The Tailgating Trooper

Warren Redlich writes,

“I’m a traffic lawyer. There’s a particular story I’ve heard several times, all from the same section of the New York State Thruway.

A potential client would call and explain that they were passing a truck at night when all of a sudden they saw a car behind them, right on their bumper, with its brights on.

Each caller sped up to get past the truck and then changed to the right lane to allow the tailgater to go by.

That’s when the Trooper turned his flashing lights on, and pulled the driver over. He would write them for speeding for the highest speed they reached after accelerating to get out of his way.

If it was only one person telling me this story, then I’d be skeptical, but I’ve heard the same story several times, always about the same particular Trooper on the same stretch of road.

I’ve met the Trooper in court many times. He’s always been pleasant with me, but let’s just say I think he has a bit of a Napoleon complex.

And by the way, off duty he drives a muscle car.”

Warren Redlich (



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