Ardmore Oklahoma Police Chief, Deputy Chief on Leave Pending Investigation

This post was submitted by Dustin McCaskill.

Ardmore, Oklahoma Police Chief Keith Mann and Deputy Chief, Eric Hamblin have been placed on leave pending the completion of an “on-going administrative review of various operational aspects of the Ardmore police department.”

City Manager J.D. Spohn said he believes his action is the “appropriate” decision and the City Manager cautioned officers that speculation would be “unfair”, and to continue doing their jobs to protect the public.

The suspensions come just weeks after Ardmore Police officer (Phil Shepard) was accused of beating a handcuffed teen at the community Children Shelter.

Southern Oklahoma Cop Block made contact with Ardmore Police Department Public information officer, Ryan Hunnicutt requesting more information into the alleged beating. Public Information Officer, Hunnicutt disconnected our call when being asked about obtaining police reports and witness statements. That video can be seen here.

On May 7, 2013 Southern Oklahoma Cop Block filed an open records request for police reports and witness statements into the alleged beating. Chief Keith Mann failed to respond to our request for information. A complaint was filed with the Oklahoma Attorney General for failing to respond to our request for records.

Keith Mann says he will reserve his comments until after consulting with an attorney.

Eric Hamblin had no comment.

Resignations of both Mann and Hamblin are expected in the coming weeks.–212064261.html


Dustin McCaskill
Southern Oklahoma Cop Block


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