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Film The Police Portland (FTP Portland) is a grassroots, volunteer-run organization that focuses on police accountability through filming police encounters in the community. Some of the many goals of FTP Portland are to build bridges between the police & the community, to normalize the constitutional activity of filming the police in public spaces, to offer an objective lens to police encounters, to provide a witness and evidence for court cases, and educate both the police and citizens on the right to film police encounters.

It is generally our experience that both the police and suspects behave more cordially when the camera is on. We hope to prevent violence between both parties during police encounters and prevent people’s rights being violated, while building the bonds that make a community strong. We will continue to recruit and train volunteers to that end, and encourage anyone who is interested to visit our website at or donate to our cause:

Thank you!

Signed, Carrie Fo Truth – Co-Founder of FTP Portland

Submitted by Mike Smith

Thanx so much for the opportunity to be featured on Cop Block! We Love your work! MikeBlueHair


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