Warning: Manchester Police With Unmarked with Mass Plates

Submitted by John Brady

Recently, a friend of mine who is a prostitute/escort in Manchester, NH was solicited by a white male in a black Chevy Tahoe with Massachusetts plate number 3492YG. The driver asked her if she wanted to make 50 dollars to have some fun. She responded, “yes,” then was told by the driver, who turned out to be a Manchester, NH police detective that she was under arrest for prostitution.

Since when do Manchester police use Massachusetts registrations and almost-new Tahoes? Yet again the Manchester police are wasting taxpayer dollars to arrest hookers instead of busting real criminals who victimize people. If you’re thinking the lady is a drug addict, she isn’t and hasn’t ever been. She simply enjoys the line of work she does. Manchester police should do their jobs instead of arresting consenting adults.

If anyone sees this black Chevy Tahoe with tinted windows and Massachusetts plates 3492YG please out this schmuck as a cop to prevent them from entrapping anyone else.



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