  • Jason

    I agree with that 100% slappy.

  • underoath

    I’m pregnant!!!

    Then quit resisting arrest, dumbass!!

    Had she complied like she had been directed to then she wouldn’t have been drive stunned.

  • Common Sense

    She just wants a shot at winning the stoner lottery.

    You can do whatever you want, regardless of any responsiblity, and when the police arrest you, you resist, and then you can try and sue.

    She’s no better than a ‘slip and fall’ case.

  • Backfire

    I guess I’m just biased on this one since I hate women and babies…

  • Todd

    This woman shot with the TASER can sue in federal court and will win BIG BUCKS. File a federal civil rights law suit and the money will flow your way. These cops are CRIMINALS.

  • Todd

    Whether she complied or not, these cops had no justification to use a TASER gun on her. Read our Supreme Court rulings on this issue. A cop can ONLY use a TASER gun if life is in danger. Nobody’s life was in danger. This means the cop was the criminal.

  • t.

    Todd: You have a very interesting and very, very wrong take on taser use. BTW….she clearly wasn’t tased.

  • Common Sense

    Incorrect, a taser is not used with ‘a life is in danger’

    when a ‘life is in danger’ that’s when the patrol rifles, shotguns and pistols come out.

  • pooh

    common sense: u must didnt see the news when the head police officer said that u r supposed to tease a pregnant woman whenever ii is ex. and if you do u tease them on their thighs he teased her in her back please look at the news and video before u post thank u.

  • TH

    They weren’t running from police, they were actually the ones that called the police due to a fender bender in the parking lot. The police were once again out of order and insensitive. Apparently as seen in the tape, they were liars and intimidators as well. Kudos to the gentlemen taping the scene. As someone who has been a witness, you didn’t have you answer any of that idot cops questions.

  • Donald

    I will support any person that wants to kill these pigs. OVERTHROW THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT!

  • Jason

    TH & Donald, people like you are what is bringing this country down. Your close-minded and narrow framed point of views are horrid. Anybody who sees this video has to keep in mind that, as always, the camera came on well into the scenario. We dont know what truly happened on this scene. We have no idea who the man and woman really are. What we do know is that the man and woman both put their hands on the office. That action pretty much justifies everything that happens from that point on. The officer, not knowing how far these events will go, called for help. The 2nd officer rushes in and the only knowledge he has is that his fellow officer is in trouble. He did what he had to do to control the situation. Anybody who sees this from any other point of view is doing so because they are 1. Pulling that well oversued race card or 2. a complete idiot.

  • Disgusted

    For those of you calling her and her husband shoplifters, get the story correct. She called the police because a guy hit her car and was trying to leave the scene. So a black woman and her husband who did the right thing by calling the police were immediately assumed to be shoplifting and the police attacked them. They were upset because instead of finding out what was going on, the police immediately tried to arrest them. I think all of you would be upset whether you’re black, white, red, or yellow. Or is it only ok for police to act this way if the person is black. I constantly ask myself how people can justify putting yourselves on such a high pedestal. Jesus died for everyone.

  • Jay

    Looking at the video, that was taken well into the situation, we can’t see everything that happened. Lets say that these people did call the police because of a hit and run. lets say that they immediately were thought to be shoplifters. That may have been wrong to assume but there are better ways to rectify the situation than putting your hands on the officer. Once they did that it immediately put them in the wrong and the officers are then justified to subdue the suspects and do what is necessary to control the situation. I see absolutely no use of excessive force and both of these individuals should be charged with assault.It has nothing to do with color of skin but it has everything to do with the fact that they broke the law.

  • Donald

    @Jason… if I was to tase a pregnant girl, I would get charged with at least TWO crimes, aggravated assault and child abuse. Any cop tasing a pregnant girl, needs to be shot. Because he obviously doesn’t care about kids. BTW, I personally believe every cop in existence needs to be shot, execution style. Maybe after being locked up for 10 years, see how they like what they do to people. Cops do 100% bad and 0% good.

    TO SERVE AND PROTECT? Yea f**en right! TO DESTROY LIVES is more like it. And if I ever get the chance, this government WILL be overthrown.

  • Jay

    @Donald, for starters, you shouldn’t be using a tazer on anyone at all. Secondly, the officer does not know that the woman is pregnant. Sure, the woman said she is but how is he to know that she is telling the truth. Also, just because she is pregnant there is no reason why she could not get down on the ground like the officer ordered. If the argument is that she is pregnant so she cant do certian activities then that is a bunch of crap because being pregnant didnt prevent her from putting her hands on the officer. Furthermore, if the rule is instated that if a woman says she is pregnant then you are not allowed to use any type of force against her then every woman wills tart saying they are pregnant. Lastly, you are a complete idiot. When I first started to read your post I thought you had a valid argument, but then you showed your true colors. You are just another case of a person that is completely horrible. You will definitely get what you deserve out of life and I hope that the cops refuse to help you.

  • Melanie

    First of she called the police bc someone hit her car. Secondly if that was a white wan it would not have happened and everyone knows it, but noooo all you people see are NIGGAS as you all like to call us and excessive force was warranted. Bullshit no one should be treated like that and as an officer ask questions first beat later.

  • Jason

    Melanie, you, just like so many other people on here, are going off of the video and nothing else. You have no idea what happened prior to the camera being turned on. There is obviously a reason why the officer decided to put the man in handcuffs. He had to have done something wrong fo that to happen. Also, why dont you and so many other people on here see any fault in the fact that both the man and woman have put their hands on the officer? Why is it that assaulting the officer isn’t seen as a problem? I have said it numerous times on here and I will say it aagin. The 2nd officer rushed in for assistance. He told the woman to get on the ground. She refused and was combative. The officer did what he had to do to control the situaion. It had nothing to do with color of skin. It simply had to do with two people being combative. THIS IS NOT A RACIAL ISSUE.

  • Curtis simpson

    This is bull **** I am a white man and this IS a racial issue that needs to be addressed nationally. Where is the NAACP Because when they do and they will catch wind of this the best lawyers out there will hunt these people down and get financial and criminal charges on this cop. This is an outrage to me and I’m sure the rest of the nation. The lady and her boyfiend or husband have my familys ful support on this and people like me WILL make sure this situation is addressed and dealt with.

  • Jason

    There is nothing racial about this. Theman and woman both put their hands on the officer. Doing that means that they broke the law by attacking an officer. They broke the law and they got what they deserved. Both of them are arrested and facing jail time. GOOD!!! Maybe they will think twice about putting their hands on someone. Lock em up.

  • Ryan

    Jason, you obviously have a well vested interest in this. Hell you’re probably the officer or friend of the scab that did it desperately trying to justify tasing a pregnant woman. Regardless of cause, the innocent child was tazed too. I don’t think he/shes rights or safety was even considered.

    Whatever happened to no cruel or unusual punishment. I think electrocuting someone because of an inability to control the situation is pretty weak in my book. I think she’ll get plead out of court either with a stipulation she doesn’t sue or she’ll be paid. The baby daddy however will of course have every charge given stick.

    I don’t fully know the facts so I can’t attest to whether or not they should have been arrested. I’m simply commenting on the use of the taser.

    Jason, you are obviously a cold hearted individual to defend the use of a weapon against a pregnant female. You really think he should be an officer if he has to rely on such excessive force for such an already advantageous situation? Perhaps he should look into mall security.

  • Jason

    Ryan, you are right, I do have a vested interest in stories like this. My interest is that in situaitons like this everyone immediately goes against the officers and typically claims racism. I am not justifying the act of using a tazer on a pregnant woman. At no point in my argument did I ever say that act is appropriate. What I did justify is the fact that an officer yelled for help and a 2nd officer came on the scene and did what he felt was necessary to control the situation. That 2nd officer only knows that another officer is in trouble. He attempted to contorl the situatioin without the use of force however, the woman refused to obey his command to get on the ground. Hetold her to get on the ground numerous times, but she refused to obey. Her response to his command was only saying “I’m pregnant”. Being pregnant is not a sufficient reason that she can’t get on the ground. I have seen numerous pregnant women sit on the ground, so why couldnt she do it? The reason is that she, and the guy with her, were being combative. For this reason, the officer had every right to use his tazer to control the situaion.

    The use of the tazer is not cruel and unusal pumishment. In fact, officers are willingly tazed as part of their training. It is part of the training process that an officer is subjected to the tazing process before they are issued a tazer. They all know exactly what happens when you are hit by a tazer so they have a good idea what happens during the process. The actions of this woman are the sole reason why a tazer was used. She was combative against not one, but two, officers, she refused to get on the ground and therefore was tazed. The absolute reason for tazing was to quickly obtain control of the situaion. The woman has no chance of winning any court case as she was the individual at fualt in this scenario.

    As I stated already, nowhere in my arguments do I say I agree with using a tazer on a pregnant woman. I do, however, agree that the officer has every right to use a tazer on an individual that is combative. This woman fits that description. The use of a tazer is not seen as excessive force. In fact, the officer did everything he could to prevent having to use the tazer. He told the woman 5 times to get on the ground and she refused. I just replayed the video and I can honestly state that I can not tell the woman is pregnant. So, if I cant tell she is pregnant watching the video I am quite sure the officer could not tell she was pregnant in that 8 second period of time either.

    I can easily summarize all of my previous statements on this site by saying the man and woman “suspects” were both combative and assaulted the 1st officer. That puts them both in a criminal classification. I did not see the 1st officer do anything wrong. When both the man and woman put their hands on the 1st officer they commited a crime. The 2nd officer rushed in when he heard his partner yelling for help. At no time did either of the officers perform anything deemed as excessive force, but both of the “suspects” performed the act of assault. Anybody who sees it differently is crazy.