Turkish Doctor Shares His Brutal Experience Volunteering to Treat Severely Wounded Protestors

A young Turkish Doctor shares his brutal experience while he was diligently volunteering to provide first aid and treat the severely wounded and exposed protestors.

His speech in the video translated from Turkish:

“Yesterday evening I was at Nazim Hikmet Cultural Center. As you know, it was converted to an infirmary. We were present to treat the wounded. I would like to stress that, we don’t operate under any faction. We don’t operate under any political party. We’re only trying to honor our oaths. We’re only trying to honor this white coat.

I would like to tell you what we’ve been through. So you have an idea. The police, riot police, even though they knew that the center was now providing medical care; surrounded the building, broke the doors and windows. Repeatedly threw in gas grenades. And when we couldn’t breathe anymore, they kicked and clubbed everyone who went out. One by one.

I got my fair share as well. After several kicks, I was clubbed on my head. But we are not afraid. Keep it in mind that, even wars have rules. Hospitals and infirmaries may never be attacked. Turkish police have crossed this line as well.”

I was clubbed yesterday! I’m not afraid. I will go one more time this evening. We’ll be clubbed one more time. And we will go one more time. That’s what I say!” (See more here).



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