Omaha Nebraska Officer Puts His Gun to the Back of My Head

This story was shared via’s ‘submit‘ page by Nick Mason.

Some friends and I were standing at Qt Gas Station on 103rd and Fort street on 5/14/13 around 2:15 am. We had just gotten off our bikes and we all went in and bought some food and drinks.

We were standing there eating and talking when two officers pulled up in a black and white Chevy Tahoe. I saw that the officers were looking at my firearm that was on my side in a holster. I didn’t really think anything of it because I have an open/concealed carry permit, so I just went on with what I was doing.

I saw that they started walking our way, but I was still not worried about it. The officers approached us asking everyone how we were doing. One of the officers then walked in between all of us. The officer then proceeded to walk behind me without saying anything more. He then turned and said, “Who do you think you are?” then pulled his firearm out and pointed it about an inch from the back of my head, like I was being executed, and ordered me to get face down on the ground. Not knowing what was going on, I did what was ordered of me.

He then told us that he never wanted to see our bikes parked the way they were again. We had three bikes between two spots, in an empty lot.

I had bought some sunflower seeds and was eating them prior to the officers arriving, and was spitting them on the ground. While I was face down, he saw the sunflower seed shells and asked me if I “really wanted to go to jail for littering.” I told him no and that I would clean them up. He then stated that he knew I was “going to be picking them up.”

He then ordered the other three bikers I was with to “leave, right now.” They had to put on all their riding gear but the officer was very impatient and proceeded to ask them why they were still there. He then ordered them to leave again.
The other officer came up to me and disarmed me while asking if it was loaded. I told him yes, that it was. They then asked me if I had any ID on myself. I told them yes and that it was in my left front pocket of my pants. The officer that disarmed me came over and took my wallet. Then while both officers were searching through my wallet, asked me if I had my permit in my wallet. As before, I said yes and told them what the permit looked like and where it was in the wallet.

The officer who grabbed my firearm then ran my ID, my permit, and the serial number on my firearm. The officer that had pointed his firearm at the back of my head was proceeding to call a detective. He asked the detective if Nebraska honored a gun permit from Iowa. He then stated to the detective that they had pulled up to the QT and a couple of people on bikes where standing around. It also appeared that one had a firearm so he approached and he did, in fact, have a firearm on his side.

That officer said that the detective asked how I was acting and he told him that I was not acting in a suspicious manner. I did not act any differently when he approached me, either. I was cooperating fully and was not causing a problem at all.

They then asked me why I felt the need to carry a firearm other then the fact that I have the 2nd Amendment right to do so. I stated “I have the firearm and the permit, so why not.” The officer that pulled his firearm then asked me if I ever felt that my life was endangered on my bike. I said yes and that “I have had a bunch of people swerve at me while I have been riding.” Later the other officer said, “Earlier you said that you carry your firearm on the bike because people swerve at you.” I said “No, he asked me if I have ever felt endangered on my bike and I said I have due to people swerving at me.”

The officer that pulled his firearm then told me I could sit up; he also told me to make sure all my stuff was there and that I could go.


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