DeKalb Police officer Scott Biumi accused of pulling out his gun on customer at McDonald’s Drive Through

Drive thru not fast enough..Pulls his gun on High School student.

FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — A police officer who was waiting in the drive-thru line at a McDonald’s restaurant in Forsyth County is accused of pulling a gun on the customer ahead of him because the officer was angry at having to wait for his food.

The off-duty officer is Detective Sgt. Scott Biumi, 48, of the DeKalb County Police Department. Biumi is charged with felony aggravated assault on the customer.

Police Officer Scott Biumi

According to Biumi’s training record. He began employment with DeKalb County Police in March of 1988. Over his 24 year history with the department he received more than 17 hundred hours of training, including a course in 2012 on ‘ethics and professionalism‘.

Scott Biumi will have his police certification suspended.

“This flies in the face of decency and police professionalism and you can quote me on that!” said Ken Vance, the Executive Director of Georgia’s Peace Officer Standards and Training Council.  “His certification will be suspended immediately.”

According to the Vance, regardless of the criminal proceedings, a POST review could result in revocation of his certification.

Chief Cedric Alexander said the incident occurred on April 9 when Biumi, who was in the drive-through line at the restaurant, became upset over waiting for his food around 10:30 that night.

Forsyth County investigators said Biumi, who was driving a DeKalb County Police unmarked SUV, got out of his vehicle, went to the pickup truck he felt was holding up the line in front of him and pointed his service gun at the driver’s neck.

“We believe, right now, that it was his duty weapon, and a DeKalb-County-issued vehicle that he was in,” Sheriff Piper said.

Forsyth Deputy Courtney Spriggs told CrossRoadsNews that Biumi lunged his head and shoulders into the customer’s pickup during the

The altercation was caught by the restaurant’s security camera.

After posting a $22,000 bond, Biumi was released on bail from the Forsyth County Jail Wednesday afternoon.

DeKalb County Police Chief Cedric Alexander placed Biumi on administrative leave with pay while the case is investigated.

His first court appearance is set for May 23.

NBC 11 News Report

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Forsyth County Sheriff Duane Piper – (770) 781-2222

Dekalb County Police Chief Cedric Alexander –  678.937.2852

Ken Vance, Georgia Department of Public Safety – 478-993-4531



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