Families Ripped From Homes By Police In Watertown

An anonymous submitter shared the following via CopBlock.org’s ‘submit‘ tab, attributes to November Yankee.

This is an absolutely sickening display of police force, violation of the Constitution, and clearly shows that America is now dead. Welcome to the Fourth Reich.

Notice how the homeowner is pulled from the house and does not give permission for the police to enter. Notice too how the militant SWAT officer screams at the boy “hands up!” as if he is about to shoot the resident.


WATERTOWN, MA — On Friday, April 19, 2013, during a manhunt for a bombing suspect, police and federal agents spent the day storming people’s homes and performing illegal searches. While it was unclear initially if the home searches were voluntary, it is now crystal clear that they were absolutely NOT voluntary. Police were filmed ripping people from their homes at gunpoint, marching the residents out with their hands raised in submission, and then storming the homes to perform their illegal searches.


This was part of a larger operation that involved total lockdown of the suburban neighbor to Boston. Roads were barricaded and vehicle traffic was prohibited. A No-Fly Zone was declared over the town. People were “ordered” to stay indoors. Businesses were told not to open. National Guard soldiers helped with the lockdown, and were photographed checking IDs of pedestrians on the streets. All the while, police were performing these disgusting house-to-house searches.

It was just a few years ago when I presented the following video on another website. People rolled their eyes and the majority of the comments were along the lines of “that will never happen here.” The frog is boiled now my friends.






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  • certain

    Those people called the police themselves because they thought they heard noises in their basement. Imagine their surprise when the cops placed them in far more danger than an imaginary (nobody was actually down there) terrorist in their basement.

    Better watch out for that Officer Safety. He’s a dangerous and unpredictable motherfucker.

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  • Chris

    This is bullshit! This country is turning into a Police State. Soon they will take away our guns…

  • Shawn

    A number of reports have come out about cops behaving this way. Cops just get a kick out of screaming threats and pointing guns at people. It’s a Call of Duty thrill.

    Seriously, they had a basic description of the suspect, yet they are treating people who don’t look a bit like him as though they are automatically criminals, even to the point of keeping guns on them. that is dangerous. Cops have lost any respect for the public.

    One look, little old lady or middle aged guy, lower weapon to a safe position. “Sorry Ma’am.”
    Is that so dangerous or hard?
    Why keep treating them that way when they are clearly not the suspect?
    Answer, power. They love it.

  • slappy

    It was only a matter of time before some stupid activist are going to cry about rights when the PD is looking for a bomber. How can these activists whine and cry about rights when they weren’t even there. Guess what folks, the PD doesn’t need warrants to search your homes for terrorists. Be grateful they caught the bombers. God activists are stupid.

  • YankeeFan

    According to the local director of the ACLU in Boston the courts have granted the police broad latitude in the event of a public safety concern, which this was. The anecdotal evidence was spread across the board when it came to searches. Police according to some were told no and left, others were granted permission and searched and were polite and then there were examples of this type!

  • Shawn


    You’re right, shithead. We should just tear up the Constitution, since it is SOOOOO inconvenient. Newsflash, we have specific rights spelled out so that they CAN’T just ignore it when it isn’t convenient.
    If rights were only relevant when it was convenient, we wouldn’t need them, now would we?

    Nor is it solely about searching homes, and mark my words they will start using that tactic more and more now that they did it this once.
    It is about how they treated innocent citizens who were clearly NOT the suspect. Would you be so understanding if while pointing guns at every man, woman, and child, they accidentally shot someone?
    Probably you would. After all, to you the only thing that matters is the needs of the cops, not the needs of the people and society they serve.

    How is that USSR flag holding up?

  • Casual Observer

    This is the very reason MILLIONS of National Guard and Army Reserves were cycled through Iraq and Afghanistan. By exposing civilian police and other law enforcement authorities to duty in the Gulf which involved kicking in doors and terrorizing innocent civilians, the U.S. Government programmed our civilian authorities to disregard the Constitution of the United States.

    With disarmament, the people of this nation will be defenseless sheep ready for slaughter… as per Agenda 21. There will be NO armed force attempting to rescue the American people from their own government, although NATO and the U.N. will show up to give them a hand in their fight against “domestic terrorists.” FACT: Israeli authorities are ALREADY assisting with the cover-up in Boston.

    Those who choose to remain in large urban areas are risking the future of their families. The last refuge for those who are awake and aware is the intermountain West. Don’t wait until it’s too late to move someplace safe.

  • d0nj3nko

    Get used to it, there are too many indoctrinated people out there… They specifically target the children and have done for generations through schools, they teach them the state the absolute that can do no wrong… Obama’s father was a marxist, this has been leading up to where we are today, the end goal is a very scary way of life… God bless us all…

  • Stacked Hats

    “Nor is it solely about searching homes, and mark my words they will start using that tactic more and more now that they did it this once.”

    Where Slappy will happily drop to his knees and go to town on the first costumed thug he sees.

  • Christian

    I expect this action by the corporate police will end up in a courtroom.

  • Hey

    Bill of Rights? It has no teeth….cops can cancel it anytime and not fear any reprisals.

    Government tries to bypass rights by creating illegal laws…by the time it gets to courts (years), it has served it’s purpose.

    No one is safe in Super Police State USA.

  • Afghan War Vet

    This video made me sick to the pit of my stomach! This is too eerily similar to a cordon and search you would see in a combat zone, not a residential street in “Anywhereville” USA. Law enforcement officials are entirely out of line here. I will not tolerate this kind behavior!! You as someone from the “Land of the Free” should not either!

  • Amigajoe

    Why do I always hear gun wing-nuts crowing about an armed citizenry being a bulwark against Govt. tyranny? How badly can a group of people delude themselves?!?

  • Mr. Bawkbagawk

    dont feed the trolls.

  • t.


    I would think just about as delusional as yourself.

  • slappy

    Shawn you just cannot be this stupid shithead. You weren’t even there. The video wasn’t made by an activist. I’m willing to be the video was posted somewhere else and these idiot activists took it and made another another rhetoric rant out of it. The police can enter the houses in a situation such as this. They were looking for a terrorist. Activists can’t stand the fact that the PD and FBI are celebrated as heroes by the people of Boston.

  • james

    Im from the boston area, the police didnt even find the guy, after the governer lifted the 30 minutes after they lifted the lockdown a guy went out for a smoke and found him in his boat and then called police.

  • shawn

    You think that will end now that they did it once? Dream on. It is a dangerous precident, because we already know what cops think of our rights, especially the 4Th.
    Nor does the hunt for this guy justify treating everyone like a suspect.
    Door to door searches are not exigient cercumstances. And it didn’t even work.

    As I’d said, we have specified rights to restrain government and its agents for those situations where our rights are not convienient. What need we of rights when they only exist when cops aren’t inconvienienced?

  • slappy

    Shawn, It doesn’t matter what you say. The way the PD and FBI handled this tragedy was very good. They got the results they wanted and no other residents were injured or killed. I’m sure there are things that could be improved upon should something (God forbid) like this happen again. This applied to everyone in the city, not just one person. The people of Boston knew there was going to be house to house searches. The safety of the many out way the activists who are few. How things were handled are not up to you. The only complainers are activists who weren’t even there.

  • shawn


    Keep that in mind, along with my warning when you seehouse to house searchs with citizens all being handled at gunpoint over a grab bag of pot.

    SWAT was supposed to be a limited tactic too, for special situations. Now they have been used over the most minor of offenses an flimsy information.

    What you see is just the immediate situation. I see the inevitable mission creap that has happened time and again. SWAT, tasers, TSA, the list goes on. Once a tool has been used once, they find more and lesser reasons to do it again.

  • slappy

    SWAT are highly trained to deal with situations such as this. Public safety will always come first. Outside of a bunch of dumb activists claiming all these rights infractions, I haven’t heard or read about anyone bitching and whining like these activists do. The activists weren’t even there. The activists took some video that probably wasn’t even filmed for the purposes they are using it for. You are making assumptions about the PD, SWAT, TSA you can’t prove.

  • shawn


    Hahaha. Oh, rich.

    I’ll respond to that one later when i have time.

  • Greg

    It took a private citizen to spot that kid and not a bunch of cops in swat gear. nuff said.

  • YankeeFan


    That is the funny part to be honest. The helicopters, lockdowns, stopping of mass transit, door to door searches, curfews and yet, it was a average Joe stepping out for a smoke that saw the blood trail and said, Mr. Police officer, he is in my boat I think!

    Not picking on anyone or taking sides just pointing out something I find amusing about this.

  • t.

    YF. The lockdown forced him there. Think bigger.

  • Common Sense

    Bullshit article #98

    Now had the Watertown family posted this, you might have something. But now, not so much.

  • t.

    Imposter guy. Stop already. Your an idiot.

  • Shawn


    Go here for a few minutes. If you don’t even bother reading this, go here.

    TSA was commissioned for airport security purposes, primarily. Now, since their creation, what have we seen? We’ve seen massive increases in the tactics used. And while they were busy making everyone submit to degrading examinations, they have bent over backwards to not offend muslims.
    What’s the point then? We know who is bombing and hijacking planes.

    And now we’ve seen their tactics and sphere of influence expand. They now make surprise checks at bus station and train stations. And even better, a high school prom was subjected to these pat downs. Though there has never been an attack at a high school prom.

    They are moving farther and farther away from their original mission, and at the rate they are going you won’t be able to buy groceries without getting molested. And they haven’t stopped a single attack.

    “SWAT are highly trained to deal with situations such as this. Public safety will always come first.”

    Wrong on many areas, but right on one of them. This is the exact reason for the creation of SWAT. For special circumstances that are beyond normal police activity. Though I still question the appropriateness of pointing guns at every man, woman, and child who are clearly not the suspect.
    Mission creep has taken SWAT’s role from fighting terrorists, and brought it down as low as a SWAT team raiding a man’s home because they thought he might have taken more that the 10 fish limit that morning. That’s a little silly don’t you think? And a little dangerous?
    SWAT mission creep has a lot of causes. And even former SWAT have been pointing them out, and the dangers of their misuse.
    Issue One, The big cities got SWAT, then the smaller ones. Pretty soon, every One Light Town was wanting their own swat team. Why? Police version of Keeping Up With the Joneses.
    As more traditional SWAT people pointed out, those towns don’t have the resources to select and train a SWAT team. In those towns, it is SWAT by name only. They had no real selection process to weed out the Call of Duty operators. And that is a statement from a classical SWAT officer, not by me. What they got was guys who thought is was cool to strap on the war gear.
    And their small town has led to the issue that they are a SWAT team without a valid mission. They had no justification for their team’s existence. They didn’t get five bank robberies and hostage situations a week. Their most likely town problem was a fight at the bar.
    So to justify SWAT, they downgraded the mission. Now SWAT will be used against known violent offenders. Hard to argue against that of course.
    But like all such agencies and groups, the criteria grew less and less, until non-violent offenses rated SWATing. And the evidence to justify using SWAT has dropped. Now, simply the word of a drug dealer, or a cop claiming he can smell pot.
    In tampa Fl, several houses were recently raided for that reason. But all that was ever found was that the people bought gardening supplies, and only one had user levels of drugs. The rest had nothing, but the cop ‘could smell pot.’
    And as I said at the beginning, a man was SWATed over fish.

    Issue Two
    The culture of SWAT. Cops have convinced themselves that the only answer is now SWAT. In some areas, SWAT serves all warrants, no matter how minor. They no longer look for alternative answers.
    And that culture has chosen to ignore all the problems associated with SWAT use. Like the inevitable accidents that they refuse to take responsibility for.
    A SWAT officer was taking a man into custody. The officer tripped with his finger resting on the trigger. He killed the suspect. Now, in any other profession, that would be call gross negligence. In the police world. Opps.
    A well trained swat officer panicked when another officer shot a dog. He turned to the wall of the house he was in and sprayed. He killed a teen girl.
    Recently a flash bang was tossed into a suspected meth lab. Now first off, as a SWAT officer had said, “Is is really a good idea to through anything with the word ‘bang’ into a methlab?”
    The flash bang burned a small girl, and no meth lab was found.
    Recently a SWAT raid took a shot at a girl because they hallucinated a gun that didn’t exist.
    The SWAT culture also has clearly shown they don’t care about the harm they leave behind when they raid innocent homes. It is a traumatic event, especially for children. You don’t just forget that a dozen armed thugs raided your home and pointed weapons at you while screaming threats of death.

    Slappy, these incidents of ‘highly trained professional SWAT’ are far too common for such sloppy work. And I’ve posted many others.
    Go here for a very nice listing of some absurd screw ups.

    Go look at that and tell me you don’t see some problems. And cops, including T, don’t care about these screw ups. You can’t tell them a damn thing. Any suggestion to tone it down is nothing but pro crime nonsense, and T will say that while standing over the grave of a dead child killed by a cop.
    These guys, including T, will kill and terrorize you in a heartbeat, and never even question their mistakes. They just press on and make more mistakes.

  • YankeeFan


    You missed the joke.

  • YankeeFan

    and it wasn’t a forced lockdown. It was a joke about all these police activities and yet it was a guy, who most lilkey would have been home due to the time, that saw the blood trail!

  • YankeeFan

    Just like with your comment on the police chief going back to work, it was a joke. I saw that it was and thought that is funny. My above statement was a joke. You can actually picture some version of that on John Stewart or another show:

    “Was it the police choppers with thermal imaging that caught the suspect? No! Was it the door to door searches, that some are calling unconstitutional, that caught the suspect? No! Was it the thousands of federal, state and local police that caught the suspect? No! It was a man on his back porch armed with a cigarette that saw the blood and called the police. Get the joke now because that’s what I meant. Please learn to get jokes amigo!

    and this is extra:

    No one in Watertown had to stay at home. The shelter-in-place was optional, largely an effort to ensure public safety in the classic sense of such requests. Time explains the difference:

    “The lockdown is really voluntary, to be honest with you,” says Scott Silliman, emeritus director of the Center on Law, Ethics and National Security at Duke Law School. “The governor said he wants to use sheltering in place. Sheltering in place is a practice normally used if you’re dealing with a pandemic, where you’re telling people, ‘You may have been exposed and we want you to stay exactly where you are so we can isolate everything and we’ll come to you.’”
    The “shelter in place” request is legally different from a state of emergency, which Patrick declared earlier this year as winter storm Nemo descended on the Bay State


    OK you terrorist tracking down experts…what actions should the cops have taken? Easy to sit back and say “that’s wrong.” What should they do.

    And a video from accross the street doesn’t answer the question as to what THOSE homeowners said, or whether they have consent or not. Where is the video from the house the footage was taken from??? Cuz I’m willing the bet the cops went there also.. Willing to bet there is footage…but it doesn’t jive with the message they want to present.

  • Wmills

    The police actually cared if Watertown was safe? Watertown? Really… Watertown. I hate to beat a dead horse here, but wouldn’t Watertown be like the best possible place for a terrorist? I mean who would notice if he went all islamoextremistcrazyass? After all, this is Watertown we are talking about. The 17 non inbred people who live there are probably either scientists or members of a fanatical cell.

  • America: Love it or leave it

    @ needs to get slapped/slappy. How do you know they caught the bombers? We don’t know the man was a bomber until he is put on trial. Also the police say they don’t need a warrant to enter the home-the U.S. Constitution says they do. The U.S. Constitution is the supreme law of the land. If police would ENFORCE the supreme law of the land instead of breaking it we would not have these problems. I saw somebody post on one of these stories about the “CSPOA” It sounds like a great idea-I’m in.

  • Greg

    @ PSOSGT What should they do? Let’s see…..your job as normal and wait for a citizen to call in a sighting of the suspect? which could have happened sooner if citizens weren’t asked to stay in their homes. Not a knee jerk overreaction by politicians. The police aren’t going to be the voice of reason because you know that the first chance they get they are going to bring out all their toys and run roughshod over folks because that’s what they do today. They have no concern for respecting the publics safety anymore only their own, not that they shouldn’t have concern for their safety, it’s just that they go too far with it today and react instead of think. Yea, think,….. like “PEACE OFFICERS” back in the day use to. They were there to KEEP THE PEACE, not escalate it. No respect or professionalism for the citizens they are paid to protect and serve.
    This is just a guess… is it possible that what was shown was how they were treated before this film was taken and they decided to then film the next encounter they saw for proof of the actions of the police. Or after they filmed this and they ended up just complying with the police because they didn’t want to be treated like criminals if they exercised their civil liberties after they recorded this?
    It doesn’t really matter “Where is the video from the house the footage was taken from???” The footage speaks for itself.

  • Shawn


    “OK you terrorist tracking down experts…what actions should the cops have taken? Easy to sit back and say “that’s wrong.” What should they do. ”

    The first think they should NOT do is point guns at everyone they see. They have a basic description, so why treat people who are obviously not the suspect as if they were?
    You do understand that pointing guns at people is dangerous? That cops are not immune from accidental discharge?

    The second thing is they still need to obey the constitution. It isn’t only applicable when it is convenient. Exigent, which isn’t in the constitution at all, is for when you have reason to believe there is a dangerous suspect or person in threat, ect. in the house. It is not a catchall for a door to door sweep.

    My issue isn’t so much them doing this in this situation, it is that now they will start using the tactics for lesser offenses. As I told Slimy, it’s call mission creep. SWAT was the same way. “It’s only for special situations like terrorists and hostage situations.” Then it “We only use it to raid known violent criminals.”
    Now? “We will use it if we suspect you harvested too many fish this morning.” Or “if some crack head gives us the address of your grandmother by mistake.”


    @ Greg sure…if you think the “normal” thing to is wait for people to spot him and dial 911….but were we dealing with a “normal” bad guy??… or someone who just blew a bunch of people up. Maybe…just MAYBE, they told people to stay inside cause they loons fucking carjacked someone, got into a rolling gun battle with police….. IMO… chances are if they came in contact with police again..there would be more gun battle(and there was).. so.. when this 2nd gun battle happens(ed).. should the streets be flooded with people?

    And when someone BLOWS up a bunch of folks.. then car jacks someone, INNITIATES gunfire with the police, throws bombs out of the fleeing car……..how are the cops “esculating” things??? If I stop a car and the driver hopes out shooting..did I esculate things..or did the driver?

    and Shawn.. again thanks for telling us what the should NOT do……………………………………………………………

    People of Boston seem pretty pleased the cops caught him but oh well..

  • Greg

    @ PSOSGT First off the cops only caught him AFTER a citizen called in a sighting.
    That’s exactly what terrorist wants and what authorities gave them was fear and over reaction. You don’t give the american people enough credit to be responsible enough to handle this. You think only LEO are capable and you want to give the terrorists exactly what they want…..for us to be afraid and let the

  • Greg

    authorities handle it. ……….

  • Greg

    LEO say it all the time,,,,,if only more of the public would come forward to help. well, let the public decide on their own if they want to hide like cowards in their homes and let the public help. Like that gentleman did who found him THEN called you to round him up.

  • Greg

    8 times more likely to get shoot by a cop than by a terrorist. Look at the Dorner situation in California.

  • Those law enforcement officers look as if they are expecting to get shot at or blown up…because they are wearing all kinds of protective gear. Helmets, kevlar, and they are toting rifles to protect themselves. Then, they force unarmed, unhelmeted, un-kevlared citizens out onto the street…the street LE seems to think is going to erupt in gunfire.

    To protect and serve? I don’t think so.

  • Just a question to all here and directed at both sides of this arguement:

    What is the Police or Judges going to say or rule or do when a homeowner, say in Indiana (which recently passed a law supporting a homeowners right to protect his home even against jack-booted-thugs) arms and armors up equal to the JBTs and to the point of firing his arms in protection of his 4th Amend. rights? IF he survives and IF he fights the situation to a stand-off, or IF he successfully flees, would he not be justified? Would he not have the law in his corner for his actions?

    You see, there is coming a tipping point very soon in this country where those in authority will be called to answer for their behaviour. The police are cocky and arrogant now while there isn’t but a few criminals shooting at them. When SHTF how will they operate when a whole bunch of folks are shooting at them? Let’s take this to a very probable conclusion. Let’s say the President issues a Presidential Order for the Police to confiscate firearms. It would obviously be an illegal order, however, I am certain that there are forces that would be all to glad to comply. Would someone like me, who is dead certain what my reaction to this action would be, who has a very tactical mind, set up killing fields, homemade claymores, high-powered rifles that are able to defeat the Level V armored vests that the police wear, be liable and prosecuted for murder in the defence of my home?

    Just some thoughts that I think that both sides need to consider prior to the eventual events occurring.

  • t.

    Alvin: The judge will look at that homeowners obituary and say that he should have opened the door in the middle of a very serious public emergency.

    Marie: Yours is truly one of the least inciteful and uneducated and unknowing comments ever posted here. And that says something with many of the foolish posters on this site. If the suspect had been out on the street…where the police were temporarily placing the homeowners….he would have already been caught. Wow, yours was a really dumb comment.

  • t.: “Inciteful”? If I had said the cops were absolutely right in forcing unarmed people into the street at a time when the cops had no idea where the bad guy was…perhaps then you would have thought my comment insightful? Oh, and before you start throwing stones about uneducated commenters, you might want to check your spelling.

  • Ripped out of their homes? Scary stuff!

  • YankeeFan

    That’s why on Policeone, there were a few police officer posters that flat out said no way in hell would they have answered the door or let them in without a warrant, even in that situation. That there was no reason to point guns at homeowners, barking at them, yelling to get hands up and doing a pat down.