Stopped for Open Carrying at Walmart in Hartford, CT

Submitted by Armando Gonzalez

I was stopped for open carrying in Walmart on Flatbush Ave in Hartford.The first stop occurred at about 5:00 pm on May 23, 2013. I was heading toward register when the main officer in the video approaches me from behind. He had just noticed me, as he was talking with someone and was walking toward my direction. His badge name was Daugherty. He tapped my shoulder, motioned to my gun, and asked, “what the hell is this?” I responded that I had a permit, if he wanted to see it.

The officer pulled me aside and ran my permit number. The permit was valid, and his search confirmed this. However, he then disarmed me without my consent. (As he ran my permit, he was on my left side, and when he was over he came behind me) At this time, I reached into my pocket and started to record. Unfortunately, the video cuts off shortly when the supervisor shows up. My phone’s memory was full at that point –

Once the supervisor showed up, he asked what was going on. The officer advised him that my permit was valid, but I had no guns registered to me. About a minute later, the supervisor stated that if my permit was valid, I should be let go. I was escorted to my car by the main LEO, Daugherty. The supervisor (if I remember correctly) was J. Wilson. Another officer involved was named Nelson, although I did not personally have any contact or communication with him. I was nervous as I have never been stopped before.

This is a copy of the Connecticut open carry memo I handed to the police during this incident.

During the second stop, which occurred the next day on May 24, 2013, I went to the same Walmart and was open carrying. I was with my brother because I had taken him to the range to shoot for first time earlier in the day. I asked him to be ready to record if something happened.

I was not looking for trouble – I didn’t get what I was shopping for the day before, and returned to make a purchase. As I approached the entrance, there was a different officer from last night, standing on the right side. I grabbed a shopping cart, walked in through the doors, and heard behind me “keep your hands where there are.” I didn’t move, left my hands on the cart, and the officer grabbed my right wrist. He applied pressure to force me to keep holding the cart and  disarmed me. I told my brother to record and when the video starts he see the cop taking the gun.


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