Bogus “Resisting Arrest” Charge at Walmart

Submitted by Tyler Volkey
The following video documents my encounter with the Lake Delton Police Department in Wisconsin. I was walking out of Walmart and happened to see two officers running towards me in the reflection of a window. I stopped to ask if there was a problem. The officer proceeded on with, “Hi, my name is Officer Posewitz,” and threw me to the ground and placed me under arrest for resisting arrest. I’m still fighting the charges in court and I would like to file suit against the department but don’t really know how to go about it.

I want everyone to know how the cops of a very well-known tourist town really are. I am local and they pester me constantly. I only just recently learned I am allowed to record my encounters. I would appreciate any feedback anyone may have – mind you this video is mostly audio as I was being detained


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