Buffalo, NY Police Execute Iraq War Veteran’s Best Friend, After Raiding Wrong Apartment

By Davy V.

As an Iraq war veteran, Adam Arroyo saw more than his share of bullets flying.

However, Arroyo would have never imagined that he would one day come home, to find his own apartment riddled with bullet holes, and his pet dog Cindy executed, by Buffalo, NY Police officers, after they executed a search warrant.

On the wrong apartment.

That’s exactly what Arroyo found Monday evening when he returned to his Buffalo apartment.

Buffalo Police officers busted his door, entered his apartment, and shot Cindy.

“She’s over here, chained up, and look at all these bullet holes man, look at the blood right there,” Arroyo told Buffalo’s WKBW News.

Buffalo Police left a search warrant in Arroyo’s apartment, which lists the apartment to be searched, as the upper apartment.

Arroyo lives in the upper-rear apartment, which has a completely separate entrance, and the mailbox is clearly marked with his name.

The suspect named in the search warrant is described as a male black, wanted on suspicion of selling crack cocaine..

Arroyo is Latino.

“For police to wrongfully come into my house and murder my dog, it wasn’t that they felt threatened, no, they murdered my dog,” said Arroyo as his eyes welled up with tears, as he added, “That was my dog, man, that was my dog, they didn’t ave to do that, you know. They didn’t have to do that.

Buffalo, NY Police spokesperson Michael DeGeorge says the department’s Internal Affairs division has launched an investigation into the case, but also added that police officers believed they had the right address.

Not only does Adam Arroyo, a veteran who served this country, return home to find his best friend shot dead, laying in a pool of blood, but he also will have to pay to have Cindy cremated.

Arroyo also has to pay to repair his own apartment door.

Another disgusting case of trigger-happy cops, executing an innocent family pet, this time after raiding the wrong apartment.



Thursday morning I drove to Buffalo, NY to meet Adam Arroyo.

As we ate at a nearby pizza spot, it didn’t take long for me to realize one thing.

The Buffalo, NY Police department picked the wrong guy.

Arroyo is a stand up guy.

As we talked he excused himself to take a phone call from his mom, who lives out of state, and is as saddened, and disgusted by what trigger-happy Buffalo cops did to an innocent family pet, as countless others are.

Arroyo showed me his apartment, beginning with the door which is dented with what was most likely some sort of battering ram.

Inside, Arroyo showed me the kitchen wall where 7 holes can be seen from buckshot which Buffalo, NY Police officers fired at Cindy. (see videos above)

Arroyo says police shot Cindy with at least two 9mm rounds, hitting her in the neck and back, and also buckshot from their department issued shotgun, which struck Cindy in her back.

While I was there, Arroyo also showed me the search warrant police left in his apartment, which interestingly, does not have the name of the Judge anywhere on it.

Only an illegible signature which looks more like loops appears above “Buffalo City Court Judge”, something anyone could have signed.


Contact Buffalo, NY Police Commissioner Daniel Derenda (716) 851-4526 or 4571

Contact Buffalo, NY Mayor Byron Brown (716) 851-4841



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Davy V.

Davy V. is a Cuban-American Filmmaker, Video Producer, Photographer and Freelance Writer, best known for using the power of video and film to expose Police Brutality, Corruption and Misconduct.

The son of the late Mario Vara, a community activist who for years fought against Police Brutality and Misconduct in Rochester, New York, Davy V. got his start in Television and Video by tagging along and working camera for his father’s cable access television show, “La Voz Del Pueblo” (The Voice of The People).

Davy V. later went on to produce and host “KEEP IT ON THE REEL”, a cable access TV show with a mix of Hip Hop as well as issues affecting African-Americans and Latinos in Rochester, NY, such as Police Brutality and Misconduct. Some guests on the show included Treach, KayGee and Vinnie of Naughty by Nature, Method Man, Funkdoobiest, Da Youngstas, and the Rottin’ Razkals.

Davy V. won the U.S. ACM Video Festival Award for his Documentary, “R.P.D. EXPOSED!” about the Rochester, New York Police Department and their long history of misconduct, corruption and unnecessary killings of unarmed innocent citizens.
“R.P.D. EXPOSED!” and Davy V.’s follow up, “R.P.D.: Badges of DISHONOR, CORRUPTION and MURDER!” were both screened at the National Hip Hop Political Convention at Rutgers University in Newark, New Jersey.

Davy V.’s work has been featured in publications such as THE SOURCE Hip Hop Magazine, URBAN AMERICA Magazine, The Ave. Magazine, Insider Magazine, La Voz Newspaper, Minority Reporter Newspaper, CNY LATINO Newspaper, DOWN Magazine, as well as on television news stations, and programs such as CNN and Inside Edition.

In addition to his freelance writing, Davy V. also writes a monthly Op/Ed Column for LA VOZ Magazine and Minority Reporter Newspaper.

In June 2012, Davy V. joined Cop Block as a regular contributor.

  • steve

    Wake up America enough is enough.

  • Golden Bear

    They didn’t execute the search warrant, they only executed Cindy. They are going to have to go back and execute their search warrant because all they did previously was botch a search warrant.

  • Dr Kranknstein

    Damn shame. I feel for you Arroyo…That is the shit end of the stick right there man. Not really sure how I would handle anyone killing one of my pets. Thank you for your service, I hope you get some kind of closure on this.

  • Justin

    Man, what a horrible mistake. And that is just what it was, a mistake. Yes the city should have to pay for that one. But in no way does this constitute police corruption. The officers thought they had the right apartment, so what if his mail box was labeled with his name! Just because his last name is Latino does not mean he himself would not appear to be a African American male, look at Juan from your story about the father and daughter on scooters, he could easily be mistaken as a black man.

    And for someone that hates mainstream media, you sure as hell ran with this one from them, didnt ya?

    Davy, why do drug dealers own pit bulls? As a “family pet”? NO!
    They have pit bulls for a number of reasons, first and foremost, to protect there dope spots. Second most dealers use their dogs for fighting too. But that’s ok right? We wouldn’t want to expose dog fighting, or dealers using them to protect their drug houses, no not at all, you just want to bitch and moan when one gets killed by a cop who fears his throat getting torn out.

    Try being a human being first, then a fake ass journalist second. You would do better.

  • certain

    “The officers thought they had the right apartment, so what if his mail box was labeled with his name!”

    If that doesn’t qualify as the most fucked up, piece of shit, police suck up reasoning of the year, I don’t know what will. Shit like this should happen to a fuck-wit like you, not some innocent dog and the person that loves him.

    Fuck you, scumbag.

  • certain

    And that dog is not a pit, ass-dropping. I own 2 pits, and I’ve never sold dope in my life.

  • certain

    Not corruption? You’re stupid. It’s careless behavior and a casual lack of concern that puts innocents at deadly risk. Which is just as bad. And won’t stop until they start being held personally responsible both legally and civilly. Have a cop know that if he breaks into the wrong house he’ll be charged like any other criminal who broke into a house, and if he kills somebody while breaking into the wrong house, him and everybody else involved in the raid gets charged with it, and you’d be amazed at the amount of caution and fact verification they’d use before breaking into a house ready to shoot anybody who moves fast.
    For now, cops can do virtually whatever they like when raiding a house, and face no sanctions for it. And like most unchecked power, they have corrupted it. So yes, corruption.

  • Justin

    Certain, look at that picture, that dog is a pit bull mix.
    Did I say everyone that owns Pitts is a drug dealer? No, but they were there on a drug raid, and yes a majority of dealers own at least one Pitt.

    Cops make mistakes asshat, they are human! His apartment was the upper apartment, yes upper rear, but then again who knows how it was discribed on the search warrant, since this half ass wanna be reporter took this story from main stream media, and can’t provide a copy of it.

    Besides, what kind of shithead chains their dog up inside their own home??? I own 2 dogs, a Rotty and a Cur ( hunting dog ) and they are our family pets, they have their own bedroom, but I would never chain them up inside my home! That seems very odd to me.

    I understand you don’t like my opinions, and that’s fine, I can’t make you understand. But shit at least I am known, I don’t hide behind some fake name and talk shit to people on the Internet.

  • Keith

    This was no mistake at all, quit acting like it was. These fuckers executed the dog, this happens all the time. You know what else happens all the time, the cops get the wrong fucking residence. This guy is very lucky, a lot of times when these thugs get the wrong dwelling, they end up shooting and killing the innocent occupant.

  • Justin

    Keith, so this wasn’t a mistake? The cops went to this guys apartment JUST to shoot his dog??? It’s too damn early to be drunk, go back to bed.

  • certain

    LOL. Yep. Everybody knows Justin. Post your full name and address / phone number before you talk ridiculous shit about other people “hiding”.

    They shot a chained up dog, inside of an apartment that they had no legal right to be in, and you say – “Oh well, it was only a mistake”.

    You don’t see any problem with that?

    And other humans who make mistakes get prosecuted and/or are held financially responsible. These morons have gotten careless because they face no such accountability.

    @Keith – This guy’s an idiot. Talking sense to him will only lead to more excuses and justifications. It’s something like OCD, I guess.

  • Common Sense

    …whoops. Someone better get him a new rescue dog and a check quick. I read he was applying for a corrections job. I bet he’ll get it now.

  • certain




  • Shawn


    Certain is dead on correct. It is incompetence and negligence that causes this to happen. ‘Dynamic entries’ must come with high standard for getting it right. The amount of violence involved should not allow for oops. Do it right, or not at all. When cops screw up, in docent people pay the price.

    Amazingly, cops never seem to feel like they should be responsible for their mistakes and choices, but they choose a profession who’s goal is exactly that for everyone else.

  • Justin

    You don’t think the city and police dept. won’t have to own up to this mistake and pay? LOL!
    I am sure they will, but really, what is throwing money at the situation going to do?
    Obviously it was a botched warrant, more training is in order. But again, not police corruption.
    Yes I do see what’s wrong here, but there are still questions to be answered.

    No one sees anything odd with having the dog chained up inside??? Really??
    I find that extremely unusual. People say their pets are like children to them, well I have never chained one of my kids up. And I also have never chained one of my pets up inside the house.

  • Jean

    Who else thinks it’s time to perform a “dynamic entry” on a cop’s home?
    Let’s get it right, of course: Leave them alive, just make them piss their panties. Send an ambulance if someone gets injured. Leave the family hog-tied in a central room, though, if no one is injured – JUST to make the point.

    If it’s OK for you to get it wrong – Payback’s a bitch. Accidents happen. Droogies, form up!

  • Justin

    Certain, I would be happy to supply my last name, address and phone number, uh no lol.

  • Jean

    Just looking at the picture, age and exact size unknown – that could be an American Bulldog, a pit bull, a Boston Terrier, maybe even a Boxer (highly ulikely).

    The “training” you reference is simple: Don’t keep your trigger finger on the trigger, looking for targets to shoot. It’s NOT a video game. a dog isn’t something to be shot first and thought about later, if at all. Nor is it acceptable to shoot without considering what’s behind the target.

    As to chaining a dog inside? Unusual, maybe – but a $20 long chain vs a $100+ crate? Can be seen as “more huamne” to chain instead of crate.
    Or are you one of those “animal lovers” that doesn’t understand pack order? (Been there, done that – learned how to do things only recently.)
    Restraining an animal and imposiing discipline and boundaries will INCREASE the usefulness of the animal. IE, free-range < limited < chained < crated. Letting the dog out for some exercise, leaving it free while you're there, is good – keeping it crated (provided the crate, IE, the dog's Cave, is a safe and comforting place) actually makes for a better-behaved dog. Go to PetSmart, they have info on the process. It's NOT inhumane. Treating animals like they are people IS inhumane. The animal doesn't know who is in charge – which defaults to, "I AM THE ALPHA (in charge)." That means the dog is RESPONSIBLE for everything that happens. (S)He is reponsible for making sure everyone gets fed on time, gets their "fair share" (note, it doesn't mean what WE mean), and everyone walks at the right time, at the right pace, chases the squirrel, etc. Dog pulling leash = dog walking you. Dog in Heel position = YOU walking Dog.

    Not everyone knows these things, but many people treat a dog like a human. And that's a problem.

    Problem is, we're getting more and more "freedom FROM responsibility" instead of Freedom. No responsibility = license. No responsibility means someone ELSE pays the price.

    sounds like… Cops executing bad warrnats, or wrong location, and then ransacking the place, killing family pets, causing damage – and the citizen gets the cleanup & repair bills.

    Tell me again who needs DISCIPLINE?

  • Jean

    BTW – the bullet hole just behind the jaw bone: looks sort of like an execution shot. No frame of reference, so how many times was the dog shot? Is that the original location the dog was shot? How many bullets missed? Was anyone injuured in the downstairs apartment? Any bullets recovered from downstairs apartment? What size (caliber)? Pistol or rifle rounds? Shot (Shell from shotgun)?

    I see no evidence of head trauma, I see no evidence or exit sounds, I see only a small protion of an animal. More details would be helpful.

  • Jean

    I’m sorry to hear you have kids.
    We’ll need to deal with them one day, too… Hope you have that EBT coming long enough for them to grow up and find a cop/executioner, but we’re hurtling towards bankruptcy faster than the Fed can print Monopoly Money….


  • Shawn


    The city pays money taken from tax payers. The cops loose nothing. As certain said, if cops were personally responsible for their mistakes, they would be a lot more cautious about using such tactics and analyze whether it is really such a good idea after all.
    In the real world, we pay for our mistakes.

    Accidents don’t just happen. They are caused by people who don’t take responsibility for their actions and choices.

    Apparently you are like t. You and yours will have to be the victims of these ‘mistakes’ before you are willing to question if it is right. But like t, as long as it is someone else harmed, you won’t care.

  • Shawn

    “Obviously it was a botched warrant, more training is in order. ”

    It is more than a training issue. It is an attitude issue. Left and right SWAT is being careless. They don’t care what mess they leave behind.

  • Keith

    “Justin says:
    June 6, 2013 at 9:19 am
    Keith, so this wasn’t a mistake? The cops went to this guys apartment JUST to shoot his dog??? It’s too damn early to be drunk, go back to bed.” – Dumbass, no one said they went there to kill the dog. But when they got there, just like what happens all the time, and is caught on camera more and more, they shot the dog rather than deal with it. Quit being such a fucking moron and actually read what was said.

  • John

    Not trigger happy cops, its COWARDICE AND FEAR! Cops are the biggest COWARDS in our society. This world is full of irony, where bad is good and good is bad, where thugs in uniforms are called heroes, where citizens expect protection yet get murdered and oppresed.
    Police are trained, indoctrinated to FEAR. They are such cowards they FEAR everything even a harmless DOG (Man’s best friend) and thier cowardice leads to these kind of circumstances. FEAR so he shoots the DOg, what a pussy bitch. And you can see it in all police forces, just watch videos of cops and you can see how scared they are.

  • LMAO! Wow. Unbelievable some of you are. Heads so far up your own asses (or Davy’s) that you actually believe the crap that you are spoon fed by this site.

    @Jean, really??? Now you want to insult my children? And sorry, not on Welfare like everyones beloved Davy here. I work for a living.

    All of you are a joke. Davy is a joke, this site is a joke! keep on bitchin and moanin, since thats all you can do, nothing said here will change a damn thing!

  • Ok, here is the REAL story from a REAL reporter…..yes it was the wrong apartment, yes the dog was a PITT BULL, and there is an internal investigation happening. And I hope if they find the officers negligent they are disciplined accordingly! You see, I am also against police corruption, but I dont jump to conclusions. I dont let Davy sway my judgement because I have busted him in lies already, so what would stop him from lying again? but anyways…here it is….

    By Rachel Elzufon

    Click to enlarge
    3 photos
    June 5, 2013
    Updated Jun 5, 2013 at 10:40 PM EDT
    Buffalo, NY (WKBW) – It was a story you first saw here on Eyewitness News. There are new developments in the case of a man who says police raided the wrong apartment and killed his dog.
    Buffalo Police say there is an internal investigation underway. If the officers entered the wrong address, there will be ramifications.
    Adam Arroyo contacted Eyewitness News on Tuesday. He says that Buffalo Police raided his apartment Monday evening, shooting and killing his beloved pit bull, Cindy.
    However, Arroyo says the search warrant left behind is for the “upper” apartment. He lives in the upper rear apartment — on the other side of the house.
    Marco Torres, who lives two homes down from Arroyo, says he told police officers that they had the wrong apartment.
    As police broke down the door at 304 Breckenridge Street, raiding Arroyo’s apartment, Torres says, “I kept telling them over and over that it was the wrong house — but they weren’t listening.”
    Marco Torres watched the whole thing from outside, and says he warned officers that they may have broken into the wrong apartment.
    “When I heard it, it wasn’t just one gunshot. It was multiple gunshots,” Torres says.
    Arroyo, who was at work at the time, showed Eyewitness News the damage and blood left behind.
    Even without seeing the search warrant, Torres says he knew it could not be Arroyo.
    “He works everyday, he’s the coolest kid you can ever meet. He don’t do none of that,” Torres says, referring to the drugs listed on the search warrant.
    Arroyo says he understands police have a job to do. However, he is still upset.
    Arroyo is a military veteran, and says he served for 16 months in Operation Iraqi Freedom. He recently took his Corrections Officer test.
    “I mean, I’m doing the right thing,” Arroyo says. “I’m doing good. They had no reason to come to my house and kill — and murder my dog.”
    The military veteran says everyday in his apartment; he walks by the bloodstains and bullet holes from the raid that killed Cindy.
    Torres says Cindy was “the sweetest dog you’ll ever meet — everybody knows that around the block.”
    “I want (Buffalo police) to change the policies,” says Arroyo. “If they know a dog is in the residence, to have animal control out there, or have a taser — why go and use deadly force? That was my family member.”
    Arroyo says he also wants Buffalo police to pay for the damage done to his apartment during the raid.
    Derenda says, “in the case of a dog being in the apartment, if he was attacking the officer and he was self-preservation — stopping the dog from attacking would be justified.” However, the department is looking into their policy on how to handle dogs when a search warrant is executed.
    The police commissioner has not spoken with the officers involved. However, Derenda says, “There are proper procedures in place. We should not get the wrong apartment. We are looking into what took place and we will investigate.”
    Police would not comment on any potential policy changes, because the case is under investigation.

  • Keith

    Justin, if everything about this site is a joke, why the fuck are you here, run along little man.

  • Keith, stfu. Who made you the copblock police?

  • t.

    @steve is right. Enough is enough America. Stand up to the drug dealers in your neighborhood and call the police with the correct address.

  • steve


  • steve

    of course the police lied and claim the dog was attacking the officer. the dog did not attack but was protecting his home from intruders, the dog was provoked by an illegal entry – home invasion by holligans with badges. the shit has got to stop. bless you fellow veteran arroyo.

  • Davy V.

    To all trolls: I went to Buffalo today and spent the day with Adam Arroyo. Adam had already released photos of Cindy dead, to the news media in Buff. Adam wants everyone to see what trigger happy Buffalo cops did to his best friend. The photos are not coming down. Adam wants everyone to see this. I will also be updating story to include videos.

  • Common Sense

    Hey Davy, how’d that necropsy go with that other dog the cops shot? Remember, you were gonna post an update? Show the cops were sooo in the wrong.

    Meh, I didn’t think you would either…

  • slappy


  • steve


  • Unjustified

    If this was an isolated case that would be one thing. Unfortunately… it’s not. And these are the “professionals” we give these powers to. They can’t even get the address correct. Makes you feel safe doesn’t it. Good thing the guy wasn’t cleaning his gun when they raided the wrong house. We’d be reading about a person killed and also reading posts from those supporting the cops that killed him.

  • certain

    “But shit at least I am known, I don’t hide behind some fake name and talk shit to people on the Internet.” – 1st post

    ” I would be happy to supply my last name, address and phone number, uh no lol.” – 2nd post

    Says everything anybody needs to know about your 2-faced ass.

  • certain

    Too bad the dog’s owner doesn’t know that by allowing you to post the story and pics, you are comparing his loss to the other heinous atrocities you post on, like cops going to the hardware store on public time, or a cop pushing her dog away from something.

    Anything you touch ends up cheapened by the association.

    Only a sick motherfucker would think it appropriate to post such pictures.

  • Justin

    Lmao Certain, look at you attacking Davy and the one person that has proved that he lies, how many double standards do you have? Why would I post my number and address? So the thugs and criminals that Davy protects can call and harass me or come to my home and threaten my family?? I don’t think so. So yeah you are right, it does tell everyone what they need to know about me, I’m not worried about people knowing who Ian, hell Davy has plastered my full name all over his Facebook page, so it’s not like I try to hide it, so kiss my ass “Certain” and keep on hiding behind your computer you cowardly little bitch!

  • Davy V.

    Next to exposing dirty cops, there’s no greater joy than to see the trolls attacking each other! (Justin and Certain).

    Have it losers.


  • shawn

    Has it occured to anyone that the police incompitence has now warned the real suspect?

  • Geoff

    Arguing over this is pointless. Even when there’s an obvious case of gross misconduct, people will still defend police.

    Notice how the usual cop commenters aren’t in here either, defending these cops’ actions? That should tell you something.

  • Common Sense

    Davy, where’s that necropsy report?

  • steve


  • Justin

    Davy, I bet those SSI and Benefit checks hitting your card makes you happy as well. Enjoy spending the tax payers money!

    You call us losers, but we work for a living.

    What do you do? Run around town and waste our money.

    I do have to ask though, what made you block me from your exposed page this time?
    Was it the fact that I know you were pulled over on Broad st. Driving with a suspended lisence, and something else either insurance or registration, but the cop cut you a break and let you go instead of taking you to jail like he could have?
    I see, you have no problems with police not doing their jobs when it benefits you, right?
    Talk about double standards!

  • Justin

    Lmao Steve, you get more worked up over a dog getting shot then anything else.

  • Common Sense

    HA HA HA, Davy V busted out!

  • certain

    LOL. Telling somebody else a coward for not revealing their real name, while explaining why you don’t provide yours. Classic!!

    And for davy – fuck you, you psychopathic sick motherfucker. And is what this guy is saying true? You lay around on the taxpayer dime all day and then bitch about what the cops do on taxpayer time????????????

    Talk about a hypocrite.

  • LOL Certain, you may not like me, but I like your style! And yes, what I say is true, Davy is mentally ill and has been collecting SSI and Welfare Benefits for years now. He is possibly collecting disability too since his doctors disabled him because of his mental illness. Give it time, he is walking the same path someone before him did. And it will end the same.

  • steve


  • lol no Steve he is talking about me

  • steve


  • Ariel

    Just do a google on “puppycide”. Cops shoot Labs running away (the Calvo case), they shoot dogs on chains in backyards, they shoot Chihuahuas, Dachshunds, Pomeranians, and miniature poodles. For god’s sake, they even shot a Newf. I’ve seen one tally of one jurisdiction shooting upwards of 300 dogs in one year. They were all pit bulls until found otherwise.

    If the dog is big enough, it automatically becomes a pit bull. I’ve seen reports of all sorts of dogs called pit bulls when police shot them, only to find their a breed or mixed breed that only a moron would identify as a pit bull. They’ve shot bull dogs, lab mixes, and other mutts, claiming pit bulls.

    I’ve owned terriers, poodles, springer spaniels, a chow, and a doberman mutt. I now have a Bernese, a Chow-German Shepard mix, and, I am so ashamed, a Deer-Head Chihuahua (my daughter saved him from being run over twice, he has the scars from the first hit). If police weren’t so worried about being in absolute control so as to go home to dinner, most of these dogs could have been controlled (if they even represented a danger; a Chihuahua, poodle, or pomeranian is dangerous only to a real scared pussy male) by the owner under the control of the officer. Shooting a dog on a chain is indicative of serious childhood issues that should have been vetted early on.

    The American Humane Society has come out saying police need more training. Have a hammer, all else is a nail.

  • Ariel


    What constitutes mental illness in your universe? And what stigma should it have?

    Roughly 17 million Americans suffer from MDD, some from childhood. They are often productive citizens, even highly paid productive citizens, and with degrees in subjects others without MDD have no ability to tackle. MDD often goes with high IQ.

    Autism, a mental illness to you?, has a spectrum. A number of high functioners in the computer industry have been found to have autism to a degree.

    Sociopathy, also known as and better called psychopathy, is found in a number of high-functioning and highly successful people. There’s a great article written by a successful sociopath on how she navigates the world. She recognizes her psychopathy, and recognizes how she functions while having no empathy for others. She intellectually recognizes the importance of proper behavior in human interaction and acts accordingly. You would never know the difference, only she does.

    So what is your implied stigma on mental illness? If you think irrationality, high-functioning, successful sociopaths are likely the most rational people on the planet. (For those in your boxes, they have no empathy or sympathy, they view everything by the goals they want to achieve, and all of it is done by pure intellect where selfish is meaningless. There are hint’s here.)

  • Justin

    Ariel, I’m not here to debate what I think mental illness is with you. I’m just stating the fact that Davy has been documented to be mentally ill. This is not the first time I have pointed it out either, and Davy has never denied it either. Everyone knows his father suffered from mental illness, so why does it seem so far fetched that Davy would as well?

    He has already has shown how paranoid he is by claiming the FBI and RPD monitor his Facebook page, the turns around and says RPD is trying to get it shut down, now if they use it to monitor him, why would they want to shut it down??

    He claims I am stalking him and his children because I saw him once and he happened to be across the street from a school.

    You sit there and defend him until you’re blue in the face, it won’t ever change what I know as facts.

  • Common Sense

    Davy need the attention.

    Sorry Davy, no one cares about you. The FBI doens’t care. RPD laughs at you. They don’t care either. But that’s what bothers you. You need the attention. Once you start spouting off, and someone reacts, then you claim you are being hounded or brushed off. When you say nothing, you know no one cares. Its a self serving action. We call that an ‘attention whore’ where I’m from.

    …and then you beg for money. Amazing.

  • Common Sense


    I tend to agree with you about Davy’s past. He’s following in the same footsteps.

    Tragic actually. Such is life.

  • Anti Cop

    Stuff like this is only going to stop when the general public steps up and takes retaliatory action against those who are “Badge Bully” cops.

    I think we need to have the return of public hangings in the town square, or firing squads for those “Badge Bully” cops who seem to get away with things like even murder.

    Anti Cop

  • t.

    Davy: What crooked cops have you exposed? Haven’t been any here.

  • Centurion

    @ common t dicksense and the New cop lover Justin. Your a cum guzzling dick with no real leader mind. Your a fallower thats why you fallow people around and troll the shit out of the site to make your anger for your shitty life feel better . Dude get a life YOUR a joke punk ass bitch with a Pez dispensing cleft palot. Do us all a favor read where the term Journalist came from and Reporter. Freedom of the press was mandated for civilians to gather information and Jounal it to keep a public record of what their public officials were doing about crime and crisis HENCE the word Journalist, CIVILIANS , Justin you want me to talk b a b y talk t o y o u also to make you understan what Im saying I AM CENTURION.

  • Centurion

    Common t dicksense, North Philly, Justin your bitches and your mouths are packing manglaze from smoochin you own moms sag bag BLAh BLah BAH Blah BALGH BLAH blah BLOW your a bitch.

  • Common Sense

    I’m beginning to think that Centurion isn’t really back, its just Slappy.

    Note all the talk about dicks. I think Centurion, whoever you may be, has some repressed issues about your own sexuality. Its okay. even for such a nutty bastard as you Centy, you should be able to marry your boyfriend and call him your husband.

  • Common Sense

    Oh, and BPD said they make controlled buys from Adam’s apartment.

  • t.

    Common: you may have a point.

  • Someone let me know when this Centurion idiot learns to spell, then I might take him seriously….I doubt it, but its worth a shot. lol.

  • Mike

    Surprised they didn’t kill the guy too so they can shut him up. Wouldn’t put it past them. Cops are just as bad as the murderers on the street.

  • Another wrong address. Classic stuff. Cops are not the brightest people now are they. Most of them are borderline retards.

  • @Mike You know what? If Police were as corrupt as Davy, and obviously you, would have us believe then why is Davy not missing? Why is this guy allowed to compare this situation to his military duties, where by the way, mistakes are also made! Think about how many Iraqi civilians, women and children, were killed by military mistakes!

    This just proves that police are not as corrupt as you guys think they are! if they were, we wouldnt have these stories, people like Davy would have been abducted, and silenced by now.

    @Anti Cop I do believe there are more dangerous people in the world then police, what about hanging or shooting child molesters, or serial rapists, or kidnappers. Your priorities are all fucked up.

  • Rhea White

    New York is becoming, if not already has become, a communist state. California is similar, and the reason being, the government running these states. Public offices are filled with foreigners. These so-called officials are giving orders to police, etc., and NY is fast becoming a lot like Palestine. And, soon, will be just like Palestine once the drone plane thing catches on.

    Look out what people have the greatest influence in all of NY, and you will understand why things are going down like they are there. Everywhere this certain people wind up and are allowed to take control over the infrastructure, the same bullshit starts to happening, no matter where they are. A single star is the symbol of this people. The truth is truth, no matter how anyone tries to smear it.

  • Justin

    @Rhea. What the hell are you babbling about? Do you live in NY?

  • ……….but it is OK because they believed that they had the right place. What a bunch of fucking idiots.

    What if Arroyo was standing there with a cell phone in his hands and they killed him because they thought that he had a gun?………but it is OK because we believed he had a gun. Even though he did not. Yea right.

  • t.

    Rhea: New Yorkers really need to be aware that they are getting exactly what they asked for. Look to Colorado as example. They voted in people that were pro marijuana (because that was the most important thing) but those same types are anti-gun. So the can smoke it up but can’t have agin while they do it I guess. They got what they were asking for. The liberal / ultra liberal folks that New Yorkers vote into power are crippling that state with nonsense and bankrupting it. That’s were you need to look for a solution. Get them out of office.

  • Justin has every excuse in the book to justify the corruption. Not everyone is an idiot. This country is becoming Nazi Germany more and more with each passing day.

  • Nemo

    What it comes right down to here, is that certain people here believe that cops can be justified in committing what would be felonies in non-cops, simply because they’re cops. Everything they say proceeds from this belief – and once this belief is incorporated into a person’s core, they will do and say anything at all to justify said felony behaviors. “Stop resisting!”, when uttered by a cop, to them is complete justification for the cop to beat a person to death, regardless of whether actual resistance is offered.

    In their minds, better a dead citizen than an embarrassed cop.

  • RBI

    Slappy you are sick.

  • steve

    the beginning of this starts with the most serious issue. it is legal for cops to lie during an investigation. so if lying is legal during investigations then it must a mind thought for them that lying is legal in court . it just goes on and on from there.

  • Unjustified

    Steve…. they don’t know what the truth is so in their minds, nothing they say is a lie. They all should be on the Brady list.

  • steve

    they erased my challange , why.

  • Unjustified

    To all the men out there deserving of the title…. HAPPY FATHER’S DAY.

  • steve

    yep happy fathers day

  • t.

    Lying in court is t legal. Lying during in estimations at times is required. Now if you want to compell everyone, at all times to tell the truth, ok. Don’t know how you’ll do it. But ok. But the biggest liars in court are the lawyers. Which is sad and wrong. As “agents of the court” they should be seeking justice. They don’t. They seek winning. Both sides do it. And it’s wrong.

  • pitbullgirl65

    This is evil. I hope they realize that we are getting angry, not just the far right and left groups either: I’m watching a protest right now and politically and racial it draws from all directions. We’re putting aside our differences. We need police: I do not want to live in a country where you pay for protection. But we need Peace officers, not goddamn SWAT team, gun and badge thugs.

  • Keep those phone numbers coming. I love calling pigs and telling them what pieces of shit they are.