Know Your Rights (This Poor Kid Didn’t)

As I was traveling down Route 3 today in the some day freer state of New Hampshire I came across the following example of the New Hampshire State Police living up to the creed of “Protect and Serve.”

Actually, what the trooper was doing was tricking a young motorist into giving up his rights.  This is my first video ever filmed/edited/published so please go easy on me.  I filmed it from about 1/4 mile away so the smallest movements on my part made the picture jolt big time.  I added commentary to try and help people understand precisely what the trooper is doing.  Please don’t let a state agent talk you out of your constitutional rights like he managed to do to this young motorist.

I know precisely what he is doing as I did it for almost eleven years.  I regret it.  I regret enforcing laws that have no victim.  I regret helping the “justice” system give criminal convictions to people who haven’t hurt anyone else…  people who simply wanted to treat their body as if it belonged to them.

Just because something is the “law” doesn’t make it right.  Just ask the people who were prosecuted for drinking out of the wrong public water fountain.

The video is here.  I promise my video work will improve :)



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