A very bothering moment in life being released off my chest

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My record has been clean for 5 years. It would of been clean for way longer if the police never acted very unprofessionally. “Detective James Lave” is who I believe a creative thinker, a mastermind plotter, a corrupted leader who has his police friends following his thinking and actions. James believes in putting away bad guys in jail and stretching the law to do so wouldn’t be his concern knowing he is backed up by his friends. If I hadn’t of moved away from Des Plaines to California, I’m pretty sure detective Lave would of done something to hurt me and my family again.

It all started out long ago with my gang history. I was a former member of the so called notorious “Latin kings” street gang in which Det. Lave, Det. Bueno, and officer Bowler were very familiar with as these 3 men worked as a team to do whatever by any means even if they had to disobey the law to jail me. I got out the gang when I was 18 by just ditching out so then I was labeled as a gang “runaway”. A couple years later I was found by them in a van while I was walking to my vehicle on the northside of Chicago. They jumped out and beat me repeatedly then took my wallet with my ID.

Now they know where I live. These specific gang members that took my wallet are known to shoot at houses so i am prepared and detective Lave knows I am. I went to Des Plaines police and made a report of what happened and warned them that the gang will come back and try to shoot at my house. I remember looking at Detective Lave when I was telling the police officer at the front desk what happened so he was aware.

I had a ex girlfriend who confessed later on that she called Des Plaines Police and was transferred to Det. Lave. Her name is “Mariam Sleyano”. She told me that she told Lave I have multiple guns in my house and I am a former gang member that is very paranoid. She also made up a few other things to make me look real bad so that Det. Lave wouldn’t just disregard the guns. After Lave received the inside scoop from Mariam, he decided to take matters into his own hands by jailing me.

I don’t break the law no more like I used to when I was 18 and younger. I received a phone call threat in which I believe Mariam and Det. Lave probably had planned it. A private caller called me at 11pm on a Friday night and said that they would come by and shoot my house up with other latin king members. Me being young and stupid over the phone said “come by my house and see how many shells I can let loose on yous” Being armed with a .38 revolver on my property, I was waiting for the gang members to come by my house. 30-45 minutes later i noticed a Honda accord with no headlights coming down my street (1032 stockton ave des plaines 60018) headed east on stockton passing me up very slowly with the driver window cracked about 4 inches.

They kept going around the block. The 3rd time he went around my block, he stops in front of my house flashing the “Latin Kings” gang sign. and drives up about 10 feet. He then parks his vehicle on Koehler and Irwin which is the corner behind my house. I left my house about 30 minutes later thinking they were gone. I was armed for my protection. Making a right out of my driveway and a left on Koehler, I noticed the Honda being behind me now with no lights on. The driver makes a right on Howard and a left on Eastview then we see red and blue lights, all cops (Det Lave, Bowler and a couple others I couldn’t recognize) jump out with guns drawn telling everybody to get out of the car.

Bowler pushes my face in the back window of my friends SUV and kicks the leg that he knew I had a surgery on. With all the commotion and me realizing that I am about to go to jail for something that wasn’t supposed to happen, the pain didn’t bother me then. Bowler kicked me so hard in my bad thigh with steel rod and screws in it that I noticed I couldn’t walk up the stairs normally anymore after that. In the report they lied about everything to get the case to stick. I made no statement. My lawyer recommended that I do 1 year in the penitentiary because of the lies that sounded really good in the report.

The 2 people with me witnessed the corruption and how everything went down. While i’m fighting the case, at one time there was a weekend of getting harassed by Det. Lave, Bowler, Bueno and the “team”. Bowler stops his undercover ford explorer in front of my house w/ Bueno. Bowler then says “Who do you think you are bitch? You don’t think i’ll jump out and fuck you up?” I kept looking at him while i was taking steps back on my driveway knowing I couldn’t underestimate what he just told me. He jumps out very quickly and says “You think im playing with you? You think I won’t fuck you up right now? Come here!” He starts chasing me to my door.

As I enter the house and try to close the door, he gets a hang on the handle and is basically playing tug of war with me and my screen door. My mom is screaming now in the kitchen telling the police officer to stop it. His buddy Bueno grabs him and says “What the fuck are you doing!? Get back in the car before you get us fucked” Sargeant Kevin Hansen (#7734695842) from the U.S. Army who went to Iraq not once but twice is a very credible witness to that incident as he was right by my door telling Bueno to cool off and it wasn’t right what he just did. This incident was brought up to the mayor and State Police in which nothing was handled. The mayor told me to go into the station and talk to this one chief who is now fired for other corruption or so I believe.

The chief basically said that he would keep an eye out on his guys and that’s about it. The next day they came by my house late at night in a ford explorer again. Somebody yelled out of the window “Don’t let me catch you on the street because if I do I will beat the shit out of you” I called 9-11 right away and told the police about the undercover ford explorer yelling threats at me. A squad car comes about 15-20 mins later telling me off.

Time goes by after that and I did 2 months in the penitentiary for the 1 year bid so now i’m on parole. While on parole and basically on thin ice, I had a parole compliance check performed on my house a couple months later after being released . Somehow Det. Lave and Bueno were there too. Agent Hopkins was very very rude and mean. I tried to explain to Agent Hopkins my relationship with Lave so he would put 2 and 2 together but he wasn’t trying to hear it. They found a safe in my brothers room and asked him to open it. My brother says “You guys aren’t here for me you guys are here for my brother, I am not opening my safe”

They took us both down to the station. Hours later Detective Lave comes into the interview room and puts about a half ounce of marijuana (misdemeanor) on the table and tells me its mine. Now I get sent to Stateville NRC 24 hour lockdown because I am fighting the misdemeanor. NRC was hell, showers once a week, 24 hour lockdown, lunchable sized trays leave you starving daily, no razors or barber, etc etc etc etc.

I was fighting the case for 5 months in there and Det. Lave would never show to testify so he can stretch my time in there. At on point in the courtroom my mother did not recognize me. As soon as my friend told my mom that it was me, she fainted and hit her head very hard in the courtroom. They took me out and I had to reschedule the court date. 5 months of being there I had enough of Stateville NRC as I was really losing my mind in there. I decided to cop out to the misdemeanor charge so I can get sent to another penitentiary with all the regular privileges. I just wanted to live normal.

After copping out, I still ended up staying so there was no point in copping out. Did 5 months and a half and finished my parole time in there so now i’m free. It had to of been the 2nd day of me getting out. As I was leaving my house I noticed a regular squad car parked up on the east end of stockton facing my house. I made a left from my driveway onto stockton approaching the cruiser. I noticed it was Det. Lave and my heart dropped. I’m thinking that I just got out of jail and he wants to keep me in so he probably has something on him to plant on me.

I make a right onto shepherd and a right onto howard in order to go back to my house and he pulls me over. I was with a friend in the vehicle. Det. Lave came to my window and asked for my drivers license and insurance. I gave both to him. He went back to his squad car and stayed in there for over an hour. I told my friend that I was scared of Det. Lave and I have never in my life been waiting for a police officer to get back to me for over a hour being hemmed up. He told me not to jump out but instead to stay in the car and keep my cool.

Det. Lave then comes back to my window and tells me the computers were down. He then hands me 3 tickets and I leave. Everyday i’d leave my house I would make sure Det. Lave wasn’t around the area to harass me. When I go to court I noticed that it was the same exact judge that seen me not even a month ago while I was in a statesville penitentiary uniform fighting the case with Det. Lave. He notices me and Det. Lave and just drops the case right away. Nice coincidence.

Later on that year the police raided my house with a search warrant searching for that same 2×2 electronic combination safe that they found in my brothers room while I was on parole. They thought I still had it. They said that they were looking for marijuana in the search warrant. They never found anything but seized about $5,000 worth of electronics that I was refurbishing and selling on eBay which has been my job since I was 12 years old. They released me from the station with no charges. (Ebay id: electronicalneeds, electronicaloutlet)

Today after reading up on corruption from these officers that I just informed you about, I decided to bring up the past once again. I hope I get a response. I hope people actually read this long story and believe everything that I mentioned.

Jesse Lazar



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