Cop Punches Girl in Face

I’ve seen no hard facts on what did or didn’t happen prior to this video starting, though some say the girl in the video was merely jaywalking.  What you do see though is shocking, a grown man punching a woman in the face and she wasn’t even the one he was trying to arrest.

Another thing that I didn’t see anyone commenting on was the fact that the officer says little to nothing for about the first two minutes.  Only then does he state that the girl should stop resisting and that she is under arrest.  Why wouldn’t he be saying that the whole time?  Why was this guy trying so hard to arrest her himself? Was it to fill his quota?

I’ve also seen comments from folks claiming that the force used was justified because she was resisting.  If you seriously think that jaywalking is an offense, since it has no victim and this girl seemed to be old enough to cross the street, that requires police – I feel sorry for you.  This is a perfect example of things police could stop doing that would not only help taxpayers but would make police, as well as everyone else, a lot more safe.

Ademo Freeman

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