Philadelphia Cops Are Psychopathic Felons

Philadelphia police officers robbed, assaulted, and falsely arrested me near Allegheny and Aramingo Avenues. They tried to frame me for a burglary perpetrated by a CONVICTED murderer, child rapist, and (surprise!) burglar. The arresting officer even boasted, in front of dozens of other cop thugs, that he held the record for citizen complaints and had robbed and falsely arrested many other innocent people. Not one cop loser would help me. The filthy cops changed their fairy tale several times, but ultimately settled on the outrageous lie that had I stolen 800 pounds of items worth $75, which was a serious felony under the circumstances. When falsely arrested, I had on my person several zero-balance credit cards in my name with credit lines exceeding $1.2 million, bank statements evidencing that I had the better part of a million dollars in cash, overwhelming evidence that I was a legitimate businessman, and various valuables. Nonetheless, the dirty cop thugs attempted to frame me in retaliation for my pubic criticism of their extremely crooked department. Philadelphia’s cop cowards are well known for such retaliation, such as the framing of Mumia Abua-Jamal, then a radio host and newspaper columnist highly critical of police corruption and brutality, and the attempted framing of Askia Sabur, whose violent, crippling beating by criminal cops was caught on a viral video (google it.)

In my bogus case, their judge could not be corrupted, thusly acquitting me. I was forced to withdraw my internal affairs complaint under threat of yet another false arrest! Twelve policemen from their 24th/25th district station have since been arrested for (surprise!) robberies, assaults, and false arrests. Those 12 include Daniel Castro, the commander of the cop crooks who victimized me (he was sentenced earlier this year to five years in federal prison.) Curiously, Officer Frank Tepper murdered 21-year-old William Panas about three blocks from where cops robbed me, and is now serving life in prison. I was forced to waste 12 trips to that horrible dump of a city for criminal court dates and six trips to civil court just to get back the measly $1,000 which Philadelphia cop criminals admitted to confiscating; they did not admit to stealing additional cash and valuables. The lowlife cop thugs even stole my keys, forcing me to spend hours re-gaining entrance to my car, house, safe deposit boxes, etc. There is NOTHING more frustrating and aggravating than having criminal trash like Philadelphia police officers rob and beat you out of petty vindictiveness, then for them to arrest you for the very crimes that they perpetrated against you!

Philadelphia police officers are a criminal gang of cowards like any other, complete with the us-against-them mindset, sans the minimal level of honor and integrity that even lowly civilian gangs like the Crips and Pagans have. Over 400 Philadelphia police officers have been convicted of crimes just since 1980. That extrapolates to a STAGGERING five-percent career conviction rate. Nonetheless, most of Philadelphia’s criminal cops are immune from being fired, much less arrested, according to a 2004 independent prosecutor’s study. Extrapolating from the aforementioned FACTS, the MAJORITY of Philadelphia police officers are CRIMINALS!




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