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Film The Police Portland (FTP Portland) is a grassroots, volunteer-run organization that focuses on police accountability through filming police encounters in the community. Some of the many goals of FTP Portland are to build bridges between the police & the community, to normalize the constitutional activity of filming the police in public spaces, to offer an objective lens to police encounters, to provide a witness and evidence for court cases, and educate both the police and citizens on the right to film police encounters.

It is generally our experience that both the police and suspects behave more cordially when the camera is on. We hope to prevent violence between both parties during police encounters and prevent people’s rights being violated, while building the bonds that make a community strong. We will continue to recruit and train volunteers to that end, and encourage anyone who is interested to visit our website at or donate to our cause:

Thank you!

Signed, Carrie Fo Truth – Co-Founder of FTP Portland

Submitted by Mike Smith

Thanx so much for the opportunity to be featured on Cop Block! We Love your work! MikeBlueHair



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  • slappy

    Another bunch of drug addicts who want to film the police. Someday one of these idiot activists are going to walk into a dangerous scene, distract the officers and then someone will really get hurt. Then you will see legislation made to curb these nitwits with cameras. To bad it has to come to some ignorant activist to cause someone to get hurt or worse. It may even be them.

  • Steve H

    Yeah, we should have legislation that gives all leos blanket immunity for everything. Leos should be able to select minority groups, like negros and spics and homos for random beatings and arrests. Everyone knows that negros and the south of the border people are responsible for 99% of the crime so if we had legislation that said everyone but them has constitutional rights that would be the way to go. Then leos could beat on, taze, shoot, kill all people of color that they thought might be criminals sometime in the future without any blowback. I’ll start writing letters.

  • Mr. Bawkbagawk

    the music is a little much dont you think?

  • The Asheville Police Department is investigating several of its officers after cell phone video surfaced of a suspect allegedly being tased while in handcuffs.

    slaptavist…. this is why we record….

  • certain

    “To bad it has to come to some ignorant activist to cause someone to get hurt or worse.”

    Slaptavist nitwit sentence of the week. Must be a doper.

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