“Papers Please” Incident Makes Cops Look Like Gestapo

Submitted by Station.6.Underground

In this video you will see police demand identification from a woman who is minding her own business, in her own home. Not only do they demand her “papers” in true Nazi fashion, but they proceed to barge into her home without a warrant.

According to comments left on the YouTube page, police initially contacted her saying that her grass was too tall. As it turns out though, they were trying to serve an arrest warrant for a woman who lived down the street.

The victim also claims that police broke things in her home, and rifled through her belongings, again, without a warrant or probable cause.

Each one of these officers should be charged with criminal trespass, at the very least, and a felony burglary charge could by substantiated as the police were armed and acting under the threat of deadly force. You will also notice that police failed to properly identify themselves, or to produce the arrest warrant.

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  • Burn The Obedient

    I believe the right way to have handled this one, even though unlawful, would have been to detain her until ID was proven. Breaking into her house could have, and maybe should have, gottne them shot.

  • Adam Miller

    More bullcrap lies from cunt fucking activist scum!! Where is the proof? This video doesn’t show a fucking thing!! Where is the documentation? Cops can kick in your door if there is a warrant out for you. Cops can kick in my door any time they want, and gang rape me. The fact that they had the wrong address is fucking irrelevant. CUNT!

  • whitey

    adam miller is a nigger

  • Adam Miller

    Hilarious. The police had a warrant for her arrest. Do you fucking honestly think the PD is just going to stand outside your door with a warrant? You did something to get your fucking ass arrested. Funny how you didn’t post that on the video. You fucking went to jail and obviously you just got out. This wasn’t about a lawn not being mowed. What a bunch of fucking shit.

  • Adam Miller, iuf the police was searching for her and had a warrant, they have to announce that before entering the door,, they did not,, they told her to keep the door open, which is a violation of her rights, she doesn’t have to keep the door open, as a matter of fact according to the law and a lawyer you should lock the door unless the cops have a warrant… 4th amendment violation is a serious crime, barging in on a woman like that and pushing your way through the house is not right. its trespassing police or not… you must be a cop, you talk like a cop and act like a cop, and bully people on the web like a cop…I have friends who are cops, and they don’t act like this.. they don’t bust into peoples homes without a warrant, they follow the book… you sir act like cops should be able to do anything they want, much like mafia, the cartel and many other gangsters… what’s the difference between a cop and a pig? A cop, modeled his idea pf [police from tv cops like andy griffith and barney fifth, they stop and help people, they protect people and their rights,, (because its part of their oath) and they also serve people, not just paper work from the court, but if a little old lady need help across the street a cop will block traffic an help her across… a pig, bases his ideology of being police off the high end action hollywood cops, the ones who break the rules… fuck up the whole town to catch one crook, becaue they are baddasses… its all about catching the criminal and getting the bigger boost for them… those are the shady fuckers that will break the video camera and delete the evidence.. They don’t want to be filmed because they know they are doing something wrong… a pig , won’t state his business. he demands things… A pig uses deadly force when there is none needed, pigs electrocute people with their tasers when the people aren’t being violent… raising of the voice is not an excuse to taze people yet I have seen time and time again when a [pig doesn’t like what a citizen says they just taze them… Being def is also not an excuse to shoot someone.. if they are walking away and you yell stop,, and they don’t that does not excuse \executing them.. yes this has happened many times.. ya pigs. are the fat bastards that pepper spray peaceful protestors because Why??? Pigs are the cops that shoot up trucks with little old ladies in them because the suspects where in fact in a truck.. a completely different make and model, but its a pickup truck we better fill it full of holes just to make sure the suspect is dead… even though the truck hosted two old ladies, nd the suspoect was a big black malke… (this actually happend durring the Christopher dorner manhunt ( who was a cop btw.. a cop, not a pig..) Pigs produce cop killers, the only reason cop killers exist is because of pigs… good cops get killed all the time, because of the shit pigs do to people… makes people jumpy when they see a cop… makes people trigger happy… because after you have been talked down to so many times from a pig.. who thinks he is better than you because he has his high school education and a 30 g a year or less job… a pig thinks he is better than everyone.. a pig talks to citizens as though they are all criminals… treats people like scum… the difference between a cop and a pig is the same between a human and a pig… but really its just bad manners to the animal to call a piece of shit police officer a pig… Because a good cop, treats people right, and does things right,, thats you job… a bad cop. is the bully from grade school, who lost his ability to bully becasue he got his sss kicked by all the people he bullied, so he grows up and becomes a douche bag cop he didn’t do it because he wanted to help people but rather because he wanted to hurt people… that is what I imagine that you are Adam… one of those guys… one day… the people will rise up, and they will change all of this when they have had enough… one day there will be a test,, and it will keep POS PIGS like you off the force…

  • Adam Miller

    I am a Homosexual Troll

  • Steve

    ↑ I knew it

  • Steve

    In your defense I understand that you are a retard. However I feel obligated to correct you. Although they unlawfully enter peoples houses all the time and get away with it, all it takes is for people to stand up for themselves for proper justice to be searved. If you’ve been kicked in unlawfully then you should have filed a lawsuit. I didn’t hear these officers inform this woman she had a warrant for her arrest. Even if they did, they would need a search warrant to search her whole home. Also, I can see clearly two officers pushing the camera with their feet. OMG ITS A CAMERA. She should have broke the camera and blamed them for it. Cuase you know damn well, they would do that to her. Adam Miller, You are a TROLL and no body in this forum is fooled. We know your a cop and you probably suck all those officers off. What makes you think that woman is a “Cunt activist scum”? Go choke on a Dick fucktard.

  • Turnkeys

    It’s a shame your understanding has no relation to the law. The video doesn’t “show a fucking thing” because they violated her first amendment rights by nudging it to the wall and turning it off. An arrest warrant doesn’t gain them entry, or they’d not have waited for her to get dressed before answering the door.

    Her mistake was opening the door, and then succumbing to intimidation. Who wouldn’t feel some measure of intimidation when faced with 7 armed thugs while home alone?

    Either way you’re making shit up based on supposition. Maybe try trolling on twitter.

  • Adam Miller is a liar

    You are an idiot, little boy. The warrant was for a different person with the same first name, Robbin. Anyone with any sense could figure that out by watching the video. Did tou even watch and listen to the video, little Adam? The cops screwed up, they had the wrong house. It’s really not a big deal that the cops had the wrong person/ house. But their behavior, language, and attitude seemed unprofessional at best. The police are supposed protect and serve the people. Even when serving an arrest warrant the police can act in a professional and polite manner. The pigs in this video were acting like more like nazi ss goons than protectors of the people and there constitutionaly protected rights.

  • Adam Miller

    William Dorsett – Spare me your fucking bullshit. Obviously the warrant was for her. She was acting like a nut job instead of just working with the PD. Obviously she went to jail because the date that this video was made is a couple of weeks ago. This whole fucking video is just bullshit like you. Making fucking bullshit claims about the police when she did it to herself. You activists are all criminals and you would stand by a murderer and hold their fucking hand. You are just another two bit dumbcunt with a keyboard in your lap. Spare me your bullshit caunt.

  • Adam Miller is a liar

    ” Obviously she went to jail because the date that this video was made is a couple of weeks ago.”

    Or maybe she just didn’t post the video till now. No, that can’t be, I’m sure your assumption is correct, ass. But really Adam where is your proof she was arrested? Where is the arrest report? There is no arrest report, because your assumption is wrong. Try again little boy.

  • ADAM MILLER = FuckTard

    Adam Miller ←→ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FMEe7JqBgvg

    ↑ That is Adam Miller ↑

    William Dorset….Holy shit that was Well said man. I am going to share that…As it is Soooo True. I have many friends that are in or were in law enforcement. And even they will agree with William. IMO any cop that is afraid of a little camera is obviously a Thug.

  • Casual Observer

    The only safe way to react to unlawful conduct by police officers like these, is to exercise your 5th Amendment Right… and remain COMPLETELY silent. Even psychopathic, brutal police officers seldom murder silent suspects, unless those officers are on drugs.

    After an unlawful and unjustified police interaction, officers and their employer are now liable for civil charges for violations under color of law. With the proper evidence, any decent civil rights attorney can obtain a sizable cash settlement for the victim without even having to go to court.

    Always remember to record any interaction with police on as many different devices as possible, and stream all video from smartphones directly to the internet so that there will be a permanent archived record, should your telephone be improperly seized as “evidence.” Without an appropriate warrant, there is NO authority for trespass upon private property, seizure of private property, or injury to persons or their property without some mitigating factor.

    Following interactions like the one in the video, victims should write down in as much detail as possible, their complete recollection of events as they took place. Details should include a specific time, date, location, and the exact names (if known) of all parties present, to include full descriptions of their appearance, statements and actions. It is a fact that memories will fade over time, so the sooner this is done the more accurate your permanent record becomes.

    References to the physical attributes any officer who may appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol should also be noted, and submitted along with an official complaint regarding the event to the appropriate precinct or city office.

    Next, contact all elected representatives within the jurisdiction and provide them with a copy of your written statement, as well as access to all video and audio recordings. As elected officials they have a duty to respond to the people as opposed to supporting the government, and if they are responsible and decent individuals they will take appropriate actions to remedy this type of abuse.

    If there is no meaningful response by those in authority regarding such an egregious and well-documented violation, then immediately contact the local newspapers and television stations and provide them with the same material.

    CopBlock is a wonderful resource, but the real pressure for reform and discipline of abusive officers must be developed on the local level. Without public awareness and pressure for action on the part of local elected representatives, most departments gladly pay cash settlements using taxpayers’ money to make the problem go away, and continue to retain problem officers.

  • steve

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  • Adam Miller-Bot

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  • RadicalDude

    She should have demanded their ID’s. At this point, the proper course of action would be to sue the cops.

  • kobold

    Pure and simple: Look thru the curtain, be quiet and of course NEVER open the door! If they had a search warrant they would break down the door. I hate to tell you, but you were dumb to open. After cop number six came in I thougt another dozen would pile in.

  • kobold

    I wonder if slappy/Miller is related to Palin, Bachman or this Texas Govenor?

  • kobold

    William Dorset: Andy Griffit was in the 50’s and in those 60 years you sure kow since than we became a police state. There also was a time when I was driving 50 miles before I saw a cop pulling someone over – now it’s more like 5 miles. I just got stopped rather harshly for one very small bulb out at my rear tag number (there are two) and got a ticket. In the 50’s one would receive just a verbal advise to replace it or not at all pulled over.

  • RadicalDude

    @Casual Observer:
    Good info, just one thing I want to add, if you have video that the cops don’t know about, it may be best to wait a while before you let them know.

  • Tim

    If she had followed the officers’ instructions promptly the mistake in identity would have been realized sooner and they would have been on their way. Too many people cause scenes when the cops get involved and then try to shift the blame to the officers. We all need to learn to take responsibility for our actions.

  • Common Sense


    Please stop trying to inject reason into these incidents.

  • YankeeFan

    Yes, Tim, the victim of mistaken identity is always to blame, not the officers who were serving a warrant for a person who didn’t live there.

  • steve


  • Daniel

    Actually, to enter a third-party’s house to *arrest* a person, the police are required to obtain a *search* warrant (with some exceptions, such as hot pursuit). All cops with even the slightest amount of intelligence should know that.

  • Horrified

    These thugs are appalling. They had no right to demand she leave her door open, no right to follow her into her home, and no right to demand ID.

    Their language and demeanor are appalling.

  • RadicalDude

    @Horrified: Ya, good point, she should also get a restraining order in addition to a civil rights lawsuit.

  • dave

    I think “Adam Miller” is a cop protecting his own

  • Well put MR Dorsett.

  • Casual Observer

    This event took place in Turtle Creek, PA. The police were serving a warrant for the owner of the property, NOT the woman pictured in the video who DID NOTHING WRONG, yet her civil rights were obviously violated by a gang of insubordinate badge-bearing thugs.

    One might very well ask what the purpose of the warrant being served might have been, as a criminal prone to violence would certainly require a much more aggressive style of policing. Well, the warrant was actually for the landlord of the property, but because they had the same name, the tenant suffered the humiliation of having both her privacy and civil rights violated by police.

    All of this took place at taxpayer expense when real criminals were committing crimes in the area, because the grass on this property was deemed to be too high. Seriously, the Turtle Creek Police Department wanted to arrest the landlord for having grass that had not been cut to an acceptable height.

    Now… let’s hear the pathetic rants of all the statists douchebags who are willing to defend these aggressive thugs serving a warrant for “failure to mow” and abusing an innocent tenant in the process.