Welcome Brett Perry to CopBlock.org

Hello everyone, my name is Brett Perry. I’m the newest contributor to Cop Block. I’m here right now to just introduce myself to everyone.

I’m a Voluntarist from Central Indiana who knows all about how the police system works. A former best friend of mine is currently an officer with the Indianapolis Metro Police Department and my brother-in-law is currently the Captain of the PD here in my town and had a failed Sheriff run end in last months primary.

I joined Cop Block in order to help spread the warning about the police state we already live in and to help teach people that cops are not infalliable and should be held to the same standards under the law as the rest of us.

A lot of people are under the impression that I hate cops, as a friend said Friday night while discussing this website. I do not hate police, but I hold a strong dislike. There are good cops out there but the majority fall victim to the power the job holds and the temptation of corruption.

They are not out there putting their lives on the line everyday, they try and stay away from the more dangerous aspects of their job by spending most time harassing peaceful drivers on the road who they know cannot or will not fight back.

I hope you like what I contribute to this site and I thank the entire Cop Block team for offering me this opportunity. If you have anything to send me, whether it be compliments, critiques or maybe a news story you want me to share, you can find my contact information over at the About Us page.

“Something must be done, about vengeance, a badge, and a gun” – Rage Against The Machine – Know Your Enemy


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