Greece, NY Police officer: “Fuck it, you’re under arrest!”, as he is Caught on Video Violating African-American Youth’s Civil Rights!

By Davy V.

A disturbing video shows Greece, NY Police officers arresting a young African-American teen, on Wednesday May 15, 2013, for no other reason other than him walking on a public sidewalk.

The video, recorded by a brave Greece Olympia High School student begins with a female Greece, NY Police officer telling an African-American teen to “Keep walking.”

A male GPD officer dressed in plain clothes, then yells at the young man “Keep walking! Keep walking or you’re going to jail!”

“I’m not doing nothing”, the young man is seen and heard telling the officer .

“You’re blocking the sidewalk!”, the officer yells.

The young man then tries to explain to the officer that he wasn’t blocking the sidewalk, and that if anything, the officer is the one who is walking towards him.

The angry Greece Police officer then says “Fuck it, you’re under arrest!”, and grabs the young man, twisting his arms, as bringing him down on the ground

The female Greece Police officer is then seen on the video yelling at the young man who is recording, “Keep walking!”

“I’m waiting for my friend”, the teen recording the video is heard saying.

“Your friend is going to jail!”, a plain clothes officer replies.

According to the teen who recorded the video, there was a fight at the high school, that did not involve the young teen who was arrested.

“They followed us off the property, and then the undercover officer came out of nowhere”, said the teen.


I will be updating this post soon.


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Davy V.

Davy V. is a Cuban-American Filmmaker, Video Producer, Photographer and Freelance Writer, best known for using the power of video and film to expose Police Brutality, Corruption and Misconduct.

The son of the late Mario Vara, a community activist who for years fought against Police Brutality and Misconduct in Rochester, New York, Davy V. got his start in Television and Video by tagging along and working camera for his father’s cable access television show, “La Voz Del Pueblo” (The Voice of The People).

Davy V. later went on to produce and host “KEEP IT ON THE REEL”, a cable access TV show with a mix of Hip Hop as well as issues affecting African-Americans and Latinos in Rochester, NY, such as Police Brutality and Misconduct. Some guests on the show included Treach, KayGee and Vinnie of Naughty by Nature, Method Man, Funkdoobiest, Da Youngstas, and the Rottin’ Razkals.

Davy V. won the U.S. ACM Video Festival Award for his Documentary, “R.P.D. EXPOSED!” about the Rochester, New York Police Department and their long history of misconduct, corruption and unnecessary killings of unarmed innocent citizens.
“R.P.D. EXPOSED!” and Davy V.’s follow up, “R.P.D.: Badges of DISHONOR, CORRUPTION and MURDER!” were both screened at the National Hip Hop Political Convention at Rutgers University in Newark, New Jersey.

Davy V.’s work has been featured in publications such as THE SOURCE Hip Hop Magazine, URBAN AMERICA Magazine, The Ave. Magazine, Insider Magazine, La Voz Newspaper, Minority Reporter Newspaper, CNY LATINO Newspaper, DOWN Magazine, as well as on television news stations, and programs such as CNN and Inside Edition.

In addition to his freelance writing, Davy V. also writes a monthly Op/Ed Column for LA VOZ Magazine and Minority Reporter Newspaper.

In June 2012, Davy V. joined Cop Block as a regular contributor.

  • d0nj3nko

    Lets hope we see some accountability here and those people/thugs in costume lose their jobs… It is hard to believe they are employed by the public to serve the public when you see outright tyranny such as this. The usual trolls will be here justifying yet more exposed abuse but lets be serious, they have zero credibility and very foul mouths.
    God bless all and may we see real justice!

  • Greg

    Don’t really feel the whole story is here.

  • slappy

    WHat a bunch of fucking bullshit. That asshole was arguing with the police not to mention resisting to move away from the crime scene. Why didn’t they show the beginning as to why the police were called there in the first place. Typical bullshit video trying to make the police look bad. There was no fucking excuse for that guys behavior. It looked like he was either part of the problem or became an asshole because he thought he knew better. If it takes three police officers to remove him from a scene then he was big time in the wrong. Only dumbfuck activists will come to his fucking defense.

  • slappy

    I’d like to suck those cops dicks. No use for the bitch but maybe she could choke me while I look at pictures of her daughter.

  • shawn


    ” That asshole was
    arguing with the police not to mention resisting to move
    away from the crime scene. Why didn’t they show the
    beginning as to why the police were called there in the
    first place.”

    One, arguing with a cop is no in and of itself a crime or even wrong. You’ve

  • shawn

    You’ve put cops on a pedistal equal with god. As for the video, tell me you at least considered that they didn’t start recording immediately. Few people walk around recording 24/7.

  • t.

    Another riveting Davy V. non-story.

    3nko: What would they lose their jobs for? Doing their job?

    Sterling “journalism” there Davy. You remain impotent.

  • slappy

    i can’t believe these asshole fucking cops they are such bullies somebody oughtta haze those fucksticks they are just stupid and should go choke themselves

  • Keith

    Like usual, Slappy and T miss the point, i’m sure on purpose. First for Slappy, what crime scene? Are you serious, he was on a public sidewalk, not a crime scene, and was told he was blocking it, which was why he was arrested. Damn you are stupid. As far as “T” goes, great arguement “Another riveting Davy V. non-story”. What the fuck is your point. And do yourself a favor and look up, then use the word “impotent” in the correct context.

  • d0nj3nko

    As I said in my first post,’zero credibility’!
    God bless all.

  • Will

    Want to get rid of bad cops,you must first get rid of the ‘police unions’.

  • Backfire

    Good reporting on this one. You stuck to the facts presented in the video and did little to no embellishing. This is the way it all of your reports should be, so we can be the judge, without any hype inserted by the reporter(s). Thanks.

    As for the video, the cops could have de-escalated the situation. They need to use more tact and be less confrontational. The kid was just walking down the sidewalk…

  • slappy

    Keith you fucking prick. You could see the police were moving him away from the scene. That loser was not following though and resisting the officers so he was busted. He obviously wanted to get arrested.

    Shawn Fucking activists are always walking around with cameras on. SInce you are to fucking blind to see what was going on that only says you have no character. The guy was told to leave and he wasn’t so he got busted. Simple as that. Only a piece of shit like you would want to hold his hand loser.

  • @T when is it legal to push someone like that? he wasnt under arrest…wasnt being detained…If I pushed you like that would there be a charge?

  • Keith

    One more thing, for Slappy, and the rest of the boot lickers and Leo’s on here. Look up my posts, any and all of them, and if you can read and comprehend what you read, you will see I am not an anarchist/activist/conspiracy theorist. As a matter of fact, I sometimes even side with the po-leece, if they are in the right. Ya see, you are worse than the blanket “i hate cops” people. You do the same thing, but from the other end of the spectrum, the side that is supposed to support order. Anyway, just wanted to enlighten you, not that it will sink in, just so I can call you fucking morons for mislabeling me like Crappy Scrappy does time and again.
    P.S. Just to simplify, all I want is police accountability, and not from their fellow thugs in blue, but a non-partisan entity. I guy can dream can’t he.

  • Keith

    One more One more thing, Scrappy, the only thing that you have written that I have read that is correct, is your statement of me being a prick. Congrats, even gay blind squirrel get’s a nut once in a while.

  • d0nj3nko

    lol @ keith… Made my day, I will be using your saying if you do not mind?

  • @Keith

    Same here….I get up everyday and go to work….pay my taxes(never bitched about it). I just hate DIRTY LEO’s

  • Steve Pert

    Everyone on here talks about paying taxes as if that defines your patriotic duty. FEDERAL taxes, as in FDIC are illegal. If any of you have a grade school education then you would know our country was founded because of tax and religious persecution. God bless America is a fucking joke. You and I are nothing but corporate slaves. Some of us like sloppy accept it as truth. The rest of us are just dying slowly. America is a corporation. I don’t pay federal taxes and I don’t want a goddamned thing from our government.

  • dick

    i love this government service. please raise my taxes so we can have some more government thugs on the street that do nothing but consume wealth.

  • Steve Pert

    Everyone on here should go to and read this book. For sloppy it should take a week, for others it’s an easy read that should take a couple of hours. If you want to gracefully bow out of the system there is a way. America is a corporation to funnel money from workers to the elite. The Federal Reserve is a private bank, not owned by or for the American people. The Internal Revenue Service is in place to collect money for who? You got it, the Federal Reserve.

  • Steve Pert

    Another good book every American should read is The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin. Take a look at how and why the Federal Reserve was set up. Sorry sloppy, this one’s over your head buddy. Your condemned to be a slave no matter how hard we try to enlighten your shallow views.

  • RadicalDude

    This is pure criminal gang violence.

    @Steve Pert:

  • YankeeFan

    Well said Slappy. Great commentary. With each comment, you become more and more marginalized. I am still waiting for you to begin a comment with fucking or some other curse.

  • Shawn


    Well, he hasn’t started with a curse. But he did manage to drop five F bombs in one post yesterday, and he loves using the C word.

  • Shawn


    “Shawn Fucking activists are always walking around with cameras on. SInce you are to fucking blind to see what was going on that only says you have no character.”

    Oh, rich. I’m the one without character. And this from one of the worst mouths here that happily drops the C word and needs F bombs several times in a post.
    And you can’t even tell the difference between right and wrong behavior in a cop, or anyone else. In your world, everything they do is good, and everything anyone else does is bad. No one should dare disagree with a cop in your world.
    You have about as much sense of right and wrong as a police SWAT team popping puppies and smashing houses over someone growing tomatoes.
    You don’t care about character or right and wrong. You care about control. You can’t live in a world without the government controlling everything every second of the day.

    And who said the kids in the video were activists? Dude, every cell phone in the country now has a camera and people who never even thought about being an activist are now pulling them out to record police behavior.
    Talk about jumping to conclusions.

  • slappy

    Oh look it crusader Shawn. King of the fagots. You continue to show what a fucking loser you are by agreeing with the dumbass who put this video up. I’m surprised they didn’t interject racism into the video. It is total bullshit liek you fagot. Go choke yourself and move out of your parent’s basement.

  • brian

    “slappy says:
    May 21, 2013 at 10:29 am
    I’d like to suck those cops dicks. No use for the bitch but maybe she could choke me while I look at pictures of her daughter.”

    Yeah Slapper, I figured you for a fucking cocksucker.

  • Shawn


    While I’d believe any deviancy out of slappy, you do realize that wasn’t really him, don’t you? Slappy is into penthouse forums. That’s probably where he get’s his handle from.

    “Go choke yourself and move out of your parent’s basement.”
    Oh, come on. Can’t you call me names and such? Maybe throw in a C word or two?

  • slaptavist
  • t.

    Dude: You deny sovereign leanings but then thank the idiot @Pert for recommend it? Hmmm.

    ©Keith: What point did I miss? That this is another story that is basically invented by Davy V. in his attempt to stay relevant? Or that in his continued failing to stay relevant has shown him to be impotent? No, I thank I got all that. Thanks for playing though.

  • Sebastian

    What the heck are “civil rights”? can anyone show me one of these marvelous fictional concepts?

    I detest the police, but I also welcome the removal of “youfs” from where I live.

    ’nuff said.

  • RadicalDude

    I agree civil rights is largely a superstitious idea, but I do believe that there are demonstrable human rights.

  • RadicalDude

    @t. Is that a sovereign book? I don’t know. What do you mean sovereign leanings? I really don’t even think I even fully understand what the term even means and I think it’s kind of a loaded term, especially in the context of how you’re using it. I am very interested in learning more about the fed, I took a tour of one of their branch locations a few years ago, it was very interesting, but the tour guide didn’t seem to go too much into the history.

  • RadicalDude

    So, ya, getting back to the “sovereign” thing, what does that mean? Can you give me definitions for:


    “sovereign leanings”?

  • RadicalDude

    Okay, I just looked up some info on that book, and it doesn’t look like a sovereign-citizen type book, if that’s what you’re implying, seems like you’re trolling with fake rumors like in the other article comments earlier.

  • joe

    i hope this cop is sued for unlawful arrest

  • Justin

    What Davy doesn’t say is, there was a “scheduled” fight via Facebook and twitter,between 2 high schools, I have watched it escalate the past few weeks because my daughter goes to one of them.

    There were more then 100 students gathering to either fight or watch, some armed with knives. The police had a tough time breaking these groups up and getting them to go home, and when idiots like this refuse, they go to jail, as he should have. Charges will most likely be dropped, but this kid needed to learn a lesson, because his parents obviously are not teaching him right.

    Davy NEVER gives the whole story, why have you all failed to see this yet?

  • Ariel

    Steve Pert, really, please bow out from paying income tax if only because it goes to the Federal Reserve. Please do and tell everyone you do. Tell everyone you meet and put it on Facebook. Tell Wesley Snipes.


    Any book that calls the Federal Reserve Act illegal, ties income tax as going to the Federal Reserve, and likely claims the 16th Amendment as somehow illegal, is a book to steer away from. It’s peddling BS through BS. However, if you read it on the Internet, it must be true. Just like when people read it on dead tree media and declared it true because it was on dead tree media.

  • Joel

    LTBHTF !

  • North Philly

    had more then enough chances, keep walking bitch!!!

  • Justin

    All this kid had to do was turn around and walk away, but noooo he wanted to argue.
    I know, I know, he doesn’t have to comply, but in the end wouldn’t it be easier?
    What did he expect by walking Into a wall of cops?

    Kids these days think their are no repercussions to their actions, parents are not doing their jobs and teaching their children how to act in public!

  • Justin

    Here are some comments from kids that helped spread word if the fight, names deleted since they are minors of course.

    stop frontin on olympia mad of my friends go there they not scum if athena wants too start shit and have a brawl olympia was just there too finish it.

    you’re school is also full of a bunch of faggot’s

    Olympia isn’t scummy, we’re all one big ass family. That’s why when people wanna fight the whole school, they got it.

    Okay well Athena just has a bunch of stuck up pussies and Arcadia is just a bunch of jock assholes, and Odyssey has a bunch of losers with high test scores

    Let’s clear this up…It wasn’t even supposed to be a brawl…people just kept jumping in, and more people got involved… And the original two Olympia kids involved were both white…Half of Athena thought it was just two kids fighting, the other half didn’t know or didn’t care…
    It’s rude to call out a whole school for a fight that got spread out too far.
    Fuck Greece in general. Every school sucks

    Well, we told you guys to relocate because cops were going to be there. You guys said it was fine and to go anyway… We got pulled over at Buckmen heights and told people not to come, so everyone turned around. And we watched all you guys come out of the woods and be called out by cops.
    You guys weren’t the only ones cops were trying to get.

    Just sayin, calling Athena a bunch of pussies isn’t “cool” when it was really only a few people. Also, everyone is saying “oh Athena didn’t show up #squad yolo pussies”, yet we got stopped by cops before any of you, which is why “we” weren’t there. Stop calling Athena pussies and classify it down to:
    Cops ruined it. Because of the cops it didn’t happen.
    If cops weren’t involved, 99% sure it would have happened.
    It’s all good. It’s been relocated and Re-assigned to a new date. Low profile, and no one is spreading when or where. I don’t even know when or where, I just know it’s happening.

    So again, tell me this kid was there doing nothing, nothing at all, grouped up with all the other kids that were there for a fight!

  • Justin

    Oh and one more thing, LOVE how Davy has to constantly perpetuate racism by throwing in “African-American Male” in there when this arrest had absolutely NOTHING to do with his race. Just more proof that Davy V is the true racist one posting here.

  • Steve Pert

    I believe this kid was there to watch or fight. Kids do that. I did it as a kid. It has always happened and always will. Kids, teenagers or whatever you want to call them are passionate on a level we adults have all but forgotten.

    Adults have propagated a situation on school grounds that is horrendous. One side wants to ban all guns. They have succeeded on school grounds. That leaves all school personnel and the kids vulnerable for misguided kids to come in and shoot the place up without the threat of being shot back at. We need to give administration the right to defend themselves and our kids in an apparently deadly place to be. I will bet a dime for a dollar that if adults could arm themselves on school grounds these troubled youths would think twice about pulling another Sandy Hook.

  • Steve Pert

    Let’s put it this way. When you see a kid coming down the hall carrying an AR-15, shoot to kill. The way it is now your only choice is to run, hide and count bodies later.

  • t.

    Dude: so the freeman book isn’t a sovereign type book. OK then. Says volumes.

  • Buford T. Justice

    Thanks Davy, for more of your high quality “journalism” (note sarcasm here). Once again, I see you are involved with shit happening near a school. Being the astute investigator that I am, I see a pattern developing here. You seem to hang near schools a lot….just saying

  • I will keep paying my part…you and Alex Jones do what you want…

  • Justin

    When did this become a gun debate? This is about a bunch of punk kids being punk kids, and this video, that shows one of those punk kids being taught a lesson, when police are dispersing a crowd, it’s best to just leave. As much as I support police, in a situation like this, I wouldn’t argue and put myself at risk of being injured by someone all hopped up on adrenalin, I would turn and walk away.

    The point is, this video does not show an assault, or a violation of anyone’s rights. It shows police trying to intervene in a huge fight and clear the area of kids, I am sure the people in that neighborhood appreciated the police making the kids keep moving. I know I do when I have 20 – 30 kids hanging out in my front yard, throwing garbage all over, spitting all over my walk way.

    The only reason davy ran with this is to make it seem racially motivated, and it was not.

  • Slappy

    I can’t keep up this charade any longer. I’m just a troll. I’m a 34 year old mall security guard. I live in my mom’s basement. I failed out of the police training program at community college. The only sexual experience I’ve ever had was with my uncle. Posting comments on sites like this and pissing others off is the only way I can find to feel good. It’s really the only way I can get any attention or really get anyone to interact with me. I’m just angry at my own personal failures in life and I’m really lonely. I honestly just need a friend and a hug.

  • Keith

    Steve Pert. What the hell are you talking about???? This country didn’t start because of being taxed you moron, one of the MANY issues was “taxation without representation”. For fuck sakes, read a book. What that means, since you probably have never heard of it, was the American settlers were being taxed an arbitrary amount without any input at all. The British got input on their taxes, but these British citizens had no say because they were “sent” to the new world. If you are going to cite “facts”, make sure they are “facts”. Federal taxes have never been illegal and we did not revolt due to being taxed. Sorry dude, but it was kinda obvious that you were one of “those” when I read your posts.

  • RadicalDude

    Ariel says:
    May 22, 2013 at 4:42 am


    Any book that calls the Federal Reserve Act illegal, ties income tax as going to the Federal Reserve, and likely claims the 16th Amendment as somehow illegal, is a book to steer away from. It’s peddling BS through BS.

    ^^^Have you read the book? I haven’t read it yet. But from what little bit I know of it, it looks like it’s about the history of the fed.
    Do you know if it makes any of those claims? About the 16th amendment, income tax paying into the fed, or the fed being “illegal”? Or it being a sovereign citizen-type of book like t. says?

  • Common Sense

    Davy says he’ll post updates, and doesn’t.

    It it because he’s lazy, or knows that if he posts what really happened, he’ll not have a chance to beg for money?

  • enslave Keene

    Does anyone other than me have a theory on why the video devices was pointed upward toward the sky from 0:03 to 0:08?

    Oh never mind, what could someone accomplish in 5 seconds right?

    Freaking joke!

  • Hey now, easy with the mall security guard jokes, Davy used to be a Mall Rent-A-Cop.

    Davy has no updates, we provided all the updates.

    I put the lead up to the fight, explained that there was a fight with 100 or more kids, either there to fight or to watch.

    And I can also post comments from these punks bragging about being arrested. One of them who actually ran from the cops, got tackled, fought with police and then cried victim when he lost the fight.

    Also some of these kids talking about making their group a “legit crew” So you tell me police intervention was not needed! All of you are wayyyy off topic here, this post is about a kid getting arrested, and you’re talking about guns, books, and god knows what else.

    FOCUS one issue at a time, most of you anti-cop people can barely handle that!

  • Davy V.

    LMFAO!!!!! Easy my trolls, and stalkers… Just got off phone with Greece Police, update will be up shortly! ILMFAO!!!!!

  • Justin

    Yeah yeah sure ya did.

  • steve

    Slappy just do it and you will be at peace.

  • Justin says:
    May 22, 2013 at 8:47 am

    When did this become a gun debate? This is about a bunch of punk kids being punk kids, and this video, that shows one of those punk kids being taught a lesson

    who is teaching the lesson?

    I thought the JUDGE was the one who gives the punisment out??? Not the LEO’s

    just another moron boot licker

  • punishment*

  • Justin

    Really? Just because I support police I’m a moron?
    Ok if you say so.
    He got taught a lesson, you challenge the police in a situation like that, and then resist arrest, you and up face down in cuffs. He was probably released to his parents, did anyone check into that?
    I have been arrested by Greece Police, and released to a family member.

  • Davy V. says:
    May 22, 2013 at 2:34 pm
    LMFAO!!!!! Easy my trolls, and stalkers… Just got off phone with Greece Police, update will be up shortly! ILMFAO!!!!!

    It’s 4.5 hours later….Andddddddddd Thennnnnnnn……..Nothing!

  • Davy V.

    LMFAO!!!! Justin, the piece has been done before I even read your initial post! Listen loser I post when I am ready! I know you can’t wait, I understand. I have a family, and unlike you,who up at 4 am and 6 am and 7 am posting and stalking, although I absolutely love exposing dirty cops, I don’t enjoy it more than I enjoy my family, and being father.

  • LMAO! I am up at 4 am because I have a job! lol,blah blah blah….same old tired ass excuses.

    I love how you can sit there and think you know all about me. The one thing you do know for a fact is I do have a job, unlike you :)

    Although I have never kept it a secret that I dont have a squeeky clean record anyways, before you TRY to dig it up lol.

    See unlike you, I dont feel the need to lie on the internet, if I wanted to remain anonymous, I would have, like all your little followers on here, but no, I use my real name, you have my picture, you know who I am, hell you have made up lies about me, and directed people to visit me at my old store, which by the way, you made up lies about that as well. Just HOW IN THE HELL does a Gas Station help RPD racially profile people????

    I’m sure, if I allowed them to be seen, you would have taken pictures of me and my daughters and used them for some sick and twisted story.

    All I have asked from you was simple. Sit down, talk, answer to your lies that I have proved to be lies. But you are too scared of me to do that.

  • patriot

    The sheeple of NY have been under police state rule for so long that just disagreeing with a stasi officer is enough to get you arrested or shot and the good sheeple think the cops are “just doing their job” Of course NYers long ago forgot what right are. Rochester,NyC now Greece coming to your home town soon. Don’t forget to thank the nice officer for setting you straight.

  • RadicalDude

    Nevermind, I was talking about the creature from Jekyl Island, I missed the link to the “sovereign” book.

  • Joker

    More to the story than what meets the eye. Clip is only 44 seconds long but what happened before this

  • Sloppy. Love that name. Poor guy needs help. Bet he’s a California pig. They are so arrogant just like Sloppy is.