CopBlock Radio Show – Episode 7

Join us, Adam and Eric, for episode 7 of the Copblock Radio Show.  As I mentioned last week we will be moving to for our live shows and moving to Wednesdays at 9:30pm eastern starting June 12th.  Be sure to check it out live because you’ll have access to the live chat and we’ll also have the ability to take live calls if we feel the need.  If you would like to advertise on FPRNradio during the CopBlock Radio Show please head over to and let them know you want to advertise during the CopBlock Radio Show.  It’ll help us out a lot and their rates are very reasonable.  So we’ll be doing one more show in our current format on June 4th then moving to Wednesdays on June 12th.

Also, be sure to tune in tonight (Wednesday May 29th) at 9pm eastern on our YouTube channel when we’ll be continuing our interview series with Photography Is Not A Crime founder Carlos Miller.  If you’re part of a local group who would like to come onto our interview series and talk about what’s happening in your area please be sure to shoot an email to

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Woman Killed in crash with APD

Anti-War Sues over FBI Spying

Louisville Metro Police Officer Makes Woman Strip

Cops Setup Special-needs kid to buy pot for them

Maine Cop Breaks Woman’s Nose and Fondles her friend’s breasts.

Granola Bar Bomb

Dowell, Illinois town officials seen leaving the scene of a dog shooting

DC Guns Laws are stupid

NYPD pays informant for baiting fellow Muslims

School Security Pushes Student Down a Flight of Stairs

Mississippi Charged a Woman of Murder for having a stillbirth.

Woman Told No Officers Available

Mayor Urges Nullification

New Studies Tries and Fails to Link Marijuana to Crime

Teacher Faces Disciplinary Actions for Telling Kids About Fifth Amendment
Petition link.

Albuquerque Police Chief Retires Under Pressure

Officer Pimps Out His Own Wife

Seattle Big Brother State

National Guard Counter Drug Task Force trains law enforcement

Albuquerque Vandals take down APD Surveillance

Tax payers on the hook big time in Minneapolis

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