Some Suffolk County Cops Know About Cop Block, Some Still Need an Explanation

This post was submitted by Chris Cantwell.

Fourth of July Weekend is prime time for police harassment, so Tim Morgan & Chris Cantwell of Suffolk County Cop Block took to the streets to film police, again. It seems as though we’ve made a name for ourselves already, as one police officer claims to love our videos, and is subscribed to the channel!

Others however, still need an explanation, and we’re all too happy to tell them what it’s all about…

If you’re in or near Suffolk County, and would like to get involved, please “Like” our facebook page and follow us on Twitter @CopBlock631

Please report checkpoints and other police misconduct via SMS to 631-509-BLOC (2562)

Chris Cantwell is an activist, comedian, and public speaker, originally from New York. He can be reached via twitter @voteforcantwell


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